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Thursday, 03 December, 2020

Equal What?

Date: 01 March, 2001

By: Chief

Imageo state shall ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

The last sentence of the first section of the Fourteenth Amendment. Pretty clear one would think. Yet on a daily basis citizens are denied equal protection of the law. Why? Well the most obvious reasons are bigotry and discrimination. Based upon — just about anything. For as long as humans have been around there is always something — not to like about someone else.

Some of the more common dislikes are race, color, sex, mode of transportation, association, guns and personal behavior. It is amazing how many people really know what is best for you. Ask any doctor. They will tell you in a heartbeat that smoking and eating fatty foods are going to kill you. These same doctors are, quite successfully, getting laws passed pertaining to smoking and are currently attempting to do the same with high fat foods. But, if these so called doctors are correct, why are people born in the 1940's and 1950's dying at such an alarming rate? They are in their prime and dropping like flies. At the same time, those people who were born in the 1890's through 1930's are living into their late 90's and quite a few have hit the century mark. Two of my great aunts are just that way. Additionally, they smoke and eat really fatty foods. By all accounts and current statistics, both should have died about 50 years ago. They are doing just fine ... you're welcome. Says quite a bit about doctors and statistics now doesn't it?

Another group who knows what is best for We the People are the Christians. A prime example is going topless. It is not just condoned, but openly accepted that a man can walk down a public street - topless. However, should a woman attempt to do the same she faces arrest. Public indecency, nudity, etc. The fact remains however, the woman did nothing more than a man did but by doing so is punished for it. Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y?

Here is yet another instance. A group of motorcyclists are riding down a public road. These motorcyclists are stopped by police. Their bikes are searched. They are searched. No warrants are outstanding. The police had no probable cause to conduct the seizure in the first place. But because of the way these motorcyclists are dressed and because of their mode of transportation, they are openly harassed by police. How about because of the color of your skin or the way you comb your hair and the type of vehicle you drive you are targeted by police as a probable drug runner. This nation-wide practice is known as profiling. Innocent citizens are stopped, searched, their property searched and in some instances confiscated based solely on what they look like. Did these citizens commit any crime? Some yes, some no. None the less, the equal protection clause was forgotten. This is insane. Yet it happens — daily — and is condoned by the legislatures and to some degree the courts.

In some of the cities within the State of California any group of citizens standing on a public street, if their number exceeds five, are considered "gang members." Why? Because their crime was standing — not moving and talking. Gang members. How completely ridiculous. Because I am on a street corner or sidewalk, which I helped pay for, and I am talking to my friends or complete strangers, if the total number exceeds five citizens we are now considered gang members. I would hate to think what might happen if I was wearing a bandana.

As one can clearly see, in each example listed there was no reason for the take down. There was no reason for a law. And there is absolutely no constitutional authority granted to either a legislature or the Congress to enact said law. But the law or laws have been enacted nonetheless. Due to the 'I don't like the color of your skin'. Or 'Women should stay fulled dressed in public — it's indecent you know, for a woman to walk around topless'. Or 'All bikers are drug dealers'. Lastly 'All niggers are criminals'.

Bigotry and discrimination. Either the Constitution means what it says or the Constitution means nothing at all. Either equal protection means exactly what it says or it means nothing. If either mean nothing, then it is all a waste of time and We the People need to disassemble the Constitution and live under the rule of a dictatorship. And by the way, for those not watching, that is where we are heading. Slowly but surely. The more laws enacted where there is no constitutional authority, the closer to the abyss we get.

Most laws enacted have no constitutional authority to support them. However, the support comes from those groups and individuals with money. Money, when correctly doled out, equates to power. With power comes additional financing. An endless, though vicious, circle where We the People end up being the victims of the circle of power.

This circle of power can be broken. Indeed, it can be temporarily destroyed. It takes We the People, acting together for the common good to destroy the circle of power. It will also take We the People being constantly vigilant for a rebirth of discrimination and bigotry. Should this rebirth occur, it leads to enactment of laws with no constitutional authority. This leads to providing money by special interest groups to support these ill gotten laws. That leads to power. And the circle is, once again, back in full operation - destroying liberty, indeed, destroying We the People.

There is no place within our Constitution for bigotry or discrimination. If you can't live without them, leave 'em at home.

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