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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

At Least We Caught One

Date: 01 May, 2003

By: Chief

Imageot damn am I happy! As fucked up as the war in Iraq is, one very good thing has come out of it — the capture of Abu Abbas. Abbas, whose real name is Muhammad Zaidan, was one of the ringleaders of the PLF, a Palestinian terror outfit, and was the head honcho in the notorious hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro back in 1985. It was during the hijacking that an American, one Leon Klinghoffer age 69 and disabled, was murdered and tossed along with his wheel chair over the side of the ship. Asshole Abbas got away and has been living throughout the middle east until he took up residence in Iraq in 1994 and was finally captured last month.

Hijacking my ass. It was piracy pure and simple.

Now I do believe in justice. Make no mistake about that. I dare say Asshole Abbas should be fairly tried, fairly convicted and then — fairly hung. Publicly.

As you can plainly tell, I fully believe in suspended sentences. From the end of a rope. Yep, stretch his neck to the hilt.

While the ongoing war should not be over one low life, scum sucking, cowardly insect named Asshole Abbas, at least we got one of the mother fuckers and this particular slime ball will hopefully never again have the opportunity to murder a 69 year old man in a wheel chair or anybody else for that matter.

Talk about the epitome of cowardice, Asshole Abbas is a picture postcard of it. He would not take his fight to those who could and would fight back. That would be the manly and honorable thing to do. No sir. Instead, as is true with all terrorists, aka cowards, he takes his fight to those who cannot fight back. The same holds true with the dirt bags who flew the planes into the World trade Center and the Pentagon. Cowards one and all.

Because Abbas is a coward and, purportedly at least, male he should have his balls surgically removed with a rusty spoon, fried up and then fed to him. No, I do not believe in torture but I sure as hell can dream.

Yes, while our men and women in uniform are slugging it out against the Iraqi Army in the desert sands some of our uniformed men and women did achieve a small yet important victory. The capture of a coward.

I can not wait for the trial. Once brought back onto U.S. soil Abbas should be tried in a federal court in the state of Washington. The capital punishment in that state is death by hanging. A fitting end to Abbas.

Asshole Abbas commits an act of cowardice and gets away with it for 19 years. That, my friends, is a problem. Anyone who commits a crime should not be allowed a safe haven in some far off land. Whether or not the leadership of some far off country knew a criminal had been let in to their territory is not at issue. Once they are notified of it and do nothing, then the issue becomes plain and should be brought before the world.

The U.S. has extradition treaties with a lot of countries throughout the world. But do we have them with all countries? Not hardly. Furthermore, even if we do have an extradition treaty with a country, what if that particular country refuses to adhere to its treaty obligations? We play that game ourselves.

So how do we get another Asshole Abbas out from under some rock in the middle of some country who does not exactly like the U.S.? Country to country talks? Fine. Use the United Nations? Sure. How about the Hague? Why not. All these processes and procedures take time and that is Ok with me. As long as we keep them public. I hate secrets. However, at the end of the day if the son-of-a-bitch is still at large we should, as a country, debate upon whether or not to exercise the final option — going into that country and forcefully taking the rotten bastard back to the U.S. for a public trial. In military parlance, snatch and grab.

The kidnapping of a criminal suspect from a foreign country is the final option and one which should not be taken lightly. It is fraught with danger. We would be violating international law. We would be placing in danger the people doing the snatch and grab. We would also be placing into danger innocent people in the immediate area of the snatch. There is the possibility of some other country doing the exact same thing on U.S. soil. Would that be considered an act of war? Possibly. There are other dangers that I have not even thought of, but those few are the main ones that I see.

I am not, in any way, talking about flattening a country ala Afghanistan or our current love affair in Iraq. Not even. But I am willing to consider the use of extremely limited force to execute a state sanctioned kidnapping.

Am I happy with the prospect of the final option? No. I do not believe anybody of sound mind would be. I am, however, at wits end when trying to come up with a 'civilized' method of getting our hands on these scoundrels. When diplomacy fails. When extradition treaties fail. When the U.N. fails. When the World Court (The Hague) fails. What option is left for a country to utilize? If we do nothing, then additional acts of cowardice more than likely will occur. Of course there is always the possibility of an act of cowardice being committed against us for doing a snatch and grab. You pay your money and take your choice.

In all honesty, I am not at all sure there is a good answer to this problem.

The final option. Think about it.

[Story update.] Per Wikipedia:

"On April 15, 2003, Zaidan was captured by American forces in Iraq while attempting to flee from Baghdad to Syria. Italy subsequently requested his extradition. The Pentagon reported on March 9, 2004 that Zaidan had died the previous day, of natural causes, while in U.S. custody.

[. . .]

"[H]e was buried in the Martyrs' Cemetery in Damascus[.]"

[Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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