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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Patriot Act — Part II

Date: 15 January, 2006

By: Chief

Imageebruary 3rd is going to be a very busy and extremely important day down in the well of the U.S. Senate chamber. Why? Well according to various and sundry newspapers that is the day the infamous and utterly horrid Patriot Act expires. I say fine. Let that abomination die and let us ensure that never again will we allow such a hideous piece of legislation to see the light of day.

To keep the Patriot Act going the Senate needs to vote 'aye' to ensure its continued abhorrent existence.

Now here is where We the People come into play. We need to contact our Senators and tell them in no uncertain terms to vote no for extending the life of the Patriot Act. Additionally we need to find out what Senator voted 'aye' and if the scurvy dog is up for reelection this year — vote his or her worthless butt out of office. Lastly if your Senator(s) did vote 'aye' but is not up for reelection this year, find out when the worthless cur is up for reelection and work tirelessly to ensure that person's defeat at the polls. We need to teach these slime bags a lesson that they shall never forget.

Speaking of scurvy dogs, Senator Patrick Leahy (Dem.Vermont) stated:

"[I]mproving the Patriot Act to strike the right balance in respecting Americans' liberty and privacy while protecting their security [is needed]" (Quote from CNN).

I find Leahy's statement completely ludicrous. Leahy claims that he desires to find the right "balance" between freedom and tyranny. Now here is a question for you: try to find, if you can, the word "balance" within our Constitution. I have searched long and hard and come up empty each and every time.

There is no such thing under the Constitution as balancing individual freedom versus government wants or desires.

The Constitution, as it pertains to government:

On the other hand, the Constitution, as it pertains to citizens:

Of course Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (Dem. California), the House minority leader, is not at all any better than Leahy. According to CNN Pelosi did not oppose the this piece of crap bill. Pelosi said:

"The rights of our citizens, as guaranteed by the Constitution, should not be shoehorned into a tight timeframe." [...] "We should have the time for a vigorous and thorough debate" (Quote from CNN).

By the way as Pelosi is a Congresswoman she is up for reelection this year. I strongly recommend that those people within her Congressional district vote her butt out of office so fast it will make her head swim.

When you think about it there is no need for a debate over the Patriot Act. It is so revolting that it should have never, as in ever, been introduced as legislation. I suppose the only debate Congress should have held is an ethics committee hearing so they can then give the boot to whoever was the flaming dirtbag who introduced this piece of equine excrement in the first place.

The second debate should only be concerned with articles of impeachment to impeach King George the Bush and his entire court. Especially Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales and Rice.

Now that that is out of the way, what are some of the provisions that have a few members of the Senate upset? Well, here they are:

"Section 201: Gives federal officials the authority to intercept wire, spoken and electronic communications relating to terrorism.

"Section 202: Gives federal officials the authority to intercept wire, spoken and electronic communications relating to computer fraud and abuse offenses.

"Subsection 203(b): Permits the sharing of grand jury information that involves foreign intelligence or counterintelligence with federal law enforcement, intelligence, protective, immigration, national defense or national security officials

"Subsection 203(d): Gives foreign intelligence or counterintelligence officers the ability to share foreign intelligence information obtained as part of a criminal investigation with law enforcement.

"Section 204: Makes clear that nothing in the law regarding pen registers — an electronic device which records all numbers dialed from a particular phone line — stops the government's ability to obtain foreign intelligence information.

"Section 206: Allows federal officials to issue roving 'John Doe' wiretaps, which allow investigators to listen in on any telephone and tap any computer they think a suspected spy or terrorist might use.

"Section 207: Increases the amount of time that federal officials may watch people they suspect are spies or terrorists.

"Section 209: Permits the seizure of voicemail messages under a warrant.

"Section 212: Permits Internet service providers and other electronic communication and remote computing service providers to hand over records and e-mails to federal officials in emergency situations.

"Section 214: Allows use of a pen register or trap and trace devices that record originating phone numbers of all incoming calls in international terrorism or spy investigations.

"Section 215: Authorizes federal officials to obtain 'tangible items' like business records, including those from libraries and bookstores, for foreign intelligence and international terrorism investigations.

"Section 217: Makes it lawful to intercept the wire or electronic communication of a computer hacker or intruder in certain circumstances.

"Section 218: Allows federal officials to wiretap or watch suspects if foreign intelligence gathering is a 'significant purpose' for seeking a Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act order. The pre-Patriot Act standard said officials could ask for the surveillance only if it was the sole or main purpose.

"Section 220: Provides for nationwide service of search warrants for electronic evidence.

"Section 223: Amends the federal criminal code to provide for administrative discipline of federal officers or employees who violate prohibitions against unauthorized disclosures of information gathered under this act.

"Section 225: Amends FISA to prohibit lawsuits against people or companies that provide information to federal officials for a terrorism investigation" (Quoting the AP).

Neither the Patriot Act or the king's unconstitutional and blatantly illegal domestic spying program via the National Security Agency (NSA) have enabled us to capture Osama bin Laden or Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. We don't even know what part of the world they currently are living in. Though with al-Zarqawi it is humorous to note that the Iraqis caught him last year and released him (I wonder what relative was involved in that 'catch and release').

We have no, as in zero, need for this law. We never have. All the Patriot Act does is give the federales more power to intrude into our lives where they have no business being in the first place.

The Fourth Amendment stipulates that there must "probable cause" before a warrant shall be issued. If the federales cannot meet that extremely important stipulation — too bad. The Fourth Amendment also stipulates the 'who' and 'what'. The name of the person(s) (who) and the item(s) to be seized (what). Once again, if the federales cannot meet or exceed the Constitutional requirement — too bad.

The Patriot Act is nothing more than willful Congressional intent to subvert Constitutional safeguards at the specific request of King George the Bush. All in the name of that fleeting temptress — security. As such, each and every member of Congress who has voted in favor of the original Patriot Act and this new incarnation of it should be carted off to the nearest wall, lined up and shot.

Congress, do your Constitutional duty and kill the entire Patriot Act once and for all.

Do it now.

[Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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