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Thursday, 03 December, 2020

Tis the Season. . .

Date: 15 April, 2002

By: Chief

Imagehe tax man cometh fa la la la laaaaa lala la la. Neat little jingle ... no? Well, like it or not, it's tax time, once again. The time of year everyone loves to hate.

Yes, while the government is singing carols, We the People are singing the blues — and with good reason. Prices for goods and services are on the rise, no so much due to inflation, but due to tax burdens. Depending on the state or commonwealth in which you reside, each gallon of gasoline you buy is taxed to the tune of 42 cents. Then there is the infamous excise tax, the sin tax. Booze, cigarettes, 'luxury' items, your telephone line — I'm not kidding — motels, hotels, the list goes on and on. Then there is general sales tax on damned near everything. Let us not forget the 'death' tax. Plus there is, at least in most states, an income tax. Lastly, there is Uncle Sam's income tax. He wants his cut as well you know. Thief.

We have all heard over the years how taxes need to be lowered. Taxes are always too high say I. Yet, no currently elected politician and certainly not either the Democratic or Republican parties are going to do anything to seriously reduce the tax burden on We the People or the tax burdens on businesses. Each of us working citizens or business owners work just under, by a few days, 6 months for ourselves and the rest of the business or work year goes to pay taxes. Government taxing the life blood out of us. Vampires.

What does our tax dollar buy? Does it buy us more liberty? Nah, not a chance. We keep losing what liberty we have left on a daily basis. Does it buy us safety or security? The World Trade Center debacle answers that one pretty well I think. What about our highway system? Interstate 40 looks like an obstacle course with all the holes in it. The United States Postal Service is raising rates — again. Hmmmm. Our federal State Department recently sent Nepal $70 million dollars to keep marijuana cultivation illegal. Hasn't stopped the flow Nepalese hash one bit. Our airport radar systems constantly break down. The new IRS computer system is so flawed that it can't work. And our military keeps buying new toys they admit they don't need. Yet our troops are paid a pittance. Indeed, most enlisted personnel qualify for welfare. A travesty.

So, what does our tax money buy? It buys shiny new prisons. Got to keep those pot heads locked up you know. It buys new surveillance cameras to keep an eye on We the People. It buys all kinds of new federal cops. It buys pork barrel projects for most members of Congress. It pays the salaries for the umpteen million government employees who won't go out and get a real job. Plus their retirements, medical and dental benefits, etc. Our taxes pay outrageous salaries, $130,000 + per year, per Congressman. Yet, we can't even secure our own borders. Incompetent idiots.

But mostly our tax money buys control. Control over We the People. Just try to open a business without obtaining a plethora of permits. Each permit costs money by the way. Try and enter a national or state park without paying an entry fee. Try and get a commercial truck driver's license without submitting to a random urinalysis. There are over 60,000 federal employees carrying concealed weapons. 60, 000! That is a lot of loaded guns pointed our way. We are searched at airports. Searched entering a court house. No probable cause. No warrant. Searched nonetheless. Told how to dress under penalty of arrest. Ride a motorcycle or bicycle without a helmet in some states and see what happens. Try driving a car without a license or insurance. Try to build a house without obtaining the required permits. Hell, don't file your tax forms. Control.

One could say power instead of control. But if you have power, you also have control. They are basically synonymous. Do things the way government tells you under pain of criminal or civil, and possibly both, penalty. And we are paying for it thrice:

That is not to mention those who suffer the ire of government.

I'll say it again, vote! We have an election this November. All the seats in the House of Representatives and 1/3 of the seats in the Senate are up for grabs. Well, let us grab control of the House and that third of the Senate says I. But let us do it in a way that will floor the entire world. Vote out all Democrats and Republicans. Vote in third parties. Yes, King George the Bush will still reign over us. But without the Congress in his pocket, his reign is moot. If those third party members do not do as We the People tell them — we fire them. It is that simple.

If we continue merrily along with status quo we shall continue to pay exorbitant taxes, and in return see a continuing loss of individual liberty. Or we can take a risk and vote in third parties. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving third parties a shot at the title.

As it currently stands. . .

. . .Pay your taxes or go to prison fa la la la laaaaa lala la la.

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