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Friday, 27 November, 2020

I Spy

Date: 01 August, 2002

By: Chief

Image hear the train a comin'; it's rollin' 'round the bend, And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when." (John R. Cash; © 1956 Hi Lo Music)

To my chagrin, just when I think our government can't do anything any worse to trample our right of liberty, the appointed or elected buffoons in Washington surprise me.

The latest gambit — formulated by the U.S. Department of Justice — pronounced 'Just-Us' — is Operation TIPS. "Terrorism Information and Prevention System." TIPS is a "a national system for concerned workers to report suspicious activity." TIPS is going to commence operations in 10 cities with 1 million volunteers during this "pilot stage," come August, 2002. Hence if the cities that are selected are the 10 largest cities in the country, totalling a population of 24 million, that would be 1 person out of 24 is, quite literally, a spy. Isn't that lovely?

Citizens spying on citizens. The big brother syndrome. The very concept is repugnant to liberty. Which is the very reason our governmental buffoons created this program. It instills mistrust in your neighbor. It instills fear in yourself. It creates and expands governments' power over We the People. Disgusting.

Programs such as TIPS have proven to be very successful throughout the world. Stalin used them. Hitler used them. The North Koreans and the Communist Chinese still use them. During the time of the Soviet empire (now Russia is our newest best-est friend, living or dead) the gulags were always kept quite full. Millions of Russians, during Stalin's tenure, just flat out disappeared. Remember Tienemen Square? Those tanks were not the sound of freedom now were they? People — citizens rounded up for 'suspicious activity', placed in railroad boxcars and sent to concentration camps. Never seen again. We must take away liberty in order to save it! I can hear it now. Dirtbags.

Suspicious activity? Just what constitutes suspicious activity? Cleaning your old faithful squirrel gun? Talking about the upcoming elections? Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper? Writing this column? Filing a complaint against a police officer? Demanding the resignation of some bureaucrat? Registering to vote as other than a Democrat or Republican? Calling King George the Bush or Attorney General John Ashcroft (Asscroft) tyrants? Just what constitutes suspicious activity? I would say — they all do.

"Everywhere in America, a concerned worker can call a toll-free number and be connected directly to a hotline routing calls to the proper law enforcement agency or other responder organizations when appropriate."

How quaint. That means records will be kept at the federal level by various federal agencies and more than likely by state and local agencies. Records of 'suspicious activity' We the People have been doing for over two centuries. Things that we think nothing about. Things that government, on the other hand, may, or more correctly would, consider to be subversive. Why, even terrorist related. Welcome to the cross bars hotel — America.

It is all about liberty. Liberties that We the People have taken for granted for over 200 years. Liberties that are protected and guaranteed under the Bill of Rights of our Constitution just flew right out the proverbial window. Our current political leadership in both the legislative and executive branches of the federal government have just put a match to the Constitution. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Up in Smoke', doesn't it? We have to secure this country against terrorism — so sayeth the buffoons in government. These are extraordinary times sayeth King George the Bush. Well I sayeth show me the phrase 'extraordinary times' in the Constitution.

Security and liberty are directly at odds with each other. They always have been. You can not have them both. You can have one ... but not the other. I choose liberty.

The utter insanity of this situation is the cold hard fact that We the People brought it on ourselves. We, through the electoral college, elected King George the Bush. We directly elected the idiots that sit in congress. "We couldn't take the chance that Al Gore (Bore) would get elected. This election is far too important." I have heard people who said such complete nonsense. But would they take the chance and vote third party? No. "This election is far too important." Yet these are the same people who complain about so many laws and their liberty being eaten away day after day after day. But when the rubber met the road, these same people did not have the courage to take a dare. Did not have the courage to take a chance and vote for a third party candidate. And look where we are today.

Do you hear any elected buffoon, let alone any appointed buffoon, complain that what government is doing is against liberty? Is against the Constitution? I think not. Job security you know. Our elected buffoons, on both sides of the aisle, have not been raising a fuss over liberty, over the Constitution. No, not at all. It increases their power. That is all they care about. Power. Power corrupts absolutely.

When are We the People going to draw a 'line in the sand', quoting the current king's daddy? I say the line has been drawn for quite sometime. All we have to do is enforce it. That line is the Constitution. We enforce the Constitution by either ballot or battle.

If, however, We the People do nothing to stop government transgressions into our liberty and trampling our Constitution, we shall end up living in what we claim we despise. A dictatorship. All it takes is apathy. The gulags and concentration camps were filled to over-flowing by train loads of apathetic citizens. And as it stands right now, we are well on our way to joining them.

All aboard.

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