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Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

Presidential Election 2004

Date: 01 October, 2004

By: Chief

Image could have titled this piece Oh shit, here we go again. But I decided not to.

It's John Kerry in one corner with all his Democratic liars backing his play. In the other corner we have the incumbent, George W. Bush, with all his Republican liars backing his play. So, pray tell, with such a limited selection of crap to choose from — that is from the two major political parties — what is a voter to do?

The way I see it the voters of this country have exactly two choices:

To do otherwise, to me, seems to be sheer folly and an utter waste of time and resources.

This election is almost a repeat of the last one. Two utter incompetents trying to be elected to the highest office in the land. As per the norm, we will end up with one of them in the oval office. Come November, unless there is another lawsuit, we will find out which incompetent it is. But in case you might have forgotten who got the nod at the last election, it was, none other than G. W.

In the preceding four years Bush, as president and commander-in-chief, has violated international law, our Constitution and various federal statutes. All in the name of the purported war on terrorism. Yes, I fully admit that 9/11 was horrible. I will also fully admit that we may, to some degree, have brought it upon ourselves. Like it or not, that is factually the truth. So if you don't like it ... get a life and get over it.

Dear Bush furthermore has seen the Patriot Act turned into law. Bye- bye civil liberties. Bye- bye Bill of Rights. He has jailed indefinitely those citizens the Justice, read that as Just-Us, Department thought might be bad guys. No evidence, nothing, just locked them up. Says a lot about preserving and protecting the Constitution now doesn't it?

This country is in debt above its eyeballs. Yet Bush keeps wanting to spend more. Ya got to love a guy that when the chips are down he continues to throw our money down a rat hole. At least he is consistent. Though that is not saying much.

Thanks to Bush and Company we have our troops involved in two different wars — Afghanistan and Iraq with no end in sight to either. And he did this without getting a declaration of war from the Congress. Just sort of thumbed his nose at Congress and sent our servicemen and women overseas to fight wars which cannot be won. Evidently Bush learned nothing from history.

Believe it or not, those are the good points for the current reigning president.

Kerry, on the other hand, actually the same hand, has been in the senate for quite a while and his track record is no better than Bush's. Kerry voted for the Patriot Act. Kerry voted for the joint resolution allowing whoever is president to attack any country for basically any reason. Kerry supported Bush in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He has only changed his tune on Iraq since becoming the Democratic candidate for the White House. And now for the real bad news — Kerry has never met a gun control bill he did not like. The man hates guns and has voted for every gun control since he has been in the senate.

We are the losers

Yeah, the only loser in this upcoming election is the country. It really doesn't matter which one of these two buffoons gets the 'nod', we, as a country, lose.

So here is a novel idea for you to ponder: what if on election day nobody casts a vote? Kind of a twist on 'what if somebody gave a war and nobody came' saying of the 60's. The country would be in turmoil and would shake itself out of it soon enough. The second Wednesday of December, if memory serves me correctly. Because that is the day the actual or real election of the president and vice president takes place. That is the day the electoral college meets and commences its Constitutional duty of electing the president and vice president. I am of a mind to let it be completely up to them and just see what happens. It ought to be entertaining.

Here is another idea, though not at all novel, for you to ponder. Why vote for either Democrat or Republican? Instead vote for a third party candidate. Forget Bush and forget Kerry. Both have as much integrity as pond scum. Vote for a third party candidate of your choosing. There are a few and I would be willing to bet that if you read what they actually believe and what their thoughts are you would be impressed and might be willing to vote for one as the candidate of your choice. Interesting concept, no?

Will I suggest who to vote for? Not in the least. I have already strongly suggested who not to vote for and, for clarification purposes, I would not be caught dead at a dog fight voting for either Bush or Kerry. Shit stinks and I don't want the White House smelling like a week old pile of dog dung.

Check around. Most, if not all, of the third party candidates have websites. Do a Google search for the various parties and see what you come up with. Some are good, some are bad and some really suck. But at the very least you and I are not stuck with what the Democrats or the Republicans think we need for a president, senator, representative or whatever. We already know what chicanery Democrats and Republicans are capable of once in office. It is closely akin to letting your local fox guard your chicken coop.

We do have some choices and therefore we the voters should seriously consider what would be the best choice. For us, for our posterity, for our country.

So there you have it.

You can choose:

The choice is yours and yours alone.

[Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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