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Wednesday, 25 November, 2020

The Gun

Date: 15 March, 2001

By: Chief

Images long as man has been on this planet, man has been attempting to find or create a better, indeed a more efficient, method of killing. Be it for meat on the table, self defense or out right "because I don't like you" murder. Hands, rocks, sticks, spears, knives, arrows, guns, there are numerous others, but those, historically, are the basic tools of the trade.

The interesting part of all this, much to the dissatisfaction of the various and sundry gun control groups, is that, simply and concisely put a gun, like a rock or stick, has never killed anyone or anything. Those who say 'nay' are simply full of hot air. They cannot support what they say by any means or method. They won't try to think it through, it would give them hemorrhoids. So they act on emotion instead.

A gun is an inanimate object. From the day of its manufacture to the day of its destruction the only thing a gun can do is rust and gather dust. I shall say it again — for possible penetration, a gun is an inanimate object. As such, a gun is not capable of initiating a thought process. Nor is a gun capable of reaching a decision, let alone executing said decision. The reason is painfully simple — a gun, for the third time, is an inanimate object.

People, not guns, are responsible for the thought process. People, not guns, are responsible for reaching a decision. People, not guns, are responsible for executing that decision. I ask you, how many times has a gun been arrested for committing a crime? How many guns have been prosecuted for murder or robbery? How many guns are currently serving time in prison as the sentence imposed for committing a crime? How many guns have been executed by lethal injection or electrocution as the sentence imposed for committing a crime? I would say ... not a one. Yet our prisons are jammed to the rafters with people - people who were convicted of a crime. The only guns within prison walls are carried by the guards. Death rows are packed to the gills with people, not guns, who are awaiting execution for crimes of which they — people, not guns — were convicted.

People have been committing murder and every other type of "crime" since the dawn of time. Yet we have been unable to change a person's attitude. In other words, a person who decides to commit murder is going to commit murder. Period. Which doesn't say much for the human race, I grant you that. Thus, the gun grabbers or the gun control groups or whatever you so desire to call them are attempting - successfully - to outlaw guns. Why? It makes no sense whatsoever. The gun is an inanimate object. Why punish the gun? Indeed, why punish gun owners? Why not, I submit, punish the person who committed the crime ... not the object.

Consider the O.J. Simpson murder case. O.J.'s ex-wife and her friend were found dead. Their throats had been slit from ear to shining ear. The murder weapon was a knife. Where was the public outcry to ban, to outlaw, knives? There is no specific Constitutional provision which grants We the People the right to own, possess or use a knife. No outcry. Not even a whimper. But, let one person die or be injured by a gun and the gun grabbers just go nuts. Outlaw them all. Search and destroy. Make it a crime to own or posses a gun. "Own a gun ... go to prison."

Would you care to see an interesting paradox? Read a study involving guns and crime. Then read a study involving drunk drivers and wrecks. If nothing else, assuming one can stay awake while reading such drivel, you shall discover one very salient point. The point is one object is innocent of any wrongdoing — the car — while the other object — the gun — is guilty. Here is an example of what I am discussing:

"[G]uns are involved in 80% of all robberies."

Notice how it is the gun, not the person that is the villain. Here is another example:

"Drunk drivers are involved in 35% of all motor vehicle accidents."

Notice, in this example, how it is the person, not the vehicle, that is the villain.

Thus, it is a political statement. A means to an end. No more, no less. Political action committees and lobbyists applying political pressure to our elected representatives in order to achieve their goal. It is not honest or truthful. At best it is despicable. Lies, no matter the color or purpose are just that, lies.

Objects are objects, whether it is a rock or a car or a gun. Objects can do nothing. In that aspect they are somewhat similar to slaves. It takes people, their masters, to compel slaves to do their masters' bidding. The singular and, to be sure, extremely important difference between an object and a slave is that the master, the person, must throw the rock or drive the car or load, aim and fire the gun. Slaves could do those things on command from their masters, objects cannot. It is as simple as that.

There is one final argument the whiners from the gun grabbing institutes proffer up. By enacting gun control laws, laws which require background checks, waiting periods, etc., the government can control, can regulate who may own or possess a gun. Constitutional challenges notwithstanding, the plain open truth of the matter is the only people who would be without guns are We the People. Not Joe Criminal. Old Joe Criminal will get a gun from the thriving gun running business, which, by the way is just that, thriving ... you're welcome. Further, such utterly ridiculous laws place We the People in a position of danger. Unable to (1) defend ourselves, our families and our property and (2) unable to repel tyrannical government. Those reasons, like them or not, are the primary reasons for the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Let government regulate who may own or possess a gun. Ha! That is like asking a fox to guard the chicken coop.

Do drunk driving laws "prevent" people from driving drunk? Of course not. Do gun control laws "prevent" people from obtaining and using guns in the commission of a crime? Again the answer is no. People and only people:

A person who commits a crime, if convicted, should be punished. You punish the individual malcontent, not We the People. We the People committed no crime (other than electing liars, thieves and parasites into public office), an individual committed a crime and therefore only the individual has earned a punishment.

In conclusion, gun control laws prevent crime about as well as drunk driving laws prevent drunken senators from driving off of bridges.

I'm sure Senator Ted Kennedy would agree with me on that.

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