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Tuesday, 01 December, 2020

A Rogue Nation

Date: 15 November, 2001

By: Chief

Image truly wish I was writing about Iran, North Korea, Iraq — any country but the United States. However, it is the United States about which I am writing.

Don't be in shock ... even though it's true. Unfortunate, but true.

Consider our conduct over the last twenty years. When our political leaders did not get their way, they threw a fit. A temper tantrum with high explosives. Panama, Libya, Iraq and now Afghanistan. Oh, there is always an excuse, just like an errant child has an excuse for their misbehavior, but it is only that — an excuse.

In Panama it was drugs. We even kidnapped the Panamanian president who continues to languish in a federal prison. In Libya it was, at least purportedly, to fight terrorism. Quaddafi is doing just fine still, though he is minus a wife. We fought Iraq in 1991 to help Kuwait even though we have no treaty with Kuwait. Kuwait, on the other hand, has something we desperately need, oil. The outcome of the Iraqi war is a simple one. Kuwait is freed and pumping us oil. Oh, before I forget, we are still fighting Iraq. Let's see, that should make the score card U.S. - 0, other countries - 3. Never make the World Series with those stats.

Now we are embroiled, courtesy of the latest spoiled brat to sit the throne of the white house, in a protracted 'engagement', against Afghanistan. Why? Because the Afghan government won't cow tow to President Bush, Jr., and hand over a guy by the name of Osama Bin Laden.

Bin Laden is accused by Bush Jr., of orchestrating the attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon of September 11, 2001. The Afghan government has requested to be shown evidence that Bin Laden was behind the attacks. Bush Jr., et al., to this very day refuse to produce evidence that Bin Laden was involved. Hence, the government of Afghanistan has refused to hand Bin Laden over to the United States. And Bush, Jr., threw a fit — a temper tantrum. 'If you don't do what I say, I'll bomb you' — or words to that effect. Gee, sounds very similar to demands issued by hooded terrorists now doesn't it?

That said, Bush Jr. has done exactly what hooded terrorists do. Instilled terror, or at the very least attempted to instill terror, into the Afghan government and its' people. He has ordered military action, indeed, he has initiated open warfare against a sovereign nation who has done nothing against our country. Nothing. Yeah, we have dropped a lot of bombs. We have inserted "covert" special operations troops and accomplished ... nothing. Typical.

On the home front is where our Gdubya and cohorts are really shining. To date over 900 people have been "detained" by the FBI. Their crime? Nothing. In fact these 900 plus people have not even been arrested, just "detained." Talk about terror. Maroons.

Our Congress is just as guilty as Bush Jr. and the Federal Bureau of Idiots. Congress recently passed the "USA Act" of 2001. This latest bit of insanity is a frontal attack on our individual rights, supposedly protected by the Bill of Rights. It authorizes covert searches and seizures of homes, data, voice mail and email. It further authorizes phone taps using just 'probable cause' as the reason. The old 'I think they done it yer honor' satisfies the law. Evidence need not apply. And you are worried about somebody overseas committing terrorism? I submit you had better look a lot closer to home, perhaps your local government. Look no further than Washington, District of Criminals, however.

And just think, you, as in the majority of We the People voted these jack booted thugs into office. Land of the free. Home of the brave. What a joke. Land of the imprisoned. Home of the sheeple is much closer to the truth.

The spoiled brats running our country into the ground and our burying our liberty need to be removed from office and retired. Little 6 foot by 3 foot plots should do the job quite nicely, I think. This task cannot be accomplished by one person or one hundred persons. It will take the sum total of We the People to get up off our couches, toss aside our remotes and jerk our elected leaders out of office — before they destroy what is left of our country.

The next time you either hear or think the word terrorism, picture a jackass and an elephant.

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