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Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

Sears Sucks

Date: 01 December, 2008

By: Chief

Imagend that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth — so help me, me.

It is especially true if you have purchased something from Sears that is still under warranty and the bloody thing breaks. All I can tell you is good fucking luck. You will need it, big time.

Now it is one thing to break a Craftsman screwdriver and take it back to your local Sears store for a free replacement. That in and of itself is no big deal, provided you have your sales receipt for that particular screwdriver with you. It did not used to be that-a-way. But it sure is now. Sucks doesn't it? Yes it does.

The bottom line though is you can go without that screwdriver for a day or two. Life will not end.

But what if it is your:

Or your:

that has gone on the fritz. That stove will come in mighty handy for cooking breakfast, dinner and supper wouldn't you think? Even more important is the handy dandy water heater. Would you enjoy taking a cold shower for 10 days? What was that? I didn't quite hear you. No? You wouldn't like that at all, would you? Now I hear ya.

But the ultimate humdinger is when the water bladder within your fresh water pressure tank rips, tears or just springs a leak, you don't have to worry about not having hot water because — you won't have any fresh water. Period.

Which is, boys, girls, friends and neighbors, precisely what happened to us. The bladder in our water well pressure tank ruptured. Hence the pressure dropped to just about nothing. Meaning we had no, as in zero, water pressure to the house. The real ball buster or titty twister, take your pick, was that with no pressure in the tank the water well pump would constantly be running. This is a very un-good thing pertaining to the longevity of the pump. These pump motors are very expensive, around $1,400, which includes the labor to:

Total time to do all of that would be, at maximum, half a day (4 hours).

But we were lucky! We had our receipt and the owners manual which showed we had a 5 year warranty on the blasted thing with about 18 months remaining on it.

We hopped into the the truck and drove to our nearest Sears store (about 20 miles away to town). Well guess what? The sales folks, who were very polite to us, could not help us in the least. First we had to call an 800 number (1-800-f**-kyou). Then we had to figure out how to speak with a gen-u-wine person (this step took only 3 attempts and maybe 20 minutes). Do you folks see where this is headed? Yeah, I thought you did. Once we got hold of a breather, she dropped the first of two, (count 'em 1, 2) bomb shells on us. The first ka-boom was nothing could be done until after a "technician" came out to the house took a look at the pressure tank and wrote up a fix it or change it ticket. The second ka-boom was the next available day for a technician to come out was in, you ain't gonna believe this, 12 days!

This breather and Sears Central actually expected us to go without water for 12 days! Her supervisor managed to get the 12 day sentence reduced (and not for good behavior, believe me) to 7 days! Hot damn, ain't we just shittin' in tall cotton?

The technician comes out on the 7th day and I explained exactly what happened and how to prove it, which we did. Said Mr. Fix-it then wrote up a change it ticket which I signed and he gave me a copy.

It is now about 3 - 3:30PM (we had been waiting for him since 8AM because all they can give you is a 8AM to 5PM 'window' for an appointment), Mr. fix-it has just left. My wife and I hopped into the truck and headed for town. We get to the local Sears store and show the young sales guy the change it ticket. The poor kid called Sears Central and some blithering moron told the kid that the change it ticket had not made it into their "system" and for us to come back tomorrow.

I don't think so! The manager of our local Sears store just about went off the wall on the Sears Central moron — to no avail. Mr. Moron was just exactly that. A blithering moron. He had no clue about customer service and did not give a shit to boot. He needs to get the fucking boot. However, our store manager decided, on his own hook no less, to see if he had a direct replacement in stock. As usual our luck held — nope. He then told the sales kid to order in a replacement tank and get it here PDQ. Well, in the language known only to Sears Central PDQ means 7 days. I don't believe this. But there was nothing else we could do (by this time I was ready to kill for a shower).

Finally the 7th day arrives and I make a third trip into town. I go to the pickup area and show the guy my receipt. He takes the receipt and goes to check on the new pressure tank. It is there! Hallelujah! The two of us put the new tank into the back of Priscilla (our truck, we call her Prissy for short) and I haul it home.

Needless to say my wife and I spent the next five hours replacing the old tank, hooking up the piping, adjusting the air pressure in the tank (30psi on, 50psi off), then adjusting the pressure switch (30psi on, 50psi off), insulating the piping and finally testing the water system. It all worked! Yahoo! It was shower time.

Do you now fully understand why I titled this article "Sears Sucks?" Only because it does. Never again will I do business with them.

Oh, before I forget, if you happen to own a Craftsman radial arm saw, go to this web site Radial Arm Saw Recall. There is a recall on the Craftsman radial arm saw. I just got a new head and a complete new table — for free. Furthermore, from the day I ordered the stuff until the day it arrived was a total of 9 days. Not 14 days for something I actually, truly and desperately needed in a hurry.

By the way, a different company is handling the recall.

No wonder I didn't have to wait as long.

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