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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Our Lust for Oil

Date: 01 October, 2002

By: Chief

Imageell, I'm not a man appointed judge, To bear ill-will or to hold a grudge, But I think it's time I said me a few choice words .... All about that demon automobile, A metal monster with the polyglass wheels, The end result of the dream of Henry Ford" (Lord Mr. Ford, Jerry Reed, 1973).

I love oil. Most of us do. We use it daily and many products we buy are manufactured from it. Everything we buy gets to the store where we make our purchases courtesy of trucks. However, as we all know, trucks tend not to run very well if they have no oil, no fuel. Indeed, we can't get enough of it. And therein lies the story.

Our country consumes about 25% of the worlds supply of refined oil — every year. Yet, when it comes to oil, we are resource poor. We have only about 2% of the known oil reserves. Talk about a glutton.

What all this means is that we are not at all independent from foreign oil. Quite the contrary. We are, like it or not, very dependent on foreign oil and it ain't going to get any better.

Consider the 1973 oil embargo against the United States by the newly formed organization "OPEC" (Oil Producing and Exporting Countries). The countries which make up OPEC wanted certain things from the U.S., primarily for us to cease our single sided support for Israel (good idea) and the U.S. said no. Well, because of our 'no', OPEC did two things:

The end result was an economic disaster for our country and a very disgruntled citizenry.

And did We the People howl and complain. About the prices and about the availability of — oil. Our government listened and so did the oil companies. 'No more gas lines we shouted'. 'We need oil and lots of it we screamed'. The government and the oil companies listened well indeed.

"Well, I've got a car that's mine alone, That me and the finance company own, A ready made piece of manufactured grief .... And if I ain't out of gas in the pouring rain, I'm a-changing a flat in a hurricane and I once spent three days lost on a clover-leaf." (Lord Mr. Ford, Jerry Reed, 1973)

We have not had an embargo since the stinging one of 1973 basically because our government has done whatever is needed to ensure we have a ready foreign source and supply of oil. But why the foreign source? Simple. Environmental extremist groups such as the Sierra Club have a lot of political clout. They give a lot of cash to politicians to ensure they stay in office and the politicians, now owned by these weirdos, make it next to impossible for oil companies to drill and produce oil within our own borders. Additionally, the oil companies, whose hands are not at all lily white, really don't seem to care if they conduct business overseas because of the lower drilling costs, refining costs and associated labor costs. They make a killing any which way you look at it. The oil companies are very well received by the higher ups in the state department.

The bottom line is, we still need more oil. The Middle East is ripe with strife and the Straight of Hormuz along with the Persian Gulf can easily be shut down. Hence restricting or possibly closing off the shipment of oil to the United States. Something that is absolutely a no-no. The question then becomes, where do we find oil and not have to worry about the Middle East?


Unocal has had, since 1997, a set of plans, now no longer gathering dust, for building and maintaining an oil and gas pipeline which, if built, would run from the Caspian Sea to a sea port in Pakistan. You see, the Caspian Sea is a land-locked sea and much more importantly has approximately 50 billion barrels of oil and 6 - 9 trillion cubic feet of gas under its sea bed. Whoever successfully taps that vein stands to earn approximately 10 trillion dollars in profit. A tidy sum is it not?

There is, excuse me, was just one little tiny problem with Unocal's plan. The government of Afghanistan. At that time called the Taliban. Unocal attempted to cut a deal with the Taliban and was rejected. Unocal went so far as to 'wine and dine' members of the Taliban government in Texas for a week to no avail.

But just when things looked bleak for Unocal 9/11 happened. Well dust off those drawings and head to Washington pronto! As most know King George the Bush issued an ultimatum to the Taliban demanding Osama bin Laden be turned over to U.S. Authorities. The Taliban refused and in October, 2001, the United States commenced a war against Afghanistan.

To make that long story short:

Unocal 1 ... Taliban 0.

Why do you think King George the Bush's daddy attacked Iraq? Kuwaiti oil. Kuwait oil is very, very sweet. In other words the percentage of sulphur is quite small and consequently takes less refining to produce diesel, gasoline and other distillates. Another country that has very sweet crude is ... Iraq.

The question becomes, is oil worth the life of your son or daughter? Now don't get me wrong here. Like I wrote in the beginning of this column I love oil. What I have a major problem with is how our government, in concert with the oil companies, procures oil for our subsequent use. Do you want your military son or daughter to become 'pipeline police'?

Do I believe that we will go to war once again with Iraq? Eventually I believe it shall happen. An excuse shall be thought up in Washington and the bombs will start dropping. Our king is currently requesting congress to give him, not congress, just him, first strike authority against virtually any country the king doesn't like. More than likely the current crop of Democrats and Republicans will go along with whatever King George the Bush says. There is an election coming up you know.


Yes vote. November 5th is coming up fast. But this time vote no to any Democrat or Republican candidate on your ballot. Instead vote yes for the third party candidate of your choice. It is courtesy of the policies of the Democratic and Republican parties that have us in this fix. Our foreign policy and treaties favor those who favor our religion. Check that out for yourself. Further, we pass laws and enact treaties which mind other countries business. I don't have a problem with conducting business with another country. I do have a problem with minding another countries business. Yes, we need oil. But not at the price of our children's lives.

We need to fire the current crop of congressmen and senators this coming election cycle before they place us over a barrel.

"Well now, how I yearn for the good old days, Without that carbon monoxide haze, A-hanging over the roar of the interstate .... Well, if the Lord that made the moon and stars, Would have meant for me and you to have a car, He'd have seen that we was all born with a parking space." (Lord Mr. Ford, Jerry Reed, 1973)

[Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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