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Sunday, 29 November, 2020


Date: 01 May, 2008

By: Chief

Image great word with a lot of different meanings depending upon who you ask. There is loyalty to to family, spouse, kids, friends, employer, employee, customer, and on and on. The list is endless.

Loyalties can conflict as well and tend to do so with rather unpleasing regularity and results. For instance who, depending upon the specific situation, should a husband be loyal too? His wife or his mother? Again depending upon the situation it could be the wife or the mother or possibly, though rarely, both. Normally one of the parties to this particular dance — loses.

But what of political loyalties? Is there such a thing anyhow? Well I suppose there is, at least to a degree.

In the main political sphere there are currently four, that's right, four, not three people seeking the presidency this coming election cycle. They are:

Told you there were four candidates from the two main parties.

Now think about it — when was the last time any of the candidates has mentioned, even in passing, our Constitution? With the exception of Ron Paul — not a single stinking candidate has mentioned or discussed our Constitution. Not Hillary, a lawyer. Not Barack Obama, a law professor. Not John McCain a retired naval officer and subsequent career politician.

Let me put it this way, a candidate for president should, nay — must, have two loyalties and only two, and in this order:

There is no third, fourth or twenty fifth loyalty. Only those two. And those two mean the most. Just as they should. Just as they must.

However as the Clinton campaign has stated "we remember who our friends are." A reference to who was sending big campaign checks to finance Frau Hillary's Whitehouse bid. That quote by the way was reported by all the major news print media — all over the world.

I think it is safe to say that Frau Hillary has no, as in zero, loyalty to either our Constitution or We the People. Indeed, she relies on big contributors — We the People need not apply.

Barack, on the other hand, relies on millions of small contributions from We the People. So that, you would think, is a good thing — and I believe it is. Yet his refusal to acknowledge the supreme law of our land for what it is — our supreme law — troubles me deeply. Face it, the man is not stupid. On the contrary Obama is extremely intelligent. So why does he not come out and say 'as president my first loyalty is to our Constitution' or words to that effect? Instead he jabbers on about "hope" and health care and how nice everything will be if he is elected. Nope, he won't do it and as such he is out as far as I am concerned.

McCain, who knows where his loyalties are. I sure don't. And I'll bet you don't know either. He is rather like a moving target. Hence he gets a boot dead square in the butt as well.

Ron Paul, now there is an entertaining breath of fresh air. I'm serious when I write that. In Congress he is known as "Doctor No." Yes he is a medical doctor (though I won't hold that against him) and yes he votes no on most bills Congress tries to get through. Why? Because the bills are outside the authority — the Constitutional limitations — of the Congress. That is why.

While I do not agree with everything Paul says or believes at the very least he is honest about what he says and what he believes. Furthermore he stays within the confines of our Constitution. Both under Article I, the legislative article, and Article II, the executive and Commander in Chief article. Something none of the other candidates have been able to do and that is a matter of record — the Congressional Record. Read it for yourself. I placed a link there for your use (hint: you probably shan't like what you read).

None of the other candidates have even attempted to work within the confines of our Constitution. Our founders were not stupid either. They were some of the most brilliant minds in all of human history. And so was their ultimate product — our Constitution.

Loyalty is by God important to me and it should be to you as well. But for a person who is seeking the presidency loyalty, not their particular paragraph of history, is of utmost importance.

I'm sure you have noticed that I did not include any third party candidate. Good observation. Most people won't vote for any of them which is a travesty of unbelievable proportions because third party candidates represent change and most folks are scared of change.

I'll tell you this much Wayne Allyn Root of the Libertarian Party for president says a lot of good things to me. In a nut shell, here are his loyalties and they are clearly stated:

I cannot ask for more than that. Check out his Issues page. If what he writes does not make you stand up, cheer and want to vote for him then you are either:

Here is a quote from Wayne Root which I think sums things up quite nicely (quoting his web site):

"I will end the Nanny State. I will give personal responsibility back to the American people. The decisions on how to live your lives are yours. The decision on vaccinations for your children is yours. The decision on what to eat is yours. The decision on what to watch on your computer or television is yours. The decision to own a gun is yours. The decision to smoke or drink or gamble is yours. The decision to wear a helmet on a motorcycle is yours- as long as you accept personal responsibility. The job of government is not to protect you from yourself. Or to prosecute victimless crimes. Big Brother will no longer be open for business under my watch."

Loyalty — something Clinton, McCain and Obama sorely lack.

Loyalty — something Paul and Root have in abundance.

Come November the choice shall be ours. I suggest we use it wisely.

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