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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

City Slickers Versus Rednecks

Date: 07 November, 2004

By: Chief

Imagehe new war between the states hath begun.

Well, it is finally over — the 2004 general election. At least from the individual voter frenzy perspective. But as we all know the actual or Constitutional vote does not happen until December. And that is the only vote that counts.

In every election there are winners and losers. This election was no different. The losers, however, outnumbered the winners by a country mile. The citizen lost and lost big time. Not just because Bush was reelected but because the citizen voter did not look past the 'big' two political parties to find, hopefully, someone better than either Bush or Kerry. In that regard the third parties need to become better known to mainstream citizens. Until they do nothing can change.

Well, one change did occur and it was for the good. That was the unseating of Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD). To blatantly plagiarize country music star Roy Clark's famous song title "Thank God and Greyhound he's Gone." Amen brother.

What was fascinating about this election was not so much the vote count but where the votes were cast and for whom those votes were cast. If you care to look at the image two distinct colors stand out — blue for Kerry votes and red for Bush votes. You will notice a couple of interesting things. First is that the blue states are along both coasts and the great lakes. Second is that each has major population centers (L.A., New York City, Chicago, etc.). On the other side of the coin the red states, with the exception of Texas and Flori-duh, have a much smaller population density compared with their land mass.

City slickers versus the rednecks

And that is what it is all about. No matter what major newspaper you read you note that the Democrats are "feeling blue and seeing red" (San Francisco Chronicle). Some blues say they are leaving the country and will start anew in Canada, Italy or France. Note how Mexico is not one of the countries. I say good riddance. Others are hopping mad about such an injustice being done to them ... that Kerry lost ... and are on their way to pay yet another visit to their favorite shrink. From the land of fruits, nuts and flakes — simply poetic. Still others are spewing insults to those who live in a red state. Never mind that some of those living in a red state voted for Kerry, if you live in a red state "get the fuck out of my city." Sounds rather like a spoiled child to me. And then there are those fuming mad blue heads who take it upon themselves to vandalize the property of the red opposition. Now that ought really help out the Democratic party come the next election.

Wait just a second. Could it be (as it certainly appears to be) that the Democratic party, the party of tolerance, is the exact opposite of what it claims to be? Instead of preaching tolerance members of the party are acting as common thugs, racists and bigots. Not exactly good public relations for the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The people that live in blue states who voted for Kerry and carried the state for Kerry tend to think of themselves as worldly, sophisticated and your basic know-it-all. They also look down their nose at anyone who is not exactly like them. Not exactly the epitome of tolerance but then again everybody else is supposed to be tolerant of them ... at least according to them. Unbeknownst to them there really is a real world outside the city limits of Boston, NYC, LA and Frisco. Typical city slickers.

Indeed Kerry himself stated that he could "not believe I'm losing to that idiot." Says a lot about what Democrats actually think of other people.


I live in New Mexico, in the southeast part of the state. Definitely agricultural. Definitely rural as well. We do not need or want government interfering in our lives or telling us what we must do. We tend to take care of things ourselves. Long hours, hard work and "honest living" are what we are accustomed to. We do not mind our neighbors business and they does not mind ours. You help your neighbor and he helps you. We do not keep score on stuff like that. Money, while necessary, is a necessary evil. Taking care of family comes first and foremost. Honor and ethics are tied with family. So is truth and trust. Those five items mark our character. Money is not part of the equation and is not used as a yardstick to measure a person's success or failure. Family, honor, ethics, truth and trust is the yardstick we use. We are also independent as a hog on ice.

We have our symphony orchestras right along with county fairs. We like demolition derbys, rodeos and operas. We listen to and enjoy country music, the Grateful Dead and classical music. Some of us go to church while others do not. We have enough sense not to discuss religion so as not to start an argument. The same holds true with candidates for office. We do not raise a ruckus about it. We just do what needs to be done. Git 'er done boys.

Additionally, we do not care about other peoples' beliefs or life styles. Just do not try to force your beliefs or life style down our throats because it will backfire. Look what happened to Kerry.

The future

This election was not so much about Bush versus Kerry, there were very few actual political issues that were different, as it was city slickers beliefs versus redneck beliefs. Kerry was painted with the city slickers brush. Something he did not necessarily want. Bush had no such hindrance and the results speak for themselves. Like it or not that is how it went down.

Will this pattern continue into the future? Quite possibly. City slickers are far too proud and important, in their own mind, to realize that they may not know everything. Furthermore, as long as city slickers continue to try and own the Democratic party such defeats might just become common place. Adding insult to injury, the Democratic party has a history of abandoning mainstream people in favor of the fringe elements. People have long memories.

James Carville, a noted Democratic strategist, recently stated that the party must become "born again" in order to win major elections. Well Mr. Carville there is an old saying that goes like this: "not every snake is a rattle snake but every rattle snake is a snake."

People like Carville and Democratic party leaders would do well to keep that old saying firmly in mind.

Until the third parties really come into their own and we are given actual choices for whom to vote, I would say to expect similar outcomes in future elections.

Family, honor, ethics, truth and trust — count. Just ask Daschle, Kerry or the Democratic National Committee.

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