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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Gross Polluters (Part of II of II)

Date: 15 October, 2007

By: Chief

Imageontinuing from where we left off with part I is the transportation industry.

Everything must be moved, be it raw materials or the finished product. And it is ships, trains and trucks that do the moving. Like it or not, that is how it is. The coal for power generation is shipped by train. The electronic components made overseas are shipped to and fro by ship, then train and finally by truck. The finished product, dependent upon where it was assembled, may be transported by all three means. Without a doubt the same holds true with oil.

Don't forget ships, trains and trucks operate on DFM, diesel and engine oil. Other wise they don't go very far.

No transportation industry, no cell phone. Am I becoming redundant?

The software industry

Cell phones are not just phones. They have a lot of other crap in them as well. This crap needs something known as software. Yeah, the cell phone is an itty bitty computer. As such it requires software (hopefully not from M$) in order to function. But without correctly written software (correctly written and M$ are mutually exclusive, by the way) the cell phone is nothing more than an expensive boat anchor. Hence, no software, no cell phone.

The construction industry

Buildings. Cell towers. Water pipes. Air conditioning and heating. Electrical transmission line towers. Bathrooms and sewer systems. All courtesy of the construction industry. You didn't think those cell building and towers got where they are by somebody waving a magic wand did you? Sorry, no Harry Potter here.

Nope, those cell towers and cell buildings got where they are by people building the things where they now are. And if it were not for the construction industry the cell phone would not even be a zit on a gnat's behind.

The waste industry

All those chemicals, metals, excess forms and nails have got to end up somewhere. And it is the waste industry that gets them all. Commercially operated landfills. For profit or non-profit recycling centers. You bet. All the excess materials which were needed to manufacture and support cell phones end up — in a dump of some kind.

So to does the now disposable cell phone and all of its toxic components. Your poor one year old cell phone bites the big one. No biggie, just chuck it into the garbage can and replace it.

That, for good or for ill, is how it is done. And the green weenies are just as bad about it as the rest of us.

So yes, I would say the waste industry is quite important. Otherwise all those unsightly cell phones and the packaging materials would end up littering the green weenie's streets. We wouldn't want that now would we?

This is not even discussing the increased amount of electronic radiation zipping all around us or the greatly increased noise pollution caused by idiots having to jaw jack on their cell phone nearly 24 hours a day. Nope I'm not even going to discuss those aspects of the blasted contraptions.

As anyone can now see, should they desire to, a whole lot of questions now pop up and all of these revolve around the infernal cell phone. Though in all fairness the same could be said about the personal computer and, public enemy number 1, the television. Questions such as how many:

And those are just the beginning. I have great faith that others will come up with additional questions.

Of course another way to look at is — just how much oil, fuel, electricity, land and water would and could be saved (conservation maybe?) if there were no such things as cell phones. Or, how much less pollution would be released into the atmosphere, waters and land if it were not for the cell phone.

As it stands there is no honest way any green weenie can state they are not gross polluters. It just cannot be done, at least honestly. And that is where the rubber meets the road. The green weenies will attempt to justify their use of cell phones by creating numerous excuses — the various industries would be in business anyway or cell phones don't create that much pollution. Something along those lines. The mere fact however is that additional pollution has been created all courtesy of the invention and subsequent use of the cell phone. After all there are several billion in current use.

The green weenies howl and moan about industry. Yet the green weenies themselves contribute to or aid and abet the very same industries they bitch about. It is very clear that cell phones contribute to the pollution of our planet. The green weenies know this but do not care.

Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e? That is the green weenies in a nut shell.

Okay, we have more or less covered the cell phone and associated industries. The bottom line here is simply this — the green weenies claim to be holier than thou. I think we have just shown them for what they truly are — frauds or liars, take your pick.

What I suggest is the next time you happen to run into (over perhaps?) some environmental wacko, ask the son-of-a-bitch if he has a cell phone. And once he says yes or shows it to you, rip 'em a new one as the fraud, hypocrite and gross polluter that he factually is.

They have it coming to them in spades.

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