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Thursday, 03 December, 2020

Inhabited by Cannibals

Date: 01 April, 2002

By: Chief

Imageelieve it or not, I am not writing about some far off land. Nor am I writing about a Bugs Bunny cartoon from 30 years ago. I am writing about our country, the good ol' U.S. of A.

Our country is inhabited by cannibals. They are all around us. No matter where we look we see them — if we are willing to open our eyes.

Cannibals, as we all know, devour other people. A zero tolerance human food frenzy. And that is exactly what We the People have allowed, by our inaction, to happen in this country.

Government and the agents of government, be they city, county, state or federal, are devouring our future under the guise of a "zero tolerance policy." I don't really care what the zero tolerance is about, i.e., weapons, drugs, religion, you name it. This human food frenzy is put in place by law. It is also disguised under a very palatable name such as public safety, safe streets, anti-gang laws and so on and so forth. Yet each of these yummy names — all done in our own best interests don't you know — have a few common characteristics, none of which are good by the way. Slugs.

The first characteristic is loss of liberty. What was lawful yesterday is criminal today. Second is an increase in power. Not for the citizen, but for government. Third is the politicians' propaganda. This new law is needed to protect us from something. How many times have you heard that? Fourth is the destruction of a citizen. Ten years in prison, fine, loss of property, etc. It ain't easy getting a job as a convicted felon. Lastly is bigotry by those enacting and those enforcing the law. You don't go to prison for a few years for just drinking a beer — but you sure can for smoking a joint. Indeed, one Air Force Academy cadet is doing three years in Leavenworth for just that — smoking a joint. Seven other cadets are doing slightly less time. But it's 'Ok' to drink. In fact it is expected. Bigots.

Take a look at zero tolerance policies. They are not hard to find. The chances are quite good that your local school district has several. Such as the honor student who was expelled for having a bread knife in the bed of his pickup truck. Or the elementary school student being expelled for pointing his finger and saying "bang." We all know how lethal an index finger can be. Blithering twits.

A student wanting to try out for school athletic teams must submit to a urinalysis test. Great idea. Doing this instills into the mind set of our posterity that:

This is known as the 'marching moron syndrome'.

Look at our armed forces. Are they not there to defend us from "all enemies foreign and domestic?" As a matter of fact they are. At least the oath they take says so. So why do we now have fighter aircraft patrolling our own skies, armed with live Sidewinder anti-aircraft missiles, with orders from the commander-in-chief to shoot down passenger aircraft? A Boeing 747 can carry a lot of people and one missile is all it would take to flame a 747. I ask you, is 400 dead innocent citizens acceptable "collateral damage?" I say no. Not at all. There are pilots who do not like what they are currently doing. However, they are doing it nonetheless. Our military being used against us and the majority of We the People could care less. Derelicts.

Consider the difference between being arrested for drunk in public and being arrested for smoking a joint in your own home. Drunk in public is at most a misdemeanor in most states. On the other hand smoking a single joint — even in your own home — can be a felony punishable by a few years in the cross bars hotel, a huge fine and the very good probability of losing all your assets under a civil asset forfeiture procedure. As I wrote earlier, it is cannibalism pure and simple. A human feeding frenzy which is devouring our liberty, us and our posterity. Brings a whole new twist to the phrase 'what's for dinner' now doesn't it?

It is not at all right, moral, let alone just for any of these jack-booted-thug policies to destroy even one life. Yet, last year over 800,000 citizens were arrested for possession of marijuana. 800,000 devoured citizens. 800,000 destroyed lives. How many more honor students shall be expelled, their futures destroyed, because of school district stupidity? As I see it, zero is one to many.

Had these and many other idiotic policies been in place during colonial days:

Elections are coming upon us all this November. I would highly suggest that each of us think quite seriously about throwing out each and every elected official who is either Democrat or Republican and vote in third party people. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Unless, that is, you desire to be ... who is for dinner.

[Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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