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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

The London Bombings

Date: 08 July, 2005

By: Chief

Imageell, they have struck again. Some people call them terrorists. Other people call them criminals. Other people yet call them cowards. I like the last term. Cowards. For that is exactly what they are.

These cowards set off a series of small bombs in London yesterday, killing an estimated 38 innocent and unarmed people and wounding scores of other innocent and unarmed people. I would suspect the number of killed and wounded will grow. Further, these same cowards appear to have gotten away — so far — with their crime. Only time will tell on that particular score.

I do hope that the cowards who committed these criminal acts are caught — alive — that they were not suicide cowards.

Something much more important is at stake here. Something that no western government has vocalized to any media that I am aware of. Security. This entire issue involves perceived security.

After 9/11 countries throughout the world, particularly the U.S. and Western Europe, known for their freedoms and liberties started cracking down on — freedom and liberties. All in the name of security. Security for the people we have been told. 'Don't worry peons, we in the government know what is best and how to take care of things'. Remember all of that? I do. National ID's, the Patriot Act, the Gitmo Gulag, security cameras everywhere, searches at airports, police with automatic weapons, government sponsored kidnappings, the executive branch having sole power to determine when our Constitution's Bill of Rights apply and — to whom.

All of these governmental acts by various governments throughout the Western World are all odious and repugnant to freedom and liberty. All for the sake of some perceived increase in security. Lastly, all of these rather stinking governmental actions have been put in place in order to prevent another 9/11.

Um, guess what — these increased security measures did not work. Just go ask Tony Blair. Just look at any network news on the boob tube.

According to various news reports, the London Underground has literally hundred to thousands of cameras, all recording what you or I are doing at the moment. Yet, it does not work. No bad guys were seen planting their bombs to where police could apprehend them prior to detonation. In other words, cameras tend to work — after the fact.

The demolishing of some of our freedoms and liberties in order to increase security and safety for we citizens of the western world was a hoax when implemented and to this very day remains a hoax. Funny thing is, I do not hear any politician speaking about getting rid of these repugnant laws. It is, shall we say, deathly quiet in Washington and in London as well.

Let us not forget the Gitmo Gulag. How many people are still in there and are still being interrogated? Whether they are bad guys or not, we really do not factually know. Some may be bad guys. Some may not be. The point here is what good is interrogating people who have been behind bars for three or more years? What would they know about what happened in London yesterday or Madrid one year ago? Nothing. Not one blasted thing. If our government has evidence that those in Gitmo are criminals, cowards or terrorists, then bring charges in an open court of law and let us see what happens. Otherwise, shut down Gitmo completely.

As an intelligence operation Gitmo is a joke. If it was the opposite, an intelligence goldmine, a bonanza per se, then the bombings yesterday in London would not have happened and the cowards would have been caught before they could do their dirty deed and would currently be in jail. However, that did not happen.

All of the hundreds of billions of dollars that have been spent since 9/11. All of the lives in both Afghanistan and Iraq that have been lost. All of the freedoms and liberties that we of the Western World take for granted and subsequent to 9/11 have been crushed and ground into powder. All of it for — nothing.

Aren't you proud? I'm not. I am quite disgusted and dismayed.

It is quite obvious that all the increased security measures put in place by various governments in the western world have failed, and failed completely. Hence there is absolutely no reason to keep the damned things in place (there never was any reason for the laws to begin with). Get rid of the oppressive laws, governments. They do no good. The incidences both in Madrid and in London show that beyond a shadow of any doubt.

Handing back to us, to We the People, our unfettered right to keep and bear arms would not have helped those in London. No doubt about that. At the same time, the bad guys, those cowards who attack the weak, the helpless — the unarmed, would think twice before attacking those who could attack back. Had the people in London been armed maybe what happened yesterday might not have happened at all. One will never know.

One thing for sure, as long as the citizens of any country are unable to defend themselves tyranny will prevail. So will crime. Heh, so will criminals. But once the citizenry is armed and, far more importantly, willingly to use those arms against cowards and criminals, no matter what color or nationality or crime is attempted, those cowards and criminals will ultimately go find greener pastures, if you will.

The other thing that needs to change is our foreign policy specifically and Western Europe's foreign policy in general. Our (the U.S.) policy is one of minding other countries' business. Telling or demanding how other countries conduct themselves within their own borders. Europe does basically the same thing. This is not a way to win friends and influence people. All it does is tic people off. Wouldn't you get mad if your neighbor kept telling you or demanding you do something to your own property? You bet you would. So would I. Sooner or later that nosy neighbor and I are going to settle things. One way or another. And one of us will be the winner and the other will be the loser.

While I do not normally agree with the SFGate online newspaper, their poll for today and I certainly agree. I also do not have any objection with our country and our businesses doing business with another country. I do, however, object to us minding some other country's business.

As it currently stands, with the current governmental policies firmly entrenched, the cowards and criminals scattered all over the globe have nothing but unfettered access to targets of opportunities and the will and the want to carry out their plans and crimes.

And innocent people will continue to die.

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