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Tuesday, 01 December, 2020

To Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

Date: 02 April, 2001

By: Chief

Imageheir object all sublime. [They] shall achieve in time -- To let the punishment fit the crime -- The punishment fit the crime. . ." (© 1885 Gilbert & Sullivan, "The Mikado")

It is quite apropos that currently, within the boundaries of the State of California, the government is toying with and punishing the citizenry — for no crime. No, I'm not writing about one citizen. Indeed, I am writing about all citizens, the entire population, of California being punished for — nothing. Toying with them. Messing with the lives of the citizenry of a state. Why? Because the political 'Mikado' and other assorted political 'Pooh-bahs' (Lord High everything else — so they think) have screwed up the business of producing and delivering electrical power to the point that Californians now have weekly brownouts and blackouts. Unwilling to take the blame for the fiasco they helped create, (though to be fair, the energy companies are not at all lily pure) the Mikado and assorted Pooh-bahs have turned and blamed this disaster on the citizens!

To be sure, the California Public Utilities Commissioner, Lord High Executioner, who was appointed by none other than the Mikado himself, Governor Gray Davis, announced on March 27, 2001(AP), that electrical power and gas rates would increase by almost fifty percent. That is on top of the 15 percent increases already in effect. Lord High Executioner Loretta Lynch stated the purpose was to "penalize customers" who use the most electricity.

This is utter insanity. We the People need electricity. Almost all homes run on it. Business depends on it and now, because we do need it, We the People are to be penalized for using what we depend on — electricity.

Article I, Section 10, powers prohibited to the states of the Constitution of the United States, pertinent part:

"No state shall . . . pass any . . .law impairing the obligation of contracts. . .."

Any person who has electricity provided to them by a power provider has a contract with that provider. They provide it and we pay for what we use. Now, in jumps the Lord High Executioner and states California residents shall be punished for utilizing our existing contract with the power companies. If that isn't "impairing the obligation of contracts," I don't know what is! Furthermore, it is not against the law to use electricity. Yet the citizens of California are to be "penalized" for doing exactly that. Hence their Fifth Amendment right of due process just got tossed out the window by a political Pooh-bah acting on orders and in an attempt to save the political hide of the states political Mikado — Gray Davis. Additionally, the Fourteenth Amendment states:

". . .Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

Lord High Executioner Lynch just buried, as in buried alive, those rights, guaranteed by the Constitution. All for the sake of (1) saving the Mikado's political butt, (2) saving the political butts of various and assorted political Pooh-bahs and (3) trying to keep two power companies from going, or threatening to go, bankrupt.

It makes no sense. In California the population continues to grow hence the increased need for electrical power. Sounds like rather basic common sense to me. Yet, in the last decade not one, count them zero, new power plant has been built. Electrical power distribution lines have not increased in the last five years. What have the power companies been doing other than counting their money and issuing dividends to shareholders? Apparently not very much. At the same time, has the Lord High Executioner and the rest of the Pooh-bahs with the California Public Utilities Commission asked the power companies during their monthly meetings if the companies have planned for additional power plants and transmission media? Obviously the answer is negative. They have not done their job. Indeed, California's Constitution, Article XII, Section 6, provides:

"The commission may fix rates, establish rules, examine records, issue subpoenas, administer oaths, take testimony, punish for contempt, and prescribe a uniform system of accounts for all public utilities subject to its jurisdiction."

Ahhhhh, but why do one's job when it so much easier and much more entertaining to punish the mere citizen.

". . .And make each prisoner pent. Unwillingly represent. A source of innocent merriment! Of innocent merriment. . ." (© 1885 Gilbert & Sullivan, "The Mikado")

And don't think for one moment the citizens of California are not prisoners — they most certainly are. Prisoners of a corrupt political system. Prisoners of the "power grid." Political and electrical. They are prisoners. Prisoners without rights. Condemned prisoners without doubt. Under a death sentence by utility rates ordered by the Mikado and ... executed by who else, but the Lord High Executioner.

Prisoners awaiting execution by lethal injection have their cases automatically appealed to the state Supreme Court. But not in this case. Legislative Pooh-bahs have not returned telephone calls, e-mail, letters and "are too busy" to accept personal appointments with their employer — the citizen of California. These Pooh-bahs are doing everything possible to avoid responsibility and, at the same time, save their individual political careers.

"It is our very humane endeavour. To make, to some extent. Each evil [electrical] liver, A running river - Of harmless merriment." (© 1885 Gilbert & Sullivan, "The Mikado")

It is, in my opinion, anything but "harmless merriment." While the Mikado and his Pooh-bahs may think the citizens of California are nothing but puppets on a string — they are wrong! Indeed, they are dead wrong. Perhaps it is time for California residents to take over the role of Lord High Executioner; unsheathe their snickersnee and slice clean through Mikado's and his assorted Pooh-bahs "cervical vertebree."

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