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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

How Much is too Much

Date: 01 June, 2002

By: Chief

Imageust try to answer that. You can't. Nobody can. There are two variables which render the question unanswerable. First is — what is it? To put it another way, how much what is too much? The second variable is an individual's opinion. Well, I think having just one 'X' is too much. See what I mean? And that is exactly the problem medicinal marijuana patients are facing.

Yes, in some states marijuana for medical purposes is quite lawful. That is the current law in California. The problem is — how much is too much? Under that state's law, there is no set amount, which is as it should be. In the medical world such a situation is called Pro Re Nata (PRN) or as needed. One can see that on prescriptions all the time. The doctor writes a 'script for a certain type of medication and it is annotated on the 'script "take as needed (PRN)" for whatever the aliment is. This works just fine for every medication except one — marijuana.

So, just how much marijuana is too much? Depends on who you ask. A doctor will tell you PRN. A grower might be able to give you an actual number, high or low is irrelevant, but a number nonetheless. A patient might be able to give you a somewhat valid number, based upon their experience. A county prosecutor will give you a number, sort of. Remember they speak in legalese. A narc, well, who knows what they would say? The DEA will flat out tell you any marijuana is to much.

Ok, medical marijuana patient, now what do you do? Any way you play it, that person is tossing the dice. Live, go to prison, or die. Oh, I left out option 'D' — all of the above. Other than living, the rest are a rather disgusting series of options are they not? Consider the predicament John Barrymore of California is currently in. He is a medical marijuana user. He has a prescription for marijuana. He was recently assaulted and battered severely at his home. The reason for the assault, according the the newspaper, was that the assailants wanted Barrymore's stash. Barrymore called 911. Police responded. They arrested the assailants, got Barrymore to the hospital where he underwent surgery, spotted marijuana, called it in, got a search warrant and proceeded to rip Barrymore's house apart. The police also confiscated all plants, grow room equipment and two computers.

Is Barrymore the victim of a violent crime? Getting hell fire beat out of you in your own home I would think qualifies as a yes. On the other hand, is Barrymore a criminal? The water gets real murky at this point. According to the DEA, absolutely he is a criminal. According to Stacie Lawson of the Mountain View District Attorney's office narc unit, it varies according what is found during a particular search. In other words, they do not have a clue about what, if anything, they are going to do — yet. Under Proposition 215, the compassionate use act, Barrymore is well within the law. Will Barrymore get his property returned to him? No answer on that one.

A couple of questions need to be asked at this point. Why didn't the police ask if Barrymore had a prescription for the pot? Would have saved everyone a lot of trouble if they had. Secondly, when are our federal legislature and legislatures of the several states going to remove marijuana, et al, from the controlled substance list?

Had marijuana been legal, Barrymore would not have been a victim and a possible criminal. The same holds true for Steve Kubby. The same holds true for Peter McWilliams. Though in the case of McWilliams, it is far too little and way too late. McWilliams is dead. Died in a federal prison. His crime? Smoking marijuana. He had a 'script as well. DEA didn't care. Neither did the federal judge who sentenced him.

How many more people, indeed, how many more citizens need be arrested, jailed, lose their property or die because of this singularly insane law? How much more, and there ain't much left, of our Constitution is going to be eviscerated because of this singularly insane law? How many more families will be torn apart because of this singularly insane law? How many more 12 year old kids are going to be killed, in their own home, by a police shotgun blast because of this singularly insane law?

Enough is enough. Prohibition, of any sort, will fail. It always has. We need to tell our legislators, in terms they shall clearly understand, to read history — not repeat it. The prohibition on marijuana needs to be repealed and repealed now. The next election is just 6 months away.

If it saves just one life. . .

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