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Thursday, 03 December, 2020

A New Skipper Takes the Helm

Date: 01 February, 2008

By: Chief

Imagend all I can say is it is about time.

ABATE (American Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments) of California - a motorcyclist rights organization (MRO), which by the way has been in a complete state of disarray, dysfunction and in utter disorganization for years now, has a new state director. A very different type of biker now takes the helm.

Don Blanscet

Allow me to put it, succinctly, this way — I can think of no other person, man or woman, on the face of this planet better equipped to fix the fiasco known as Abate of California than Don Blanscet.

I have personally known Don for many years, in good times and in bad, and, as such can truthfully make and stand by that statement. Let me tell y'all bikers in California something else — with Don in command, like it or not, 'the times they are a changin'. And for the better says I.

If you are a member of Abate of California and just want to pay your annual dues, go to the monthly meeting at your local, get drunk and that's it - heh, heh, heh, y'all are in for one hell of a rude awakening. In other words slack-asses, drunks and deadwood are not needed — passionate, intelligent fighters are.

So just what is this guy, this brother of mine in the wind, about? Well Don is:

But most important of all, Don Blanscet is one of the most honorable men it has been my privilege to know.

I would factually say, having been there, seen it and done it alongside Don, that Don is an uncompromising go-getter. A man's man, if you will. And that is exactly what is needed within Abate of California and other MROs throughout our land.

Now all of the bikers of California be they Abate members, club members or independents need only look in one direction for actual, positive leadership. Yes, it maybe be painful but I, for one, have never known a painless method of fighting for one's freedom from tyranny or tyrannical laws.

There is always a time to fight for freedom and within the State of California there is no better time than now. Don knows the legislative system, the people within the system and who the real movers and shakers are. He also knows, probably without peer, the judicial system, how it works and how to tie a knot is a cop's or judge's butt. He also knows how to win. Moreover by using both branches of government he is not limited to just one tactic. The more arrows you have in your quiver the better off you are. Just try and place your shots carefully.

For far too long Abate has been a one trick pony — trying to work only with the legislature while neglecting the judicial side of the house. Compromising and kissing a legislator's behind has not worked. I suspect that failed modus operandi is going to becoming to an abrupt end. And rightfully so in my opinion.

Trying to get a bill through the legislature is not bad — compromising your principles is. Abate, in the past, has done the latter far too often.

Additionally Abate needs, as in the worst way, to fire their lobbyist. If it is the same fool as was the case for years, the worthless bastard also represents the — insurance industry. Abate in no way needs or requires a lobbyist. They ain't worth the money.

Oh, before I forget — charities. Take car of our own first, foremost and always. Build up the:

Freedom ain't cheap

Since I have written, slightly, about what Don is, it becomes critical to state what he is not. The reason behind this is simply because there are some within Abate who, cowardly as it may seem and is, will do or say whatever is necessary in order to prevent Don from achieving his goal — overturning the California helmet law. Regrettably there are back stabbers, both men and women (rabid and scurvy dogs are they), within the ranks of Abate of California who have put and continue to put their own position above ridding all bikers of that totalitarian law.

Hence what Don Blanscet is not:

I hope I have laid to rest any doubts about Don Blanscet and far more importantly brought to the forefront the outstanding traits and attributes which make up the characteristics of this man. For any remaining 'doubting Thomas'es' I submit that the first time you meet Don any and all doubts shall be put into the grave forever. However, never ask him a question to which you may not like the answer. As I wrote earlier Don is blunt and honest to the point of brutality. But if you do ask him something — you will get an honest answer from him. On that particular point you can rest assured.

So all in all, things are looking up and I salute the rank and file membership of Abate of California for electing Don Blanscet. You could not have made a finer decision but you sure could have done one hell-of-a-lot worse. Instead you voted for freedom and with a lot of hard work in front of you y'all may very will be rewarded. I truly hope y'all are.

Don has an expression which I like and I think sums Don up pretty well — "If you're not free then I'm not free." Or to paraphrase a line from the Declaration of Independence — 'those people who have the ability to take a necessary action thus assume the duty or responsibility to take the needed action'.

Good luck Don and good luck to all bikers of California. May you be victorious!

[Disclaimer: Nobody, not nobody, not no how, asked me or paid me to write this story about Don Blanscet. It was and shall remain my voluntary honor to have done so.]

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