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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

What is Music?

Date: 01 November, 2019

By: Chief

Imageo, no, no. I do not mean it's something to listen too via the:

I have great faith there are other mediums out there I did not think of or name. Thank God.

Now please allow me to start again, the question is — what is music? Come on at least take a guess. Any takers? No? Well then I shall answer that simple question. Music is:

That is it. There ain't nothing, as in no thing, else. And don't you dare say this old Chief has lost his cotton picking mind. No way Jose I have not. I just set it down somewhere and don't remember where. That's all. Ha ha!

Music is also absolutely wonderful. Truly a treasure beyond all imagination. Forgive me I just had to add that.

It's the truth

And not the part about me losing my mind either. As I wrote in my last story:

"[. . .] Let me ask you this ... have y'all ever seen a person who was listening to music in a bad mood? I, for one, have not." [emphasis in original.]

That is also the utter truth. Additionally I have never seen a person listening to music in a bad mood. I have also noticed that people who listen to music seem, by and large, to be more efficient at their work and their product is of a higher quality than those who do not listen to music. Why is this so? Because people who listen to music are happier than those who do not listen to music. Furthermore, on the home front being happy equates to a more peaceful, content, and happy home life. That is, without doubt, a complete joy for all participants. This also includes Fido your beloved egg sucking hound (many thanks are extended to the late, great Johnny Cash for that song).

Hence I submit to you that music is indeed "sustenance for the soul."

Oh boy, now onto the tough one. Make no mistake music is actually a language. In fact, I submit to y'all that music is the very first language we, as a species, learned. What? How could I say such blasphemy? Actually it was quite easy. Think about percussion and rhythm. When we hear music we tend to keep in time with the beat which is provided by the:

Watch a concert via Youtube or, much more better, go to a live performance and watch the audience. See how they react to the music. I do believe you will find the vast majority:

People of different:

are swinging and swaying to the very same music. Why? Because it is instinctual. Can you dig it? Yes I can.

It is in our very DNA

It has too be. There can be no other explanation. Well at least no other explanation which makes a licks worth of sense.

How did we end up with music in our DNA and as a language? I don't have a clue and neither does anybody else. I do, however (you knew this was coming), have a theory. I do suspect that way, way back in the days of yore and after falling out of the tree (hitting every branch on the way down) Joe or Josephine Cave Couple found a hollow log laying on the ground. One of them hit the hollowed log with a stick, rock or fist and they marveled (more than likely they were terrified at first) of the sound which was made.

Sometime later Joe or Josephine, probably Josephine (women think more than men do), had another brilliant idea. The hollowed log and stick or rock could be used to signal a warning in case of fire or a Saber Tooth Tiger showing up looking for a quick lunch to go.

This initial use of a hollowed log and stick or rock constituted a signaling system. Over time its use became tremendously expanded. Mostly for warnings but sometimes to release good news, if that ever happened.

Finally and God only knows just how long this took somebody to figure out, probably one of Josephine's great, great, great granddaughters one day just started swinging, swaying and dancing when the log was being used for something else. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Furthermore, music is something we cannot:

Thus eliminating the majority of our senses. Which is just fine by me.

On the other hand music can only be:

That my friends is what makes music unique or very close to it. Consider art for a moment. You can touch a painting or a sculpture. You can see a painting or sculpture. And if you are kinky enough you can taste the paint and probably smell the paint. I would not attempt to taste a sculpture. Dentists are very expensive. As for smelling a sculpture I have no idea.

All forms of art with the exception of music are stationary, visible and, once completed, cannot be changed without destroying the original work of art. Music is exactly the opposite. Music is invisible, flowing and of course any and all musicians can modify music.


As you well know I cannot prove or disprove my theory. But neither can:

Okay Mr., Mrs., Miss. and Ms., wait a minute. Just what in the Sam Thump is a "Ms." anyway? Oh, I know ... I digress. But it is stupid. Take that women libbers. Yahoo. Alright, alright I'll get back on track ... y'all can take my blasphemous theory and do whatever y'all want with it. Why you can even put it in your peace pipe and take a couple of nice healthy tokes before you pass it on. Bear in mind it is not polite to bogart.

So there you have it friends and neighbors the answer to the most pressing question of the age.

Music — never leave anywhere without it.

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