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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

'Tis a Wonderful Day for a Beheading

Date: 17 August, 2004

By: Chief

Imageell hell, another beheading of an innocent westerner by some really pissed off Iraqis. What can be done about it? Not a goddamn thing other than leave Iraq. The Iraqis do not like us. They do not trust us and the continued killings of any person who is not an Iraqi show it. Come to think about it, they seem to enjoy killing each other as well.

It is quite well documented in the history books that Westerners have no use for Middle-Easterners. Starting with the crusades and working all the way up to the very present day. Indeed the Western word assassin has its roots in the Middle East. The root word for assassin is hassassin. Which stands for followers of hashish. During the crusades there was a group of Middle-Eastern men who wreaked havoc on the Westerners. Once an hassassin had completed his self assigned killing he would then, at least normally, indulge in getting stoned on hashish. Apparently these early hassassins were quite effective.

So for over 1,000 years there has been an enormous amount of distrust and outright hate between the two cultures. All because of religion. Lovely is it not?

Which now brings us to the year 2003 and G.W. Bush deciding to attack Iraq for reasons that seem to change every week from Hussein being a really nasty person (no argument from me on that point), to multiple tons of ready-to-fire weapons of mass destruction (which have never been found), to factories being able to produce the needed weapons of mass destruction (which again have never been found), to all of the above and lastly to faulty intelligence. I whole heartedly agree with the faulty intelligence part. Faulty intelligence from the White House staffers to the President and his cabinet and trickling on down to each and every member of congress. Nobody used their brain. That was faulty. And we invaded Iraq. Militarily we whipped them. But since the end of the war, per se, we have been losing and will continue to lose. We are now, as I have stated before, in a desert version of Vietnam. We have lost. We have lost but will continue to have people die because we are unwilling to admit our huge fuck up and pull out.

I have no doubt that these beheadings of innocent people will continue. Gross as they are make no mistake— they will continue. Furthermore, the elected leadership of the United States is directly responsible for these murders. Make no mistake about that either.

Additionally has our excursion into Iraq made the world safer? Is the U.S. and the "coalition of the willing" countries safer from another criminal and cowardly 9/11 type incident? I submit the answer to both is no. We have yet to catch bin Laden. We have screwed up completely in Afghanistan. We invaded Iraq and are stuck there with no end in sight. We have turned our former allies against us. We have throughly infuriated the Muslim world. Lastly, and with the foregoing firmly in mind, we have now created a target for all those who don't like the U.S. That target is in fact the U.S.

What have we done to achieve this dubious distinction or honor? We have achieved what we sought to destroy. We sought to destroy the purported main breeding grounds for international criminals. What we have created instead is a breeding ground for a new generation of international criminals. By the way, it is the main stream media and the politicians that call international criminals terrorists. I call them what they are— international criminals and cowards. Now how does that grab you?

The only thing we can do is the one thing we will not do and that is to pull out and pull out now. Count our losses and be done with it. Oh yes, it will be a real mess in Iraq and other middle eastern countries. They will blame us for not sticking with the program that Washington was committed to. However, as any reasonable person will realize, one can not win a civil war. That, in Iraq, is what we are into at the present time. Iraq has become, since our military victory and subsequent deposing of Hussein, a country caught in the whirlwind of civil strife. Why our elected leaders failed to see this is just another example of faulty intelligence, AKA, a no brainer.

The Shiite Muslims do not trust the Sunni Muslims. The Sunni Muslims have no use for the Shiite Muslims. The only thing both sects agree on is that they hate the Westerners more than each other. So when one sect is taking a well deserved break from killing westerners they kill members of the rival sect. Since almost all facets of life in Iraq are governed by religion, and the vast majority of the population is either one sect or the other of the same religion, you have civil uprising. To put it bluntly, you have an active civil war.

We Westerners, as outsiders to begin with and distrustful outsiders of what we do not comprehend, cannot possibly hope to achieve peace in Iraq let alone convert the country into a democracy. It just ain't in the cards. It especially ain't in the cards since we blew up most of the country for absolutely no justifiable reason.

It was the Sunni Muslims that were in power during the twenty plus years that Hussein was dictator of Iraq. To look at it another way that was twenty plus years of Shiite Muslims taking the brunt of the tortures, of the disappearances, of the murders under Hussein's regime. Now what Iraqi who is also a Shiite Muslim is going to forgive and forget that over night? Not too damn many I should think. It is the Hatfields and the McCoys on a country wide scale and this feud is a long way from being over.

It is way past time to admit the error of our ways and leave Iraq to the Iraqis. The same is true in Afghanistan. The Muslim world is far and away better equipped to deal with fixing our fuck up in both Iraq and Afghanistan. If for no other reason than they understand the culture. We do not and never will.

I close by saying bring our troops home — now.

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