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Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

The War on Drugs

Date: 01 December, 2001

By: Chief

Imagehe war on drugs can be summed up quite succinctly: an abysmal failure. However, that is being extremely polite. It is a crime with no victim. Other than, of course, the poor schmuck who gets caught inhaling a pinner.

Indeed, the user is not just a criminal in our society. He or she is also the victim. The criminal part is the person goes to prison and has a felony conviction following them around for the rest of their life. Oh, don't forget the hefty fine which goes hand in glove with the conviction. The victim side of the coin is that the person's assets are seized and never returned. The victim, aka criminal, aka victim, aka vicious circle looses everything. Property, liberty, money and sometimes their life.

The vast majority of arrests due to this patently stupid political war is that 80 percent of those arrested are mere users. The remaining 20 percent are either mules or dealers. Mostly mules. Hmmm, it is quite interesting that law enforcement appears to choose, with surgical precision, users instead of dealers. One cannot help but wonder why that is so. I suppose there could be a plethora of reasons but two tend to stand out from the rest. The first, and this is in no particular order, is it is easier to bust a user. The second reason is to instill fear in users and the citizenry at large. 'Use drugs ... go to prison'. Intimidation — balls.

What is fascinating is if 80 percent of all drug arrests are users, and according to the U.S. Department of Justice that is indeed the case, how pray tell does that reduce the amount of drugs entering our country? Answer is it doesn't. Such a brilliant strategy.

The main question is whose life is it anyway? Is my life or yours stamped "property of the U.S. Government?" Are citizens the master and government the servant or is it the other way around? I submit that currently, and I believe that history shall bear me out, the citizens are the servants to those in power. Convenient, no?

Governments of all descriptions have, since the dawn of governments, attempted to force their citizens to adhere to what the minority in power thinks is right and proper conduct. King Hamurabi of Babylon some 250 - 500 years before Moses tried it. He created laws and enforced those laws through his army. For good or ill what he wanted was the law. Look at the bible, the world's oldest and most popular fairy tale, it is replete with all sorts of 'thou shall nots'. Not to mention quite severe penalties for violating any of the 'thou shall nots'. Stoning. Quartering. Smiting and burning. While the penalties have changed over time, the purpose has not.

Simply put, the singular purpose of this idiotic war is to get the citizen to submit to the will of government. There is no other purpose. 'I'm in power and I think drugs are wrong and as such I demand, adjudge and decree that all users of drugs shall be criminals and thrown to the lions'. Get the point? You should. A very vocal and powerful minority of people — those in power and those with money — have decided how you shall or shall not live your life. Our elected politicians desire reelection — power. They need an enormous amount of cash to buy the "look at me" ads on TV, billboards and the like. In case these fools have forgotten, prostitution is a crime.

Our 'tough on crime' republican party is, quite literally, killing citizens — and they could care less. They got elected or reelected, as the case may be. Our 'I did not inhale' democratic party, just like the elephants, are killing our citizens. Both are making money from drugs. Civil asset forfeiture laws don't you know. Law enforcement receives a percentage. Hence the political action committees of said law enforcement "associations" can provide nice and hefty campaign contributions to candidates who back their play. You could also read that as kick backs, blackmail or bribery. Take your pick.

The bottom line on this fiasco is that approximately 80 percent of our prison population did nothing but get high. Not robbery or murder or rape or any other real crime. No way, not here. Just getting stoned. Because of that, they are in prison. Travesty.

Government had better repeal these worthless drug laws and do it soon before stoning comes back into fashion.

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