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Friday, 27 November, 2020

Here we go Again

Date: 19 March, 2003

By: Chief

Imageesus Christ. We just started another war. If Afghanistan was not enough King George the Bush decided, for reasons unclear and with absolutely no declaration of war from Congress, to invade, as in conquer, the sovereign country of Iraq.

I was hoping and I do mean hoping that some how, some way, our top elected and appointed federal officials would come to their collective senses and not precipitate a war. Obviously, I was wrong.

I wish all my brothers and sisters who are Soldiers, Sailors Airmen and Marines all the best and come home alive, in one piece and soon.

What the military outcome should be is fairly straightforward — we should flatten the Iraqi military. How long it will take and what the final body count will be is anyone's guess. As far as I am concerned if one of our people dies it will be two too many.

Wake up America. We have utterly no reason to be doing what we currently are doing. None. Hussein, while he is a tyrant, despot and generally a no-good-son-of-a-bitch, he did not attack us. He did not declare war on us. As best as can be found, Sandman Hussein has not done anything to justify us, the Brits and a few other countries attacking him. I may be wrong about that but I am willing to bet I am not. Time will tell the final story on that.

If nothing else invading Iraq has had one major impact on us. Now nearly every Arabic person, worldwide, hates our frigging guts. When you think about it you cannot really blame them. It was westerners who initially invaded the Middle East — the crusades. And nothing in basically 2000 years has changed that fact. Us westerners sided with Israel in 1947 when the United Nations formed Israel by vote and took the land of Palestine away from the Palestinians and gave it to Israel. When the Arab world attacked Israel to take their land back it was the United States and other western countries who supplied arms to Israel instead of remaining neutral. The same happened in the 1967 war and the 1973 war. Sometimes we westerners are not near as smart as we would like to think we are. But we finally galvanized the entire Arab world against the western world in general and against the U.S. in particular. All because we could not leave well enough alone, we had to invade Iraq.

Remember this as well, our military is not trained to pacify. It is trained to kill and to conquer. No more, no less. Whenever this war is over, the occupation will start and I have a real strange suspicion that we will fail in Iraq just as badly, if not worse, as we did with our pathetic pacification program in Viet Nam. If we do not win the hearts and minds of a large majority of the Iraqi citizens quickly then, without doubt, we will fail and fail miserably.

To a war torn country freedom is nice, but water, electricity, food and medicine are absolutely essential. Given the choice between freedom and food, most people will take food in a heart beat. The Vietnamese did. How quickly we tend to forget the lessons of history and make the same mistakes again. Dolts!

Another important thing to remember about Iraq. Iraq, like most of the Middle Eastern countries is primarily a non-Christian country. Indeed, approximately 90% or more of the population is Muslim. Either Shiite or Sunni. We do not understand the religion of Islam. In fact most westerners have nothing but contempt for Muslims and Islam. So just how in the world are we going to create trust with the Iraqi people and rebuild Iraq, once this bloody war is over, if we do not understand the single most important aspect of their very lives? The answer is so clear that a blind man could see it, we can't. Period. Further, as we hold Islam in contempt and those who follow Islam in contempt we are doomed to failure before we start.

The Shiite Muslims do not trust the Sunni Muslims and the Sunni Muslims cannot stand the Shiite Muslims and we Christian westerners are going to invade their country and save the day? It is a farce beyond belief. But that is exactly, I fear, what we are going to try and accomplish. Can it be achieved? Not on your life. Only the Iraqi people themselves can determine, and properly so, their destiny. Only they understand it. We westerners have no clue.

Our values and our culture are completely at odds with Iraqi values and culture. We have no place at the table to try and shove down somebody's throat our beliefs, our values, our culture. It has never worked in over 200 years of trying. Yet we keep on attempting to impose our way onto others. Not very bright if you ask me.

I suspect the Iraq campaign, not necessarily the war mind you, might take years. I sure hope I am wrong about that one.

If Bush runs for reelection, you know he will, and wins he will more than likely figure that he can do whatever he wants. We may be in real big trouble then. Whoever opposes Bush in the next election and should that person win, the smartest thing he could do is pull our collective butts out of Iraq and do on inauguration day. Do not wait. Do not pass go. Do it!

We need to get out of Iraq while we still can.

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