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Friday, 04 December, 2020

A Nation of Criminals

Date: 15 March, 2002

By: Chief

Imageith all the various laws on the federal, state and local government books, along with the plethora of regulations, and how our government agencies choose to interpret those laws and regulations, We the People have become We the Criminals.

I know a guy who is retired from the Border Patrol. He describes the two classes of people in our country — "us and perps." The 'us' being law enforcement personnel and 'perps' being perpetrators. Perpetrators meaning anyone who is not a cop of some denomination. He is not alone in his thinking. I have spoken with sheriffs, state policemen, highway patrolmen and federal cops. The majority of those I have spoken with feel and think the exact same way. A few do not. In fact I had a police officer of a large city tell me, after he ran a stop light in an unmarked car, "I 'm not paid to obey the law, I'm paid to enforce the law." Isn't that just wonderful?

Can you imagine, as a parent, spanking your kid for doing something wrong and then your kid calls 911 and the next thing you know you — the parent — are arrested and in jail for felony child abuse. I am not joking in the least. In some states, if you spank your kid and it leaves a mark, bruise, etc., you are guilty of a felony punishable by five years in state prison and a $5,000 dollar fine. Talk about the tail wagging the dog.

What about taxes? Do you know how to correctly fill out your tax forms? Most people do not. I don't. More importantly, neither do the employees of the IRS. Yet should something go wrong on your tax forms you, the citizen, can still be held criminally and civilly responsible. People have lost their savings, property and even their homes due to a mistake.

Then there is the war on drugs. Police breaking down citizens' doors, ransacking their homes, seizing their property, putting the residents in jail or, in some cases killing the occupants. Come to find out the police broke into the wrong house. What does our government say about such travesties? Sorry 'bout that.

Let us not forget about civil asset forfeiture. This most heinous law allows government to seize your property for just about any reason government can come up with. Recent examples include the lady who forgot to return a video tape she rented. She lost her car. How about the couple who lost approximately $40,000 all because some of the money could be traced to drugs. The couple had nothing to do with it, however, they ended up with money that had been used in a crime. Then there is the lady who lost her car because her husband went out and rented a prostitute. The car, according to the government, was used in the commission of a crime. It was not even hubbie's car — the car was solely registered to the wife. She committed no crime, but she lost her vehicle nonetheless. Interesting concept, innocent but punished anyway. Dirtbags.

Since the World Trade Center attack Congress has loosened up the laws which formerly protected us from break ins, you know law enforcement black bag jobs, telephone monitoring, computer monitoring without special warrants. Probable cause has become passe. Mere suspicion is all that is needed. The Fourth Amendment is no more. Gone, history.

Should the new incarnation of the infamous Sedition Act of 1798 be signed into law, it currently resides on the President's desk by the way, a person who makes a public statement against any candidate within 60 days of an election is guilty of violating federal law. So much for the First Amendment. Bozos.

Do you, as a citizen, know all the laws to which we are subject? I know full well I don't. You, I or any citizen could be doing what we normally do and the next thing you know, we're busted. In a cell, no home, no assets of any sort other than an impending huge legal bill. It is that stick, that power which government wields that has turned this country from the land of the free, home of the brave into land of the oppressed, home of the jailed. Indeed, per capita, the United States has more people in prison and jail than any other country in the world. Land of the free? Yeah right.

We have an election coming up this November. All seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs. One third of the seats in the Senate are up as well. Now is the time to really consider what each of us holds dear. Liberty or slavery. I vote for the former. As such I cannot vote for any person who is running under either the Democratic or Republican banner. I have seen the enemy and he is they.

It is, of course, your choice and your choice only for whom you cast your vote. Just bear in mind it has been the Democrats and Republicans who have brought upon us laws which can take everything we have for committing no crime. It is the Democrats and Republicans whose foreign policy fiascos visited upon us World War I, which directly led to World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the World Trade Center attack. It is the Democrats and Republicans who brought upon us the depression, the national debt, the annual budget deficit, prohibition, the costly and failed drug war and the never ending middle east quagmire. Not a really stellar track record, now is it? And those are the high points. Corruption, lying under oath, parsing the word "is," adultery, the Constitution in complete tatters and the oral office are the low points.

I think it's time for a change. Consider the third party candidates. After all, by staying with the status quo, we have lost most of our liberty, some of our property and some have lost their lives.

By voting third party we have nothing to lose and our liberty to gain.

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