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Friday, 27 November, 2020

A Tale (Tail) of two Cat Houses

Date: 15 October, 2002

By: Chief

Imager, how the members of the 'House of Representatives' and the 'House of the U.S. Senate' have changed our federal legislative houses into two houses of ill-repute.


Our elected members of congress are not ordinary hookers. Not even close. Indeed they are not even call girls (who charge more). Without doubt congressmen and senators, be they male or female, are the most expensive prostitutes on the planet. And make no mistake, prostitutes they are.

Here is an example of the prices the capitol hill hookers are charging for ... er ... services rendered:

The Sonny Bono Copy Right Extension Act, aka The Mickey Mouse Preservation Act, which extended copyright protection well beyond what any reasonable person would define as a "limited time" cost the Walt Disney Company six million smackeroos. But(t) the Disney company got what it wanted, I just wonder if they left capitol hill with a smile on their face. Think about it. Six million bucks. That has got to be one of the most expensive lays in history.

Here is another example of the worlds oldest profession — hard — at work:

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is currently spending several hundred thousand dollars per month in an attempt to get a bill sponsored by Congressman Howard Berkman whose district includes Hollywood (Hollyweird) passed. If passed, this bill would grant the RIAA authority to quite literally break into your personal computer and destroy any and all files the RIAA thought might be pirated. The bill also includes authority for the RIAA to disrupt peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Understand that this style of terrorism will occur only at the personal level, at the citizen level, not at the company or corporate level. Most software piracy occurs at the company and corporate level, at least according to Software Anti-Piracy Association.

Another example of congressional sodomy, for a price, in action:

There is currently a bill before the U.S. Senate which, if passed, would require computer hardware manufacturers to implant chips into new computers disabling the ability of a computer user to rip a music CD and convert a song or songs into computer format. The same holds true with DVD's.

Now that you are completely ill, here is the final example of congressional fellatio-for-fee:

Around June (2002) leading members of the Democratic party, after a hard week on their backs in the bedroom, took private jets provided by corporations as part of the payment for being serviced and flew to a 'weekend retreat' in either Maryland or Virginia to discuss political and election strategy. Gephardt and Daschle on their knees — I wonder if they gagged. I truly hope so. Have no fear, the Republican party is just as guilty.

Those were just four of untold thousands of examples.

Rather disgusting is it not? These very wealthy corporations are using their wealth to buy increased corporate power. And our elected representatives and senators are more than willing to 'hop in the sack' with these companies and corporations — if — the price is right. High priced call girls got nothing on these bozos. That is a huge put down on call girls (sorry ladies).

These same companies and corporations are publicly complaining that We the People are 'stealing' their property which is costing them billions per year. Hogwash. If these companies would:

the companies and corporations currently sniveling would be making more money than they ever have.

Consider a single hit song for a moment. After two or three years are you, the consumer, still able to buy that song? Are you even able to find a CD with that song on it? What about a song that was a hit 42 years ago? All I can say is good luck with your quest to find the album with that particular song on it. That is one reason people turn to P2P networks. Finding something which can't be found anywhere else, for a reasonable price. It is not to steal the 'latest and greatest'. Simply put, there isn't any. Stuff produced today is, and this is being very polite, garbage. The recording labels and the motion picture industry are not producing a quality product. Period. And they can't figure out why they are losing money. Boneheads.

Have you ever seen the Disney movie The Little Mermaid? How about Snow White? Perhaps Fantasia? The Jungle Book maybe? Each of those animated movies were completely created from books or music the Disney company took from the public domain. Didn't pay anybody a dime. They didn't have to. And that is fine. However, we need to level the playing field. Back when Disney took those works, copyright protection was about 10 - 20 years. Now it is between 75 - 95 years. How in the world can innovation occur with that kind of restriction placed around our necks? The answer is it can not occur. Not a chance.

To take from the public domain is fine. But not to give back is just plain wrong. It is even more wrong to attempt to get laws enacted which stifle and punish innovation. Laws which punish enjoyment of music or books are utterly beyond the pale. These laws also, indirectly, cost the recording companies and the movie companies because of lost sales. In other words, if I loan a friend a CD and my friend likes it he may go and purchase the CD. But, if it is illegal for me to do that my friend may not purchase the CD without first hearing it.

We shall not be able to prevent these new bills from becoming law, let alone level the playing field unless one thing happens: we vote out all existing members of congress who are up for reelection this year. Yeah, every stinking one of them. Each member of the House and 1/3 of the Senate are up for reelection this year. It is time We the People gave these prostitutes the boot.

November 5th is less than a month away. Think about what you want. To be able to share a CD with a friend or go to jail for loaning a book to a friend. Do you want a representative or an expensive hooker. I vote for the representative.

Once Gephardt is out of office I wonder if he plans to offer group rates?

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