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Tuesday, 01 December, 2020

Rules are Meant to be Broken

Date: 01 June, 2008

By: Chief

Imagehat is the Democratic Party's new theme song. And boy howdy are they are living up to it in spades.

After many months of whining (would you care for a little cheese with that whine?) Hillary, to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the rules and bylaws committee, assorted sub-committees and other riff raff who would listen, complaining that the Michigan and Flori-duh delegates should be seated at the national convention and, more importantly, counted in full, Hillary kinda-sorta got her way.

Indeed according to CNN the "Democratic National Committee's rules and bylaws committee reinstated all of Flori[-duh's] and Michigan's delegates to its party convention." However, each delegate gets only half a vote.

The short course of this fumbling of the football is even if the folks from Michigan and the idiots from Flori-duh received 'full credit' Clinton would still be trailing Obama in delegates. So all of her whining and complaining did not do her one bit of good. I do love poetic justice.

This whole laughable abortion would have never happened had both the Flori-duh and Michigan State Democratic parties played by the rules set down by the Democratic National Committee. The big rule was this:

No state can hold their primary or caucus before Iowa. Any state who disregards this rule will be punished by having their delegates not seated or counted at the national convention. Or words to that effect.

Further, all the democratic candidates signed some sort of agreement that they would not campaign in any state which violated the rules set forth by the DNC. Additionally, each candidate agreed to abide by the rules set down by the DNC.

Okay, all was well and good until two things happened:

So after Michigan and Flori-duh changed their primary dates, in full and flagrant violation of party rules, the DNC rightfully decided that both states would be punished and did so. All according to the rules.

As the primary race, before super Tuesday, appeared to put the nomination in the bag for Clinton, she did not whine. But after the disastrous, for Hillary anyway, super Tuesday — Hillary started whining and complaining. 'Seat the delegates' she cried. 'Every vote should count' she pouted. 'This is a democracy' she whined. And on, and on, blah, blah, blah.

Uh Hillary, in case you did not notice it — life is not spelled f-a-i-r. Remember that.

Plus, to add insult to injury, Hillary's whining, moaning, groaning, screaming and complaining got louder and louder with each passing primary she lost. Hence when some poor schmuck got to hand Clinton the real bad news that no matter how many primaries that were left that she might win she would still lose the nomination because she did not have enough delegates — all that whining became fever pitched. I'm glad I was not the poor smuck who had to deliver that gleeful missive to Frau Hillary. I wonder if he left minus a hand, or worse.

As you can tell all is not so peachy on the Hillary front. Ya gotta love it.

To be sure Clinton's whining became a hurricane force in and of itself. Hurricane Katrina was just a drop in the bucket compared to Clinton's mournful, yet exceedingly loud, diatribe. So the DNC met and the rules and the whatever else committee voted and decided to grant poor, poor pitiful Hillary her last request — half way.

But it does not help her. She still loses the nomination. Period.

What is shameful about this entire sordid matter is simply when Hillary did not get what she wanted, in other words she did not get things her way — she resorted to acting the part of a spoiled five year old brat.

What decent parent would allow a child to act the way Hillary has and let the little blighter get away with it? None that I can think of. As all parents know — all too well — if you don't stop the brat behavior quickly and early on, it just gets worse. Nobody wants that. It is misery for the parents, other siblings and for the brat himself. We all know the prisons are full of what once were spoiled brats.

The DNC knows this. I refuse to believe the members of the DNC are completely stupid, well maybe just partly stupid. The DNC also realizes full well that by kissing Hillary's fat butt, she is all butt actually so just mark the spot, but I digress, they, the DNC, and everything the party stands for is now up for grabs. What they say today means nothing. Why? Because they will change their minds tomorrow. And the DNC knows the public — We the People — will see that. So will the opponents to whoever becomes the Democratic nominee. And believe you me — they will use it and use it effectively against the Democratic nominee.

It might just cost the Democratic Party the Whitehouse this coming November. It sure as shootin' should and I shall be very happy if it does. Although the current crop of Republican candidates aren't any better.

What the DNC should have done is what every decent parent does with an unruly and spoiled child — redden that kid's butt. If the brat wants to throw a fit, pout and cry well then, give 'em a good reason to cry. Make no doubt about this — there is a direct and painful connection between butt and brain.

Simply put the DNC should have given Hillary a real red butt complete with welts, though she would probably enjoy it, by sticking to their guns and not caving into to her acting as a spoiled brat. All they had to do was just say 'no'. That is it. However, they did not do that.

Instead of giving Hillary a bright red butt, did I mention complete with welts(?) — the DNC gave themselves a big black eye. Maybe they are that stupid after all.

Do you really want a spoiled five year old as president? I think not. Do you really want to be a member of a political party that gives into spoiled children? Again, I think not. If you answered 'nay' to both and you are a Democrat then I would strongly suggest you mosey on down to your local county or parish voting office and change your party affiliation — pronto.

The presidency is no place for a spoiled brat.

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