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Thursday, 03 December, 2020

The Wannabe King

Date: 01 January, 2002

By: Chief

Imagever 200 years ago the citizenry of this soon to be country fought a war. A revolutionary war in fact. Fought against the British Empire and its reigning leader — King George III.

The reasons for that war, and they are numerous, were stated quite clearly in the Declaration of Independence. The following are a very few of them:

Interesting don't you think? What our forefathers fought a war over our current president — the wannabe king — is committing. This does not speak well for the ideals of our Constitution, let alone our belief in individual liberty. Not at all.

Apparently President G. W. Bush is not satisfied being a mere President of the United States. To the contrary Bush appears to want it all. A monarchy with him wearing the crown. You think I'm wrong? Compare those few quotes from the Declaration of Independence with Bush's current track record. What has not been committed against We the People has been committed, and is currently being committed, against innocent countries. All for power. All for oil.

Consider the atrocious murders committed September 11, 2001. Yes, several thousand people died. Yes, several aircraft were pirated to commit those crimes. And, yes, those who committed those crimes are dead. So why did King George the Bush:

I think that is enough to provide even the most diehard Bush-for-King fan that something is truly rotten in Washington. And rotten to the core is a certainly a prize understatement.

Using King George the Bush's own statement about it's 'us against them', and being that approximately 14 of the criminals who attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon were Saudi Arabian citizens the obvious question is why has King George not ordered an attack against Saudi Arabia? After all, the Saudi government refused to assist King George when the request was made. Just like Afghanistan. Texas tea, of course.

Actually in the case of Saudi Arabia it is oil. In the case of Afghanistan and the Taliban government, which is no longer, it was, as stated by Congressman Ron Paul, a proposed oil pipeline through northern Afghanistan. The Taliban government rejected the idea. Using Bin Laden was an excuse by King George as a means to topple the Taliban government and possibly get the pipeline built. It appears to have worked.

Yet, about the it's 'us against them' concept, why hasn't King George ordered an attack against Switzerland? Home of the secret bank accounts. For that matter why hasn't Boston been flattened? Bear in mind Boston and outlying areas provide quite a bit of financial backing to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) — a known "terrorist" organization. Finances and politics.

It is without doubt that at least three groups will be sacrificed in order for King George to receive his crown: (1) The Afghan citizen, (2) Citizens of the United States and (3) Anyone who gets in King George's way.

In other words the people of Afghanistan and their government, the now defunct Taliban, were innocent pawns for the use of King Bush to destroy in his grab for power. How many lives were lost? If even one, and there were far more, it is one too many.

As for We the People, how many more liberties will be taken? How many more homes broken into by "agents of the government?" How many more people indefinitely detained? How many more citizens will lose their property due to civil asset forfeiture based upon unfounded accusation? How many will die at the hands of government?

We the People have an obligation. An obligation to ourselves and our Posterity. To prevent King George from becoming a true king. To reestablish individual liberty throughout our land. To place our Constitution back where it rightfully belongs as our supreme law of the land.

We have an election coming up. All the seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs as well as one third of the Senate. Vote. Just don't vote either Democrat or Republican. By voting third party we can thwart King George and his cronies vile attempts at monarchy.

Think about it. Before it's too late.

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