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Tuesday, 01 December, 2020

Bye Bye Baby — Bye Bye

Date: 01 March, 2002

By: Chief

Imagehere else but in the United States can one political party, the Republicans, be blamed for the Enron debacle and bankruptcy (which, by the way, was the largest in history), three weeks later another political party, the Democrats, get caught with their hand in the cookie jar with the Global Crossing fiasco and bankruptcy (the fourth largest in history), and now both parties are running for cover.

Republicans and Democrats doing the things they both do best — protecting their assets and screwing the citizen.

Lest I forget, you have individual politicians performing like trained circus animals for these same companies, and others. Take for instance Senator Christopher Dodd. It was Dodd, in 1995, who pushed through a bill — The Swindlers and Crooks Protection Act of 1995, enabling corporate auditing companies, like Arthur Andersen for example, to act in two different capacities for the same company. First as independent auditor and second as management consultant. Sniff, sniff, sniff. Does anyone other than me smell conflict of interest? Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase double dipping. By the way, Dodd has recently introduced legislation which would ban the practice he railroaded through in the first place. Can't afford to look bad before the camera. Slug.

Not to be outdone is our current attorney general and former senator John Ashcroft. This is incredible, it really is. Just when you think politicians can't do anything dumber, something nude pops up. Embarrassed by a photograph of himself with the semi-nude "Spirit of Justice" statue behind him, Ashcroft ordered the nude to be covered up. Can't be showing metal breasts behind the Ashcroft's head. Although I must admit, covering up the spirit of justice appears to be something Ashcroft does exceedingly well in more ways than one.

Republicans and Democrats doing the things they both do best — protecting their assets and screwing the citizen. Politicians thrive on it. Citizens have died from it.

And then there is G-Dubya. This is where the rubber meets the road. You know, King George the Bush. "We are at war." "We are in a state of war." "A war against terrorism." If that is true (1) why is there no declaration of war and (2) why did the king just deny POW status to those held at Camp X-Ray in Cuba?

Let us get real, right here, right now. Either this country is at war or we are not. If we are at war, against what government? What country attacked us? Surely no reasonable person would make the absurd claim that Afghanistan attacked us. Surely no reasonable person would make the ludicrous statement that the Taliban declared war on us. The mere thought of either of those two propositions is laughable. As has been previously written by myself and others, those who committed the crimes of 911 are dead. Try as we might, we are unable to re-kill a dead man.

There are a couple of hundred or so people held at Camp X-Ray of various nationalities. The king claims they are terrorists. Who did they terrorize? They didn't terrorize me. Did they terrorize you? Well then who did these prisoners terrorize and where is the evidence?

Apparently there is no evidence that these prisoners did anything other than defend Afghanistan. Defense is no crime.

Now, who attacked Afghanistan? Us and the Brits. Bombed 'em back to the stone age. Big deal, they were already there. We invaded Afghanistan. Not the other way around. We put a bunch of "boots on the ground" to catch one person who we have no evidence was (1) involved in 911 and (2) even in Afghanistan. And, by golly, we did not catch the person we sought. Imagine that. Bone-heads.

So what did we accomplish? Far more than nothing let me assure you. We accomplished a lot of things. None of which are good. Spent a whole lot of our tax dollars dropping bombs on rocks, mountains, caves, more rocks and villages. We created a huge refugee problem, Afghans fleeing to Pakistan. We are going to spend billions of dollars rebuilding Afghanistan. For what purpose no one knows. We have done an excellent job of alienating most of the world's Muslim population. We killed innocent civilians during our war of aggression. Don't you just know there are some orphans that are real happy about that. We quite literally kidnapped and imprisoned a couple of hundred people for nothing. You know they are overjoyed. As are their families. Our Congress passed numerous laws, all in the name of combating terrorism, which to the felicity of the king and cohorts finally wiped out the last vestiges of our Bill of Rights. Yeah, we accomplished a great deal. Bye bye, baby — bye bye.

The Democrats and Republicans finally accomplished what they have long sought to accomplish, the destruction of the Bill of Rights. And we did not even complain. Did not fight. Not even a whimper. In fact the majority the sheeple in this country think it is a good thing. Some 67 percent approve of destruction ... in the name of security.

Republicans and Democrats doing the things they both do best — protecting their assets and screwing the citizen. Politicians thrive on it. Citizens have died from it. Our Bill of Rights, dead and buried.

Oh the Bill of Rights still exists, on paper anyway. However, its protections mean absolutely nothing. So, while you may say 'it'll never happen to me', when your door gets smashed down and you are handcuffed and taken away 'in the interest of security' it will be too late for you to do anything about our Bill of Rights.

Bye bye, baby — bye bye.

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