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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

The Good, the Bad and the Absolutely Stupid

Date: 15 August, 2001

By: Chief

Imagehe good:

Ahhh, another Fourth of July has come and gone. Independence day. The commencement of our struggle from the grip of the King of England. We modern Americans were celebrating, bar-b-ques, fireworks, you name it, celebrating the ultimate victory our forefathers garnered at tremendous cost to themselves. For what? For individual liberty.

The bad:

At least, one assumes, the reason for modern Americans celebrating the Fourth of July was ... our independence. However, that assumption may be quite incorrect. There is ample evidence to support the theory that our annual celebration is nothing more than a reason to get utterly drunk.

The absolutely stupid:

People are bemoaning the "freedom" contained within the First Amendment. "We have too much freedom!" "There should be laws restricting what can be spoken." Congress willingly obliged. There are laws which, if you say a 'bad word', you can be arrested for a hate crime. Consider the Second Amendment. You know, the one which give you the right to keep a gun and use it. How many thousands of gun control laws are currently on the books? I have lost count. However, it is in the thousands. What rubbish. Jesse Jackson has been raising a fuss of late. He is calling for another Constitutional Amendment to — abolish the Tenth Amendment. The amendment which keeps states and citizens sovereign, and separate from the federal government. All in the name of civil rights. I wonder if Jackson has ever read, assuming he can read, the Fourteenth Amendment? Governments, at all levels, are forever telling us — telling We the People what we are allowed to do. Allowed to do without a permit. Allowed to do without suffering pains and penalties. I believe government has forgotten who they work for. Animals, "protected" by the government, have more rights than We the People. If you have a "protected" species on your property basically you can do nothing ... with or to your own property ... without suffering arrest, jail, a civil suit and possibly loss of your property. People have lost their jobs, homes and families because of a bird. The Spotted Owl. If you pick up an Eagle feather, you are guilty of a federal crime. Sheesh, what utter nonsense. Kids, as in third and fourth graders, are being suspended or expelled from school for the horrid crime of ... kissing. What complete idiocy on the part of the schools. Police no longer are to "protect and serve." Indeed, the police are hired, trained and paid to "serve" the executive branch of government; be it federal, state or local. Police are the enforcers of law - law as enacted by the legislature and administered by the executive. Constitutional authority be damned. 'I don't need no Constitutional authority ... I'm a policeman'. Our legislatures are comprised of members whose sole desire is power. Politicians are bought and paid for well in advance of an election. In turn, once elected, these same slugs dole out "favors" to those who contributed the most money towards their election. The sovereign citizen is all but forgotten. The Constitution? What is that? In fact, a Congressman or senator from New York, publically stated the Constitution was obsolete. Perhaps we should make that fool obsolete. Judges no longer dispense justice. It becomes a race as to who has the better lawyer. Right or wrong has nothing to do with the case at hand. Constitutional limitations? Never heard of them. Constitutional rights? Don't hold your breath.

The real problem is the majority of We the People simply do not care. 'Oh, the government will take care of it'. 'It's not my problem'. 'I just don't have the time'. 'My vote doesn't matter'. Remember, you reap what you sow. What is currently being sown throughout the once "land of the free, home of the brave" I, most certainly, do not want to reap. Not in the least.

You see, apathy on the part of We the People has led us all down the primrose path. We are no longer free. We have told government that we are not capable of individual liberty. We need to be led by the nose. Told what to do as if we were a small child. And yes, government heard the cries of We the People and became our nanny.

I, for one, don't want it and I don't need a nanny.

Government — don't tread on me.

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