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Friday, 27 November, 2020

Operation Extreme Rendition

Date: 15 June, 2005

By: Chief

Imager, what have we become?

For those of you who have not a clue about Operation Rendition it is, simply put, the kidnapping of people living overseas by officers of the U.S. government with the blessing of U.S. government officials and government officials of various countries. These kidnapped people are then transported — allegedly — to Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan for internment and interrogation.

Now, one of the reasons this country fought for its independence was that this tactic was used by the British colonial government against the colonists. Yet today our government thinks it is a fine thing to do? Sheesh, how ironic. Additionally, aren't terrorists in various countries using the same tactic? Yep. It sure as shootin' seems that way to me.

So what have we as a country, the light of liberty, become? Well, like it or not, it certainly appears that we have become terrorists ourselves. As the old saying goes ... if you can't beat them ... join them.

No? We have not become what our 'enemies' are? In what way, I would like to know? Terrorists use kidnapping. We use kidnapping. Terrorists use bombs. We use bombs. Terrorists use torture. We use torture. Where, pray tell, is the difference? In conduct there is none. We have become exactly what we loathe. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Our country's actions mimic the actions of our enemies.

Have our actions had the desired effect? Well, going by the newspapers I would have to say no. In fact, there is the possibility that the exact opposite effect is being achieved. Isn't that just lovely? A whole new generation of murderers, terrorists and purported martyrs, kids by any other name, are getting fueled up with hatred and just cannot wait to become old enough to strap a bomb to themselves and blow themselves and a few innocent people up on their way to "paradise" for doing 'God's will'. The blind leading the stupid. It never ceases to amaze me.

I have to tell you that personally I have no objection should some bad guy kill an American citizen of going after that no good son of a bitch with everything we have and — if the worthless dirtbag puts up a fight, killing him. But, should the bad guy surrender, then, by God, bring his worthless butt back to the U.S., give him a fair trial and then hang him. Publicly. Right in front of the court house. No objection whatsoever.

I do, however, object to our government endorsing and then using state sponsored terrorism. There is no place for it in our country, our government or even in our own minds. None at all.

Well by golly boys and girls, it is beginning to sound as if the U.S. is using the same methods the former U.S.S. R., read that as Soviet Union, was noted for. Along with the entire Warsaw Pact Alliance. Only because it is so. A real black eye for liberty would you not agree?

I fully understand why this kind of outrageous and, more than likely, highly illegal conduct has not prompted calls for impeachment of King George the Bush. It is because until quite recently nobody knew about Operation Rendition. But now that Rendition has been reported in the papers there is absolutely no, as in zero, excuse for not having Bush impeached and removed from office. Along with each and every member of his cabinet. Get 'em all in one fell swoop I say.

But it has not happened. Why? Because the Congress will not do it. Why? Because the citizens of this country have not, as of yet, complained up a storm of protest. That last part is pathetic. We citizens apparently think that it is just Jim Dandy to kidnap and torture citizens of other countries like it is some form of idiotic adolescent video game. A video game it is not. A real game of life, death and morals it is. And we are losing the game.

There is an old saying, "what goes around ... comes around." Another one is, "payback is a medivac." I do believe that sooner or later that is exactly what will happen to us. And when it does most of our fellow citizens will have nary a clue as to why it happened. They will not be able to comprehend that, unfortunately, when we had a chance to bring the game to an end we chose not to do so. Further, by doing nothing we are quite possibly condemning our children, our future, to fear, loss of freedom and desolation — if we continue down the low road on which we have started.

We need to regain the moral high ground, something we have forgotten of late, and remain there. It will not be easy. Indeed it will be painful. But, as another old yet very true saying goes: . . .

. . ."no pain, no gain."

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