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Thursday, 03 December, 2020

Hurrah for Me & to Hell With You

Date: 07 October, 2004

By: Chief

Imagehe flu season is fast approaching, at least according to the idiots within the federal government that is. The majority of this country's population, young or old, healthy or ill, therefore want to get their annual dose of flu insurance. Another boondoggle, but that is beside the point.

But guess what folks? There is not enough flu insurance vaccine to go around. How does that grab you? The reason for this is the main manufacturing plant, located somewhere in jolly old England, has been shut down by the English version the the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Brits cited a contamination problem pertaining to the production of the vaccine. The American company which owns the plant alluded to the problem as well. Hence the U.S. is now umpteen million doses short of a vaccine which may or may not protect the person against a disease which may or may not occur. Boondoggle — but I digress.

Faced with such a shortage of such a critical (Ha!) vaccine the federales decided to ask the citizenry of this country not to get the vaccine — unless:

In other words if you are fit and healthy — you do not need the bloody shot. Period.

Now over on the left coast (primarily I'm talking about the State of Confusion also known as California - you know - the 'celebrate diversity' state, the 'we have to take care of everyone' state and lastly the 'you have to do what we say because we are so much better than you' state) appears to have a problem. The problem is that those on the left coast while willing to talk the talk are absolutely unwilling to walk the walk.

Yes indeed. In San Francisco, to quote the S.F. Chronicle newspaper:

"[F]lu shots, often a test of bravery, became a test of character and not everyone was passing."

I do love it so. The city renowned, quite literally, for brotherly love somehow expects everyone else to make the sacrifice. But not them. Oh no. They are, for reasons unknown, entitled to their annual flu shot and screw everybody else. Again, quoting the Chronicle:

"[S]everal of the young and middle-aged people in line declined to answer a reporter's questions, covered their faces and walked away. Others said they were entitled to the vaccine because of exceptional circumstances."

The operative word was, you guessed it, entitled.

Hey San Franciscans, I have one word which describes each and everyone of you — frauds. That is right, two-faced, plastic people. Frauds for short. The 'I'm so much more important than you bunch'. The 'do what I say bunch'. The 'celebrate diversity bunch'. They all got caught in a lie of their own making.

Just who the hell do these people think they are? I am quite sure if you ask a San Francisan that question he or she or it will tell you, as far as they are concerned, they are a legend in their own mind. Quite a shallow mind at that. It has to be because otherwise these young to middle age — in good health people would never consider taking something that another person who actually might be at risk would need (once again Ha!). I tell you this much, the actions of these frauds in California speak volumes about their character, integrity and honesty. To be sure, they have none of the above.

As most well know, what happens in one city is more or less going to occur in another city. And in the state of fraud (California) it appears to be happening throughout the bay area. Various counties and drug stores are either halting the immunizations of people or granting medical types the horse power to tell those who do not need the shot to get the hell out of line.

You know that back in 1995 when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife and some dude, some other slimebag, decided to sue him in civil court. And whoever the slimebag was that did sue Simpson he or she won. Somehow, someway, some civil jury decided that O.J. was civilly liable (responsible, i.e., wrongful death) for the death of his ex-wife and the guy. Never mind a criminal jury decided he did not commit the crimes and found him not guilty. Keep this in mind as I will be returning to it in a bit.

Three of the people in the Chronicle saga have names attached to them. One is Meg Niman of San Jose California and the others are Sudeep Banerjee and Sarah Fullmer. The latter two are both freshmen attending UC Berkeley, according to the Chronicle. All three appeared not to have a critical illness or whatever. Yet all three got flu shots. They need to be shot all right — with a .45 right between the running lights. After a week or so nobody would miss three self-centered dirtbags anyway.

Ok, what say that some person who actually needs the vaccination cannot get one because the supply has run out. Further, because the scum-sucking dogs such as Niman, Banerjee and Fullmer got flu shots but did not need them this one person — in need — dies. I truly hope that does not happen but if it should, and if I was a member of the family of the person who died, I would file a wrongful death action against Niman, Banerjee and Fullmer. Those three cretins were directly responsible for the death of said family member. Would such a case stick or be winnable? Of course. There is the O.J. Simpson precedent. Slam dunk. Three self-centered cretins would be spending the rest of their worthless lives in utter ruin and scorn. Sound harsh? I call it well earned poetic justice. It is a bit of a twist on the old expression:

"What is good for the goose is good for the gander."

But it is the truth and as we all know, truth hurts.

[Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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