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Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

Crash and Burn

Date: 15 October, 2008

By: Chief

Imageow. What else can you say about the latest happenings within the corrupt world of high finance? A lot of things actually — such as — the bastards have it coming, they should all be taken to the nearest tree, two faced scallywags and so on and so forth ad infinitum.

In this whole fiasco there are but three things of interest to me:

As for point number one and just in case anybody has forgotten, we do have an election coming up next month, November 4th, to be exact. Hence if you are half as ticked off as I am over this mess November 4th is the day to get even. Vote every incumbent out of office. Dump them all into the toilet and flush twice — it is a very long way to hell (though actually it seems to be drawing nearer each day thanks to the scum in our government).

Face it, the Congress has finally shown it's true color — green for all to see. The Wall Street fat cats bought off the entire Congress of the United States. I truly did not think it was possible. I was wrong. Congress took the green and said up yours to We the People. Well, come November 4th it is We the People's turn to get even. We owe it to ourselves and our posterity to throw these worthless pieces of human excrement out of office and into a federal penitentiary — at hard labor for no less than the rest of their worthless lives. Especially Toxic Nancy [Pelosi].

Remember this — do not vote for any Democrat or Republican. Period. Vote for any third party. The numbers will shake themselves out and there will be a new Congress and a new President and Vice President assuming office.

The new Congress can, in turn, repeal the 700 billion dollar Wall Street fat cat bailout as their first order of business. The new President can sign it into law. It can be done. Moreover it must be done. Crime should not pay dividends, which in this instance, it currently is.


Moving right along to point number two — the reason none of these Wall Street fat cats are behind bars or getting their slimy necks stretched is because these worthless mangy curs bought off Congress. It is truly as simple as that.

However, the Wall Street fat cats could not and would not have been able to perpetrate their numerous crimes against humanity were it not for one group of, until now, unnamed conspirators — the Wall Street lawyers.

The fat cats on Wall Street are not all that smart, but they are very cunning. As such, while they hatched and plotted their illegal schemes, the fat cats would in no way put them into operation until after being thoroughly vetted by a team of crooked lawyers (what lawyer isn't crooked anyhow?) The lying lawyers made sure that all the 'i's' were dotted and the 't's' were crossed on each and every scheme right down to the smallest, most mundane contract or agreement. Once the details were completed the fat cats went to work putting their grand plan of fraud and theft into action. And they made a mint in the process.

Unfortunately for them, the fat cats and their lawyers made one fatal error — they forgot that a house built without a strong foundation will surely collapse. Which is precisely what has come to pass. Regrettably, it is We the People who are paying the initial price. But it is our posterity who shall pay an even higher price. And that is a heinous crime of no small proportion.

The lying lawyers the Wall Street fat cats pay in order to keep themselves out of a federal cross bars bed and breakfast need, in the worst way possible, to have their heads cleaved from their necks.

Okay, on to point number three — the price of oil.

I am quite sure that most people over the age of three have noticed the price of a barrel of oil has dropped from a high of approximately $140.00 a barrel to around $78.00 per barrel. That is nearly a 50 percent drop in price. The question is why?

The newspapers are reporting a rather strange coincidence — the stock market crash and the huge drop in oil prices happened at exactly the same time. This is true, and the only part the papers got right. These same reports have purported "experts" stating the reason for the price of oil heading south at a gallop is because We the People are not driving as much as we used to. Does that make a lick's worth of sense to you? No? Well I agree with you. It makes no sense to me either and for this very simple reason — there was not the time needed for oil stocks, reserves, to build up to the point which would trigger an enormous sell off of oil — at a loss.

Furthermore, OPEC and other oil producing countries watch the use and stocks of oil like hawks. Don't you think the instant the oil folks saw a surplus oil being built up they, the oil folks, would reduce production to keep prices sky high and quantities scarce? You're bloody well right they would and they do, just like they have in the past. The only reasonable and logical reason why this has not happened is because OPEC and the other oil producing countries were caught flat footed. Taken by surprise as it were.

I, for one, do not believe in coincidences. I never have. So the question remains — why the tremendous drop in oil prices?

The real reason

You see oil, unlike stock certificates or any other "security" for that matter, has an actual value. Additionally, and once again unlike stock certificates or any other "security" for that matter, oil is real (stock certificates can be hand written on a piece of toilet paper, which is what they are actually worth by the way). So, yet again, why the enormous drop in price for a barrel of oil?

Well dig (and not an oil well either) this — what if the unholy high price of oil was an artificially high price? In my way of thinking, that is the only logical and reasonable explanation as to why oil, which has an actual value, fell almost fifty percent in price per barrel.

But why would anyone want a super high price for oil, which hurts our national economy and is disastrous for We the People? Far more importantly who could arrange such a thing? And lastly who would benefit from oil being nearly $140.00 per barrel or higher?

It is obvious OPEC and other oil producing countries would realize an immediate financial benefit from sky high oil prices. Further, any oil related business would realize instant and hefty profits as well (pun intended). So would:

That little list just fully answered the:

While the ungodly high price of oil was disastrous for most businesses and especially for We the People — the scumbags on Wall Street, fat cats included, made a killing — at our expense.

Brokers normally are paid by commission. Investment banks make their profits by purchasing large shares of something at a fairly low price and then selling it at a much higher price. Add into that the more "products" an investment bank has to sell to unsuspecting or unwitting customers the more profit the bank generates (toilet paper is cheap). Plus investment banks get a cut of each transaction a broker makes. All of these things in turn push the stock price of the investment bank higher. When that happens Wall Street is pleased, the fat cats are pleased and so, too, are the politicians. To them all is right in the world.

Wall Street fat cats and their brokers deliberately, willfully and with malice aforethought inflated the price of oil to illegally and unjustly enrich themselves.

Hence, since at least 2004 and certainly no later than September 2005, the price per barrel of oil has, for the most part, been controlled by those who work on Wall Street and those who control the investment banks. It is the only way the stock crash and the drop in oil prices make any sense whatsoever. Besides it is the brokers on Wall Street who take their orders from — guess who(?) — the investment bankers who (mostly) control Wall Street.

To put this all into perspective, We the People who are paying over $3.00 per gallon of gasoline and over $4.00 per gallon of diesel at the present time are doing so to support the greed and lifestyle of the:

Along with their henchmen the:

As far as I am concerned the:

  • Fat cats,
  • Investment bankers,
  • Brokers,
  • Lawyers, and let us not forget the;
  • Congress —
  • for their crimes they should all be forced to repay We the People — with their lives.

    [Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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