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Tuesday, 01 December, 2020

It is Time for A Party

Date: 01 October, 2008

By: Chief

Image neck tie party that is.

Tis truly amazing. Indeed I have never, as in ever, in my 50ish years on this "third rock from the sun" seen anything like it. The unanimity, animosity, outright viciousness and vindictiveness of We the People was in full force and effect, and on full display. Precisely as it should be.

Just what the world am I jabbering about? The proposed 700 billion dollar — that is with a 'b' — bailout of the Wall Street fat cats by their most ardent supporters — King George the Bush, Henry Paulson (Treasury Secretary), Christopher Cox (SEC overlord), Ben Bernanke (Federal Reserve Chairman) along with each and every member of Congress.

Well guess what Maynard? The House of Representatives just two short days ago shot down in flames the bail out bill. The vote was 205 in favor of passage (Yea) and 228 against passage (Nay).

The good news is the New York stock market dropped over 770 points (Yahoo Biz) when the news broke about the defeat of the bailout bill. That is good for We the People. What is even better news is oil prices dropped approximately 10.00 dollars. Excellent.

However don't go breaking out the champagne just yet. According to Bloomberg:

"The Treasury secretary [Paulson] told reporters that lawmakers 'need to work as quickly as possible' to pass a bailout package.

[. . .]

"Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd, appearing before reporters with Senator Judd Gregg, a New Hampshire Republican, said a bailout plan could still pass Congress. 'We don't intend to leave here without the job being done', said Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat. 'While it may take another few days, we're confident that can happen'."

So, as you can tell some — er — all members of the Washington, District of Criminals, golf club still do not get it. It is called — screw Wall Street and everything it and they stand for.

Now I shall tell you, as if you need telling, who does get it — We the People. That is who. A couple of days ago, September 29th, to be exact, I had to go into Small Town, South East New Mexico, near where I live to the grocery store — Kenny's Market, in fact. It is a great little market and I'll say that as well. But inside, the store was abuzz with talk of the proposed and ill-conceived bailout for the fat cats. Young and old, brown and white, rich and poor were all talking about the same thing. Amazing. Then a little old lady, who at best, was at least in her mid 70's, yet sharp as a tack (nothing unusual about that here either) summed it all up best:

"They ought to be taken to the nearest tree."

And everybody in the store, myself included, nodded in complete agreement. Wow.

There was no talk about investigating these crooked bastards. No talk about a trial, fair or otherwise. No talk about jail time. No talk about their Constitutional rights. No way, Jose. Just "taken to the nearest tree." I love it.

The politicians, bureaucrats and the Wall Street fat cats should be thanking their lucky stars that they are where they are, Washington, District of Criminals, and Wall Street instead of in Small Town, South East New Mexico. Because if they were here the only thing on the news would be a series of funerals showing the politicians, bureaucrats and the Wall Street fat cats on their way to the graveyards.

Yup. That is how this whole sordid tale should end. And you know something, with a little bit of luck it just might.

Why in the world should We the People bailout the politicians, bureaucrats and the Wall Street fat cats to begin with? Answer — we should not. Those dirtbags made their bed and now they do not want to sleep in it. It would be extremely uncomfortable and that is something they are not at all used to.


That is what it is all about. The:

'How can I screw over a member of We the People, make a tidy profit and not end up in prison or getting my neck stretched'?

And try they did. Most of them from the itty bitty stock brokers up to the financial titans made a killing over the last several years. Killing We the People that is. But now the cluckers have come home to roost and the financial wizards and lawyers are finally taking it up the financial butt. They have it coming to them with non-skid.

The part of this that is most interesting is that so far none of these no good, dirty rotten egg-sucking hounds have been found swinging from the nearest tree or lamp post. And that is just plain wrong. This is an error which absolutely must be corrected and soon.

Each and everyone of the Wall Street fat cats as well as their lawyers, federal bureaucrats and political protectors (Congress, King George the Bush, etc., all courtesy of bribe money) should be hanged by the neck until dead. Furthermore any politico in any federal elected or appointed capacity who would dare to author, sponsor, lobby in favor of and/or vote in favor of any bill which helps the fat cats out has earned a date with a rope, in my not so humble opinion.

To put it plainly — these worthless scum, all of them, have earned death.

And, as it was a little old lady at Kenny's Market who first said it, you know it is the right and proper thing to do.

For the dense I'll repeat her statement for possible penetration:

"They ought to be taken to the nearest tree."

When was the last time the Congress, the President, the Treasury Secretary or the Federal Reserve Chairman proposed a financial bailout of any member of We the People let alone all of We the People? I, for one, do not believe it has ever been done. To be sure, I do not believe something similar has ever been proposed. Of course I could be wrong but I sure as shootin' do not think so.

What is going on in Washington, District of Criminals and on Wall Street, where the rest of the criminals slither is a case of outright and declared class warfare. No more and certainly no less. The fat cats and their bought and paid for politico protectors versus We the People.

I say it is time to put the fat cats and their politico protectors where they belong — in the grave.

As for the gamblers — er — investors who "play the market" — screw 'em and feed 'em fish heads.

[Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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