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Thursday, 03 December, 2020

Presidential Job Qualifications

Date: 15 May, 2008

By: Chief

Imageith the primary season finally, slowly and excruciatingly painfully coming to a close — it can't end soon enough for me — one of the entertaining items is who is qualified or more qualified to become our next president.

The three main players, and only remaining players according to the mainstream media, Clinton, McCain and Obama, have been and continue to spout forth all kinds of reasons why they (pick one) are more qualified than anybody else and, as such, should get our vote for president.

All I can say is — yawn.

It is not like they intend to be doing anything important. In other words a job which takes real skills such as farming, ranching or building, I'm not kidding either — blue collar work. Those blue collar jobs, by the way, feed and house the world.

But let us check out each of the 'big' three and see what shakes loose. Shall we start will Frau Hillary? I agree, let's start with her.


The list pertaining to Frau Hillary could go on and on but I think you get the point — she is a worthless, power hungry, pernicious twit. And that is being extremely polite.

Okay meanwhile, back at the homestead, it is time to turn our attention to the next name on the list — John McCain.


Nope. I sure as shootin' can't see placing my vote in the McCain column. Not at all. A hot temper and nuclear weapons. Wow. Now there is an explosive combination.

Okay, that is two-for-two. Losers that is. Hence it is now time to turn our attention to Barack Obama. Or, more honestly, it is Obama's turn in the barrel.


How interesting or how paradoxical. A Harvard Constitutional law professor who is:

Yeah there is no way on this planet I could put my vote in his column, it just ain't gonna happen — Cap'n.

Did you catch it? All three of them have one thing in common — they have never had to get their hands dirty. All are white collar graduates. Hence Clinton, McCain and Obama know absolutely nothing about hard work, honest living, honor and ethics.

So there you have it. Short, sweet and in a nutshell all the reasons why We the People should vote for none of the above. In other words, just say no.

But what are the actual job qualifications for president? Here they are — you're welcome (quoting the Constitution):

And most importantly:

That is it. All of the Constitutional requirements. There are no other qualifications — period.

So all of the crap which all three of the main candidates have been spewing forth over the airwaves is just that — crap.

I'll tell you this — all three, Clinton, McCain and Obama, have been in the political arena for too long. I really do not give a wit if most or any of their political mongering was at the local school board, the state level or the national level. A life in politics breeds distrust towards We the People — the employers. A life in politics also breeds greed — for power. Well guess what boys and girls? I, for one, do not trust any of the surviving big three — Clinton, McCain and Obama. Not a single one of them can be trusted.

The stench of dirty politics, wheeling and dealing, along with kissing the butts of those wretched special interest groups can and will cause honest people, We the People, to gag at a bare bones minimum. All courtesy of the two main political parties and their three remaining main candidates. Isn't political experience wonderful? As far as I am concerned it is enough to make you heave.

As we all know, this sort of behavior is nothing new. It has been ongoing for generations. But it can be stopped. Indeed it must be stopped before the Democrats and Republicans utterly destroy what is left of our country.

Now take a long hard look at Wayne Allyn Root, a Libertarian Party candidate for president. As I mentioned in my last story Root appears to me to be a breath of fresh air. And we need it — badly.

We the People do not have to vote either Democrat or Republican just because that is what we have always done. Change can be good. It can also scare you to death (or close to it). Wayne Allyn Root has requisite experience level I want — the Constitutional qualifications only.

One other thing Root has that the others do not — passion. A passion for our Constitution. A passion for We the People. A passion for liberty.

A person who has a lot of purported qualifications does not necessarily mean that person is the right person for the job. As it pertains to Clinton, McCain and Obama each of them have far too many qualifications and, as such, would be the worst person (pick one) for the job.

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