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Tuesday, 01 December, 2020

The Devil Made Me do It

Date: 03 January, 2001

By: Chief

Imageou bet. When all else fails, after you get caught, blame it on the devil. The Christian way to do things, if you will. Don't take responsibility for your own actions, blame it on someone or something else.

There is more truth in that than meets the eye. Consider the plethora of laws now on the books. Then consider a new Congress has just been sworn in. Come January 20 of this year, a new President and Vice-President will be sworn into office. Lastly consider the legislatures of the several states. What does all that mean for We the People? Plenty, and none of it good. It means more laws. More infringement upon our liberty and rights. I shall be the first to say that if these new laws repealed existing laws, I'd be jumping up and down for joy! However, with the track record of both the Democrats and the Republicans, I doubt quite seriously that my hopes will come to pass.

I hear people all the time saying ... 'there ought to be a law against ...'. Well, for those people who are asking for that, it appears they are getting their wish. In California alone, more than 1,000 new laws took effect January 1, 2001! More than a 1,000! I have no idea how many new federal laws took effect, but I would be willing to guess the number is extremely high. More laws, less liberty. It is as simple as that.

Both major political parties cater to special interest groups, be they environmental groups, trial lawyers, manufacturers or religious groups. All of them want laws on the books that work in their favor and against We the People. We know what environmental groups attempt to do, same with both trial lawyers and manufacturers. But what about religious groups? What kind of law would religious groups try to get passed through a legislature and signed into law? Why the most hideous kind of law of course. Religious groups try, quite successfully, to legislate morality. Further, these same religious groups have been legislating morality for thousands of years. Hence, I believe it is a safe bet that they won't voluntarily give up and go back to church.

There are numerous examples of this practice. Drug laws. Anti-abortion laws. Prohibition — that was a Constitutional amendment by the way. Pornography laws. Nudity laws. Child rearing laws. Public school books. Basically any kind of 'moral' code which has been placed upon the backs of We the People, you have but the Christians in this country to thank. Remember, these are their ideas of how you should live your life. Not your idea on how you should live your life. Not what you consider moral, but what a religion, indeed, a Christian religion thinks is morale. What a Christian religion believes is the proper way you should live your life.

This same group, attempting to legislate your morality based upon their interpretation of their religious book, the bible, is the very same group who say it is 'ok' to kill those who believe differently. The very same group who has slaughtered millions of innocent people. The very same group who, according to the bible, believe in (1) incest, (2) murder, (3) slavery, (4) adultery, etc, etc, etc. And yes, this group has a name — Christianity. Christianity is also very, very rich and powerful. As such, the Christians have the manpower, the money and most importantly the willpower to 'befriend' certain politicians, in exchange for political favors. They also have the willpower to seek out politicians who are against them and use their political clout to destroy 'non-believing' politicians. Christians have no qualms about doing either.

Politicians know this. Indeed, they know it all too well. And because the 'Christian' vote is a big block of votes, money, manpower and will power, our politicians court the Christian vote. Brings a whole new meaning to the term 'stepping into the lions den', now doesn't it? All this means, as usual, is We the People are once again left out. Forgotten about. Except when election day rolls around. Gee, then they all want our vote. Yet aspiring candidates and veteran legislators don't talk to us, the citizen. Not at all. The old 'give us your vote, your taxes - now shut up and get back to work'. We legislators, the good Christians that we are, have moral laws to pass. We will imprison you if you fail to live by our morals.

Those, my friends, are the good Christian legislators. Bought and paid for by the good Christians of course. They are going to teach us morals ... even if it kills us. No joke. Christians have butchered millions and enslaved even more. Beware of politicians running for office with ties to any religion. Once in office, you may have to make a deal with the devil himself.

Religion, of any flavor, has no place at the political table.

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