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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

A Dose of Attitude Adjustment

Date: 01 November, 2008

By: Chief

Imagehe connection between butt and brain is direct and normally painful. That is as it should be. And for a very good and beneficial reason.

For those of you who have not figured it out — I am talking about three specific forms of punishment:

Each of those forms of punishment have a single common denominator or mission, as it were — to change the behavior of the recipient via the infliction of pain. For, as we all know, pain can be quite intellectually stimulating. Indeed I believe (though I am not positive) it was Joseph Stalin, yes that Stalin, who famously or infamously said "Harsh lessons make for long memories." So true Uncle Joseph if it t'were you, so very true.

I bring this subject to light because over the past 30 years each succeeding generation has become worse, behaviorally speaking, than the previous. Why is that you might ask? Well the answer lies with the scumbag 'do-gooders'. The 'I know what is better for your child than you do' brigade. The do-gooders in conjunction with their alleged or purported experts have successfully argued before many, if not all, of the legislatures of the several states that the infliction of pain, ie.:


Poppycock, says I.

Nationwide our crime rate has increased at a pace far higher than our population has increased. Why? Because the majority of our younger generations have not been taught honor. To be sure they have not been taught:

Each of the above is a component of honor. Alas, I am also sure I left some out but I am equally sure you already know 'em.

Most everything we learn we learn by pain. Homework was a pain and it was painful — I hated the stuff. At the same time if I did not do my homework or far worse, I lied about my homework — I was in for a close encounter of a most painful and embarrassing kind — being the recipient of a harsh, yet thorough, bare butt spanking, paddling or switching depending upon the severity of my ... er ... conduct. Let me tell you something, while an Einstein I am not, it did not take that many close encounters of a most painful and embarrassing kind to learn not to lie or to steal. On the other side of the coin those painful sessions helped to reinforce that living an honorable life would be a good thing to strive for.

But[t] the legislatures of most of the several states, courtesy of the do-gooders and their experts, have made it a crime — got that a crime, if you discipline your child should the little blighter be acting like what most of them are today: a little jerk or witch with a capital 'B'.

Parents have been arrested, convicted, fined and jailed for the most heinous of crimes — disciplining their beloved brat.

People you had better listen up to this — this situation is not a rarity. No way. It regrettably happens several times per day throughout the country. Which really stinks.

Several thousand parents are arrested every single year for spanking, paddling or switching their kid(s)!

A lot of good parents are scared to dickens to discipline their kid for fear of being arrested. Which is a crop of crap of no small proportion (though I honestly cannot say that I blame them).

Here is a perfect case in point, Barry W. Barnett Jr., was arrested and subsequently charged with "felony physical abuse of a child" for paddling a child which left bruises. According to the Daily Register (newspaper on-line edition):

"Barnett allegedly used a paddle - described as two feet long, four inches wide and 3/4 inch thick - to strike the boy on the buttocks twice - once on each cheek - on June 4, according to a criminal complaint."

The kid screwed up and received two well placed strokes of instant attitude adjustment and then some douche bag, possibly the kid himself ratted Barnett off to the local police. Well if that isn't the most screwed up thing I have ever heard of I don't know what is.

What the dirtbags in the various state houses have conveniently failed to realize is that by taking away the parent's right to discipline Little Johnny the jerk or Little Susie the Witch, with a capital 'B', the:

have committed a far, far worse case of child abuse. They have, by their very action(s), directly contributed to the utter lack of:

of the younger generations. This, in turn, leads directly to instant self gratification, laziness, lawlessness, crime and punishment of a lot of Little Johnny the Jerks or Little Susie the Witches, with a capital 'B'.

And you wonder why our jails and prisons are chock full of people doing life without the possibility of parole or why so many people are on death row awaiting execution. Puh-lease, gimme a break.

Yeah, when I was younger I was spanked, I was paddled and yes I was switched. I didn't like it, not one little bit. It hurt like holy hell. However, as I stated earlier, I learned. and I was not permanently harmed in anyway. Though at the time of an attitude adjustment session I was certain it was curtains for me. Especially the switching — a switch I had the honor of picking out, cutting from the tree and taking all of the leaves and twigs off so that Grandma or mom could then whip the living tar out of me. Not that I didn't have it coming, mind you. I did (looking back on it), but that is a different story for a different time.

You know something — I can face myself in the mirror and not shy away out of shame. It is, after all, about honor.

All kids need an attitude adjustment from time to time. So do some adults for that matter. Yet most, if not all, of the several states have made spanking, paddling and switching a crime. A felony in some cases at that. And that crap is absolutely intolerable.

Now the only way to change this obscene situation is to change our legislators and then repeal this (and other) repugnant laws.

Vote —

this November 4th. Give both the Democratic and Republican parties a caning they shall never, but[t] never, forget.

If you spare the rod — the child and We the People shall both pay a much higher price — later.

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