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Friday, 04 December, 2020

Polygamy and Politics

Date: 01 September, 2001

By: Chief

Imagey now most people have either heard about or read about California Congressman Gary Condit. The married, in name only, Congressman who enjoys or relishes in having sexual affairs with women other than his wife. Sounds quite similar to Bill Klinton, does it not? In fact, let us call Condit ... Kondit.

At the same time, most people have not heard about or read about the man in Utah who was recently convicted of a most heinous crime, polygamy, and sentenced to five years in prison.

Isn't that interesting? One man, Congressman Kondit, has "secret sex" with a variety of women, none of them his wedded wife. The other man, I don't remember his name, has "open sex" with his wedded wives.

The bigotry exhibited by the government of the United States and the State of Utah is, to say the very least, astounding. Apparently, in the eyes of the law, it is just fine and dandy for a Congressman to commit the crime of adultery. Yet a citizen who practices polygamy goes to prison. The question is what, in essence, is the difference? Adultery is a crime in California, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Kondit is walking around free as a bird. Polygamy is a crime in Utah. The husband is doing five years in state prison for committing said crime.

Indeed, in the States of California and Maryland, adultery is a crime. In the District of Columbia, fornication is a crime. How come no investigation has been conducted against Congressman Kondit? Let alone any criminal complaint filed in a court of law.

The double standards which are being openly enforced by members of law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys, at all levels of government, is absolutely ludicrous. If a citizen commits a crime, should that citizen be punished? If a Congressman commits a crime, should that Congressman go free?

As what we are discussing here are crimes of sex, more accurately crimes involving sex between consenting people, we arrive at the singular issue: should crimes involving sex between consenting people be crimes at all? I say no. There should be no law telling us with who or whom we are allowed to have sex. Further, there should be no law dictating what kind of sex we are allowed to have. To be sure, sex is none of the government's business. In other words, I don't care who Congressman Gary Kondit has sex with, what kind of sex he has or had with any of the people that he has had sex. It ain't none of my business. And it damn well ain't the government's business either. At the same time, the guy in Utah, who has at last count 5 or 6 wives, should not be in prison. If a man desires multiple wives or partners, again, it ain't my business. If a woman desires multiple husbands or partners, it ain't my business. The same hold true with lesbians and gays. It ain't none of my business.

More importantly, it ain't the government's business.

Congressman Charlie Rangel of New York stated earlier in the week that the Congressional ethics committee was looking into charging Kondit with ethics violations. Though according to Rangel, Kondit has not done anything wrong. Thus, according to Congressman Rangel, adultery, which is a crime, is not a crime as applied to Congressmen. Yet adultery is a crime as applied to the mere citizen.

Therein lies the problem, a crime is a crime or it is not. If a citizen can be arrested — denied his or her liberty for having consensual sex, then so must a Congressman be arrested — for having consensual sex.

Congressman Charlie Rangel, if Congressman Kondit has committed no crime, then neither has the man in Utah. State of Utah, if the polygamist you have incarcerated for 5 years has committed a crime, then so has Congressman Kondit. You see, if it is fair for one, it must be fair for the other. Equal application of the law and all that.

Now, do not misunderstand me, I am not in favor of Congress enacting law telling We the People what kind of sex we are allowed to have and with who or whom we are allowed to have sex. Not at all. This is, without doubt, a state issue. We the People of the several states should let our state legislatures know, in terms they will surely understand, that laws dictating sexual behaviour between consenting people must be repealed. To be told, under penalty of fine, imprisonment or both, that I can only have a certain kind of sex and only with a certain type of person is repulsive, repressive and beyond the pale. I, not the government, choose what kind of sex I desire and with who or whom. Be it with one person of the opposite sex or 5 people of the same sex. It is my business and my business only.

Government, either arrest and try Gary Kondit or free the Utah man currently in prison.

Lastly, government, stay the hell out of my sex life.

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