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Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

An Unintended Consequence

Date: 01 March, 2007

By: Chief

Imageeople say the 'road to hell is paved with good intentions'. Well that may very well be the case. I wouldn't know having never, to the best of my knowledge, been down that particular road — yet. On the other hand what one may find while partaking in the journey of life is the 'road of unintended consequence'. And that road has been traveled down so many times and never repaired that it looks more like a tank trap or war zone than a road. All thanks to Congress and the several state legislatures.

And no particular 'on ramp' to the road of unintended consequences is more full of chuck holes, tank traps and land mines than the federal and the several states war on drugs.

As we all know the war on drugs (WOD) is, at best, an abysmal failure. Governments at all levels have trashed the Constitution, thrown millions of citizens into jail or prison, torn asunder untold numbers of families, confiscated billions of dollars of private property and murdered innocent citizens and children. All in the holy name of the war on drugs. Yes, I used the word murder because that is exactly what it is — cold blooded murder of innocent people.

Yet the sad fact remains that illicit drugs are easier to obtain today than ever before. Just go to any high school and ask around. You'll see what I mean.

In fact, and here for your amusement is the unintended consequence, illicit drugs are actually easier, stronger and in some cases cheaper to obtain than getting a refill of a narcotic prescription drug. A pain killer as a matter of fact. I am not kidding you either.


My little friend. I have been taking Percocet on and off since May, 2006 due to a rather severe rib cage injury I sustained. I fractured bones, tore ligaments and ruptured muscles. However, it was the pain that got me more than anything else. It was a pain I had never before experienced and I hurt more than I could ever possibly describe. In short, I had a really bad day. I would not wish that kind of hurt on anybody.

My doctor could not see me for approximately three weeks (his first available appointment). So off to the emergency room at our one and only hospital I went. The ER folks took X-rays and so on and finally confirmed what I have described. The doctor then gave me an injection of Demerol to ease the pain and prescribed Percocet for me. The Demerol didn't do a single thing for me, bar none. But the Percocet most certainly did.

The bill for that ER visit was a staggering 4,500.00 dollars. That is a lot of pot, hash or opium I could have bought and been in a state of bliss while I healed. A fate I would not have minded in the least.

My doctor has kept me on Percocet because while the bones have healed the ligaments and muscles have not.

Well December last, two days before Christmas in fact, yours truly, in a fit of stupidity, reinjured my ribs, ligaments and muscles. Now, let me tell you something, I would much rather take a beating with a brick stick than go back to the stinking ER. I had a very few Percocets left and called my doctor to get another refill of them.

No joy. My doctor was on vacation. And the doctor who took over his case load while mine was gone:

How lovely! Your basic circular argument plus a whipping with a brick stick and I still end up at the ER. Sheesh, what a day. And the worst is yet to come.

Hence, I go to the ER and got checked in. I told them what happened, that it was not an emergency, that my doctor was on vacation and all I needed was a prescription for Percocet. The triage nurse then checks my vital signs and nearly freaks out because my blood pressure was around 200 over 190. Yeah that is close to being stratospheric but I was in severe pain. What in the Sam Thump do they expect? Then the scum sucking doctor has the utter gall to tell me that he will not treat me because all I want is a prescription for Percocet. I am absolutely serious when I say this. The ER doctor outright refused to treat me for what I had come in for. I then politely and quite sincerely told the doctor to fuck off and left (yeah I wrote a dirty word). Four days later my doctor returned and thankfully, after a single phone call, had a prescription ready for me for pick up.

Four days of unmitigated pain. Four days of my blood pressure hoovering around Saturn. Four days of almost zero sleep. All due to the fact that Percocet under federal law is a schedule II drug. Thank you Congress, you worthless slime bags.

Because Percocet is a schedule II drug, an opioid analgesic medication, no refills on the prescription are allowed. Period. Hence the person who is taking the drug must get a new prescription each time, every time the pill bottle runs dry. No exceptions. Geez, now ain't that just wunnerful? I think not.

Truth be told I should never have waited four days to get a prescription. What I should have done is gone to basically any street corner in the U.S.A. and bought some pot or some hash or some opium. That is what I should have done.

However, should I have done that I stood the risk of being busted or at the very least I would have been taking part in a criminal activity. So I took the pain for four days which is something I should have never had to do to begin with.

I will tell you this much — it will never happen again. I shall, if necessary, become a criminal and do business with 'street pharmacists' rather than endure severe pain. Period.

The unintended consequence

The laws and regulations our government has blessed us with, solely for political gain, have had the unintended consequence of turning citizens into criminals. Citizens who would no more commit a crime than fly are forced into criminal activity. Forced in purchasing illegal drugs in order to live a life without severe pain. And that, friends and neighbors, is completely immoral.

It is past time to change the laws and the politicians as well.

Politicians, by the way, closely resemble diapers — they need to be changed frequently and for exactly the same reason.

[Update: This story has been updated.]

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