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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Political Correctness

Date: 01 February, 2001

By: Chief

Imagey ass. That should set the tone for the rest of this story.

The First Amendment explicitly states:

"Congress shall make no law ... abridging freedom of speech."

From that simple phrase the courts have subsequently included freedom of expression of various types too numerous to list here. Further, under the Ninth Amendment:

"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

As such, what the Constitution does not specifically prohibit — it condones. Simple and eloquent.

But in reality what is happening under the guise of 'PC', political correctness, is an all out assault by the government and certain factions of our society on our constitutional rights. Congress has enacted and recently amended the hate crime laws. Children are being arrested for the heinous crime of kissing, touching and pinching a girl on the butt. Arrested for a felony. In that particular case, the girl, according to news reports, wasn't complaining, wasn't filing any charge or complaint. None. It was a teacher who witnessed the pinching that called the cops and now the boy who committed this 'crime' is potentially facing a felony. Felony sexual battery. No decision has been made by prosecutors as of this writing.

How absolutely stupid! Boys discover girls and girls discover boys. Duh. Yet some twit of a teacher just had to report this horrid incident, this act of nature, to the political correctness police and now both kids', especially the boy's, lives could be ruined. In my opinion, that teacher should be dragged out of the classroom, tried and if convicted shot on the playground along with the principle of the school and the district superintendent. All three are an utter waste of perfectly good oxygen.

That is just one example of thousands. Care for another? How about the mother in a grocery store with her small child. The kid is being a brat and the mother spanks the kid. Some do-gooder sees mom paddling her kid for misbehaving and calls the cops and reports a case of child abuse. Mom got arrested. What was the outcome in that case? I have no idea.

Political correctness means if you say a word, phrase or speech, you are subject to civil suit and a possible criminal process to boot. The exact things the Constitution protects We the People from. Yet because some person or group does not like what I say or what I read or what I write, they go and whine to their state legislators or their Congressional representatives and get a law passed which now criminalizes my right of free speech, expression and unenumerated rights. So much for protecting the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

People tend to make a joke out of political correctness. It is most assuredly anything but a joking matter. To know that members of Congress and legislatures of the several states actually have put pen to paper and enacted laws which criminalize or hold civilly liable a citizen for exercising his or her right of free speech is beyond the pale. Pinch a girl on the butt? Why you could become a convicted felon and sentenced to years in a state or federal prison at the ripe old age of 13 for such conduct.

Has anyone, other than I, noticed that people are becoming afraid to say what is on their mind? "Oh, I can't say that, I might get into trouble." That is a direct quote from a friend of mine. Scared to speak out against the tyranny which is taking place all around us ... on a daily basis. To a degree that person is correct. Just a year ago December another friend of mine who did speak out had his house broken into and ransacked by members — purportedly — of the Fresno County Sheriff's Department. He and his family were held at gun point for approximately 4 1/2 hours while these masked fools destroyed his house. The end result netted the Sheriff's Department nothing. Nothing at all. They have, just last week been sued in Federal District Court, Eastern District of California, Fresno Division. The case number is 'Civ-F-07173-OWW'.

It is refreshing to see some people fighting back. Not nearly enough of We the People, though, are willing to lift a finger. More often those who refuse to fight scorn those who do. 'Well, it doesn't affect me' is a phrase I've heard all too often. Those who utter such nonsense have no idea how wrong they are, for it will affect them. Not today, not tomorrow. Possibly not for a few years. But one day it will. By then, it will be too late and their whining will be for nought.

Being 'PC' is a polite term for slavery. Though proscribed by the Thirteenth Amendment, slavery is making a come back at the beginning to the 21st century. By acquiescing to the false sweet smell of political correctness people are enslaving themselves. Rather stupid don't you think? Which in turn brings to mind the old saying; 'there is only one disease that can't be cured ... you can't cure stupid'. Understand, I have no qualms whatsoever if people choose to enslave themselves. That is their choice and I could care less what happens to them. I do care a great deal when their disease, their stupidity, their choice starts to affect my choices, my rights. Enslave yourself - fine - just leave me alone. However, that ain't going to happen. The self righteous slaves insist on dragging everybody else into their self made prison. So, if it's a fight they want, a fight they shall get.

In the fight to keep our rights, the winner or loser shall be We the People.

With that in mind, you may just want to lend a fist.

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