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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

He Must Be Out of His Mind

Date: 15 January, 2005

By: Chief

Imagehe president of the health care company Weyco, which is located in the state of Michigan, needs desperately to see a health care professional. A mental health care professional. Weyco's President, one Howard Weyers, towards the end of last year sent his staff an ultimatum: stop smoking completely on 1 January or leave their jobs. That "completely" means on the job and off the job as well.

Ah, if I was working for Weyco I would tell Howard to quite simply fuck off and die. Even if I did not work for Weyco I would tell Howard to quite simply fuck off and die. Howard — fuck off and die.

It is one thing for an employer to be able to direct an employee, within strict limits, as to what they can or cannot do while on the job. There is an employment contract, company policies, federal law, state law and so on. It is quite another thing to attempt to tell an employee what they can or cannot do when the employee is not on the job.

It all boils down to this: off the job I can do any thing I so desire — as long as I do not harm someone else or damage property. It is called liberty. The "l" word is one which is absolutely foreign to Howard. Obviously.

The BBC quotes Howard via Weyco's website:

"For every smoker who quits because of it, there will be many people - family members, friends, co-workers - who are very thankful the person won't be going to an early grave."


My great-aunt, who was a chain smoker from hell, quite literally lit one smoke from the butt of the other one, died a couple of years ago at the ripe old age of 100. That's right, 100 years old. Not from cancer or any other malady but from old age. Jeeze, you suppose. She was not living in some old folks home either. Indeed, every Friday evening was the weekly poker game at her house and every Saturday evening she would go dancing. That, in and of itself, shoots old Howard's theory right square in his butt.

I'll tell you something else, each and every employee at Weyco should just walk off the job and start a picket line. Shutting down the company and using a picket line will prevent any and all would be job seekers from getting to a job a Weyco. I wonder how Howard would like those apples?

But wait, there is more. Howard, not being satisfied with directing his employees not to smoke on their time, now wants to set his sights on people's eating habits. I am assuming by that he does mean employees' eating habits. From the Reuters news agency comes this little gem of a quote of Howard's:

"We have to work on eating habits and getting people to exercise. But if you're obese, you're (legally) protected."

Yeah, well let me tell you my eating habits, dirtbag: Country gravy is a food group and a beverage. And beef — don't you dare take the fat off. Hell, that is the best part. Cheese burgers and homemade fries. I could eat that 7 days a week. One of my favorite dinners is what we call "more so plenty to good dinner." Tastes wonderful and, as a bonus, you can watch your cholesterol rise while enjoying it. Oh, I almost forgot, I do love pork as well. Isn't life grand? I think so and I like it just the way it is. Once again Howard, fuck off and die ... slowly.

I am sick and tired of dirtbags like Howard trying to ram their beliefs down my throat. It ain't a fixing to happen, not with me anyway. How about you? Are you willing to stand up for what you believe in? Even if it may cost you your job? People like Howard have to be stopped. And they have to be stopped permanently. If that means Weyco goes bankrupt, that is just fine with me. Harsh lessons make for long memories.

It is the old and much flawed societal burden farce.

"Rising healthcare costs and society's aversion to smoking versus privacy and freedom rights of an individual."

So sayeth job placement specialist John Challenger as quoted by Reuters.

I am also a smoker and a member of "society." I am not in anyway averse to smoking. Further, as, at least in theory, our country is not a democracy but a republic. Hence, what society says does means nothing. Individual liberty is the very heart of our country. Therefore, society, whatever that is, can kiss my grits.

Rising health care costs are fueled by our own government's incompetence, idiotic laws and regulations. No where in our Constitution is there a right for health care. Period. That was brought in by President Johnson and a Democratic Congress in the mid 1960's. Since that time the quality of health care in the U.S. has gone straight down the tubes while the cost of said health care has gone straight to Mars.

Medicare is evil

The cost just of administrating Medicare, on an annual basis, is in the billions. That is just shuffling the mountains of paperwork from one desk to another. The payments, kick-backs and outright fraud perpetrated by health care professionals runs into the billions per year as well.

Now, show me, just show me the contract that I signed with the government allowing them to tell me how to live my life in exchange for Medicare. There is no contract. The same holds true with any business and employee contract. No signed contract, drop dead business. Besides a business can not dictate what an employee can do when Joe employee is not on the clock. I shall say it once again — fuck off and die Howard. That does make me feel so much better.

You suppose that Howard needs a dose of Waco at Weyco?

[Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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