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Friday, 27 November, 2020

Talk About Stupid

Date: 15 March, 2007

By: Chief

Imageack in February of this year, while the mainstream media was all agog about the global warming hoax being perpetrated upon a gullible We the People, a funny thing was starting to happen in Pennsylvania — a snow storm.

Yes I do realize, I really do, that February is actually a winter month and Pennsylvania, along with other parts of the country, does receive snow and rain. However, as became painfully although hilariously apparent, a lot of people in Pennsylvania did not realize that February and Pennsylvania spells winter snow storms.

And what a storm it was. A nice strong mixture of cold temperatures, snow and ice. Indeed upwards of six inches of sold ice formed on various roads and Interstates.

Now this should not be news to anyone with a functioning brain, but on Interstate 78 in eastern Pennsylvania there was a 50 mile long traffic stand still. Not a jam but a stand still. All because of the ice. Actually all because the people traveling were too stupid to look out a window and check the weather before hopping into their vehicle and hitting the trail.

Quoting CNN:

"National Guard troops used Humvees to ferry in food, fuel and baby supplies on Thursday to the lines of motorists caught in a 50-mile traffic jam on Interstate 78. Friday morning, the troops were busy towing away the remaining vehicles while road crews struggled to melt ice that had built up four to six inches in places."

Now you know why I titled this story the way I did.

To add insult to injury the idiotic motorists were trying to shift the blame from themselves and onto the State of Pennsylvania. Quoting CNN:

"Some drivers were angry that they had been let on the road at all. State police didn't close all the entrance ramps to I-78 until around 5 p.m. Thursday, more than 24 hours after cars and trucks started getting caught. They also closed sections of I-81 and I-80, to help keep the area clear."

Puh-lease people. Have you ever heard of a radio? How about a telephone? A computer perhaps? Further, most people own at least one functioning boob tube. Lastly there is always the novel concept of actually eyeballing the situation yourself. In other words, there were plenty of ways for people to figure out that maybe, just maybe, it was unsafe to drive. But oh no. Can't do that. That would mean having to:

Hence it was far easier for those morons to just act without engaging their brain (assuming those idiots had one to begin with) and if something were to go wrong (which it did — in spades) cry, get mad and blame someone else for their individual act of extreme stupidity. Again, quoting CNN:

" 'Why would they have that exit open if they were just going to let us sit there'? said a crying Deborah Miller. Her 5-year-old son was trapped in the car with her, running a 103-degree fever from strep throat.

"Eugene Coleman of Hartford, Conn., who is hyperglycemic, said he was trapped for 20 hours along with his girlfriend and pregnant daughter. They had no food or water for about 18 hours and Coleman said his legs were swollen.

" 'God forbid somebody gets really stuck on the highway and has a life-threatening emergency. That person would have died', Coleman said."

Actually, in my not so humble opinion and to completely contradict Coleman, it would have been a Godsend had a person died. If more than one died — so much the better. Fewer moronic genes to be passed on. That is a good thing because our species' genetics are polluted enough with, if you will, idiot genes and the more we can get rid of — the better for all says I.

The hyperglycemic idiot, Eugene Coleman, actually had the unmitigated gall to say (quoting CNN):

"How could you operate a state like this? It's totally disgusting."

Well, have I got news for you. The only part of Coleman's tale of self inflicted woe that is true is the single word — disgusting.

It was fools like Coleman who created the mess they had to live in. No one forced Coleman or any other person in this saga of stupidity onto the road that particular day. Coleman and the others made their own beds and then had to sleep in them, which, as it turns out, they did not like one little bit (gee, I just cannot imagine why). As for Coleman and his hyperglycemia, well hells-bells LeRoy, if Coleman does not take a 'fix it' kit with him — in order to control his blood sugar level — the blame, the responsibility, the 'being a man' lies solely with him and nobody else.


That is the bottom line. Those idiots that ended up marooned on an Interstate highway placed themselves in that predicament and then blamed the state for their very own act of stupidity.

I must admit that we currently are living through a very sorry state of affairs. It is called:

'Don't be responsible for your actions, the government will take care of you as it is obvious that you are simply too stupid to take care of yourself'.

And that, friends and neighbors, is disgusting.

Oh, before I forget, just in case Coleman, Deborah Miller and the other idiots fail to realize this, allow me to make this one point crystal clear — you the individual person, not I, not the state and certainly not the federal government are responsible for your very own actions. And if you screw up do not come crying to me for sympathy because you will not get it. Though, come to think of it, I shall laugh in your face and call you an idiot.

[Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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