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Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

The Passing of a Good Man

Date: 02 April, 2005

By: Chief

Imagearol Wojtyla also known as Pope John Paul II has, as most of the world knows, died. Most people who have heard of him know him only as the leader, the pope, of the largest Christian church in the world. The Catholic church. Approximately one billion believers strong. However, not all that many people realize that the pope, as is the case with all popes, are dual hatted. Not only is the pope the head of the church, the pope is also a head of state. Vatican City is its own country. A city state, such as Singapore is.

While I must disagree with some of the edicts issued the late Pope John Paul II (I am not catholic) acting in his capacity as church leader, I must say wholeheartedly that as a head of state he was good. No, he was great.

So what did he do? Well, for starters:

Those are just a few of his accomplishments as Vatican head of state. I also have a feeling that when the history books are written about John Paul II he will emerge as one of the giants of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. A real mover and shaker.

One thing is for sure, those who aspire for election as the top dog in whatever country could learn a lot from this man. However, most are professional politicians who sold their political souls to the highest bidder years before. As such, I really do not hold out much hope for their, um, salvation, if you will. Let alone ours.

Now he is gone and in a few days the College of Cardinals will commence the process of electing a new pope to fill the void. It is one thing to elect a pope, it is another to elect one that can contribute in the way the late pope did. Anyway you slice it, the new pope, whoever that ends up being, has some huge shoes to fill.

I, for one, do not envy that person in the least.

[Ed. note: Story update. Soon after his death the late Pope John Paul II was titled "the great." Additionally, on 27 April, 2014, the Great Pope John Paul II was cannonized. Henceforth, he is and shall forever be known as 'Saint John Paul II the Great'. Which is to me as it should be.]

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