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Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

Historical documents

Words which formed and shaped our country

Declaratory Act — Fat George & parliament were idiots. Enacted: March 18, 1766

Tea Act — Parliament's Tea Act did beget the Boston Tea Party. Enacted: May 10, 1773

Boston Port Act — The very first of the "Intolerable or Coercive Acts." Enacted: March 30, 1774

Declaration and Resolves — Inching slowly toward independence. Adopted: October 14, 1774

Necessity of Taking Up Arms — Why the colonies took up arms against Britain. Adopted: July 6, 1775

Olive Branch Petition — An attempt to reconcile with Britain. Adopted: July 8, 1775

Declaration of Rebellion — Fat George declares the colonies in rebellion. Published: August 23, 1775

Common Sense — By Thomas Paine. Published: February 14, 1776

Resolution of Independence (The Lee Resolution) — Independence from England. Adopted: July 2, 1776

Declaration of Independence — The greatest document in human history. Adopted: July 4, 1776

Articles of Confederation — Our first stab at representative government. It failed. Adopted: July 9, 1778

Articles of Capitulation — Instrument of surrender ending the revolutionary war. Signed: October 18, 1781

Treaty of Paris — Officially ending our war of independence. Signed: September 3, 1783

Constitution of the United States — The supreme law of our land. Ratified: September 17, 1787

Battle Hymn of the Republic — Inspirational, motivational, awe inspiring. Written: November 19, 1861

The Emancipation Proclamation — Freedom for those who had none. Signed: January, 01, 1863

The Gettysburg Address — The shortest speech given by any American President. Delivered: November, 19, 1863

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