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Friday, 04 December, 2020

We the People. . .

Date: 11 September, 2001

By: Chief

Imageay have (without realizing it), or as some will say without doubt, brought was has been called a 'second day of infamy' upon ourselves. The utter horror and destruction of the World Trade Center in New York, the damage inflicted upon the Pentagon and the apparent willful crash of another commercial jet liner near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, all acts of terrorism, have come crashing down upon us. Not to mention the enormous loss of innocent life.

There will be roars from members of government stating those who did these despicable deeds shall pay. There will be roars from citizens demanding revenge. There will be squeaks from citizens demanding protection, security and safety — all to the detriment of our liberties. More than likely these roars and squeaks will be heard and acted upon. Missile attacks against an unseen foe. Politicians strutting and preening their feathers about how they acted to protect us against further acts — all to the detriment of our liberties. The squeakers, most certainly, will get their squeaks answered, in abundance — all to the detriment of our liberties. However, those actually responsible for the events leading up to these acts will never be held responsible. Indeed, we do not like 'telling' on ourselves.

But we are, each and every one of us, partly responsible for what transpired on September 11, 2001. Apathy. Government knows best. Let someone else deal with it. We the People, for approximately 90 years, have let our government run amok. Operate unchecked. It's not my business. It's only — pick a country — so what.

We have allowed our government to become intimately involved in the affairs of other countries. We allowed this to happen for basically two reasons:

Consider either Europe or the Middle East. In the Middle East we are involved for both reasons. Oil and Israel. We honestly could care less about the Arabs, although we make noises that the opposite is true. In Europe, where most of our roots come from, it is primarily a religious issue. Even though trade is involved, trade in Europe in not nearly as important as oil from the Middle East.

Government intervention in affairs of other countries has caused much of the hate and bloodshed over the past 40 years and more. Further, such intervention does produce offspring. Those offspring will be told of what our government did to them, be it true or false. Those same offspring will keep fires of hatred burning bright. Israel and the Arabs have been fighting for how long now? 2000 plus years with no end in sight. Ireland and England have hated each others guts for a few hundred years ... with no end in sight. Yet our government has intervened — taken sides in a dispute we should never have gotten involved in. What have We the People received in return? Death, destruction and loss of liberties. Some return on investment, eh?

Future acts of terrorism are bound to occur because of our government choosing sides in disputes involving other countries. We the People shall surely pay in additional destruction and blood for the folly of our government unless we rein in our government swiftly and harshly. If We the People do not get involved and stay involved, we can expect more of the same. After all, the world is full of martyrs.

Yes, what I am discussing here is non-intervention. Yes, non-intervention does indeed hold risks. I submit, however, that intervention has borne us nothing but sadness. Remember Beiruit, 1983? A couple of hundred Marines blown to pieces. Remember Vietnam. Intervention has left us with quite a few full graveyards and little else. I submit we put the brakes on governmental intervention and give non-intervention the same chance, 90 years worth, as we have given and continue to give intervention.

Our government has chosen to sleep in a bed full of poisonous snakes. However, it is We the People who are getting bit.

What of the billions of dollars spent every year on our foreign intelligence organs? Where were they other than milking the budget and asleep at the wheel. One would think that an operation as successful as it was would take weeks possibly even months to plan and coordinate. Yet our multi-billion dollar, best in the world intelligence organizations turn up nothing? Come up empty handed. I think it is time for Congress to revisit that part of the budget and eliminate the over bloated, under worked, utterly worthless intelligence agencies. Intelligence? What an oxymoron.

A question which remains to be answered is how are We the People going to treat those people who are of the same ethnic background as the perpetrators of these dastardly crimes? Are we going to treat them as people, innocent of any wrong doing? Or are we going to follow our historical precedents and treat innocent people with malice, bigotry and hatred?

We the People who live or work in glass [high rises] houses should not throw stones.

[Ed. note: This story has been updated.]

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