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Tuesday, 01 December, 2020

A Definite Double Standard

Date: 15 June, 2002

By: Chief

Imageery recently, in the county where I live, a deputy sheriff was murdered in cold, calculated blood. To be sure, it was an act which no one has the right to commit against anyone. But that is not what this story is about. An intensive man hunt commenced involving 8 different police agencies. Road blocks were set up in the area police believed the killer to be hiding. The area in question covers several hundred square miles of mountainous terrain. All vehicles were stopped and searched. It is these last two sentences that is what this is all about.

In this same county there have been 26 murders of citizens since the year began. No man hunts by 8 different police agencies to find the perpetrators of these murders when they occurred. No road blocks. No searching of every vehicle within the search area. Only when a police officer was murdered did such an intense hunt for the killer happen.

Get the drift? We citizens, indeed, We the People, the employer of all government personnel including police, mean nothing. We are unimportant. We pay their salaries, their perks, retirement and as usual we, the employer, are shat upon.

The other real problem is the search. I can fully understand the police brotherhood train of thought. 'The son-of-a-bitch killed one of ours, let's get him'. However, such emotion runs afoul of the Fourth Amendment. Probable cause. Police must have probable cause. Yet one officer stated "I don't need a warrant." You can not tell me, with a straight face anyway, that police had probable cause to believe each and every citizen who was stopped and had their vehicle searched was the person who committed the murder. It just doesn't wash. Especially when police knew the identity of the person they believed murdered the deputy — before the man hunt began.

Either the Fourth Amendment exists in all situations or it does not exist at all. There can be no exception to the rule. The Fourth Amendment, that is. Sure police want to get the guy who killed one of theirs. That however does not, in anyway, excuse such blatant disregard of the Fourth Amendment.

Notice how quickly the protections of the Fourth Amendment were crushed by those who took an oath to protect them in the frenzy to catch the bad guy. The unfortunate part of all this is twofold. First, they did not catch the bad guy. He got away — on foot. Second, such disregard of the Constitution shows quite clearly that this was not an isolated incident. Indeed not. It most certainly appears, by their own actions, that police are trained to ignore constitutional rights of citizens. It is the old expression coming home to roost on the police, "actions speak louder than words."

I was the citizen who, when stopped by these police while taking my kids to school, was told by an officer after I challenged his authority to search my vehicle without warrant and over my objection was told "I don't need a warrant." The only thing I do not know is where the officer got such an absurd notion.

Rather worrisome is it not? The mere thought that government officials, of any denomination, can simply choose to ignore a basic constitutional right when it suits their needs. Can you imagine what would happen if a mere citizen decided to act in such a brazen manner? Law suits galore. Yet government can and does trample constitutional rights on a daily basis. What is even worse is they can do this with, quite literally, immunity.

When is this process of constitutional rights erosion by government going to end? I think the answer is quite clear — it is not going to end. It shall not end until We the People make up our minds that enough is enough and we shall endure no more. Then, and only then, can real change take place.

We have a peaceful solution which occurs every two years. Elections. Every other year all the seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs. At the same time, one third of the seats in the U.S. Senate are up for grabs as well. We need to take advantage of these elections and soon. We need to fire all of our two year elected officials. Every single one of them. We need to replace them with fresh blood. If we don't like the way the fresh meat performed, in two years we can fire them as well. In fact, replacing them every two years, period, does not sound like a bad idea to me. There is not a single member of congress who, in my opinion, has earned a retirement check. Not a one.

Once we replace our legislators we can then change laws and start holding government employees fully responsible and accountable for their actions. Until then holding government employees responsible and accountable for anything is, at best, a hit or miss proposition.

An election is coming in November. It is time to perform a blood transfusion.

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