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  Nostalgia ain't what it used to be

Sunday, 29 November, 2020

It Ain't Easy

Date: 27 October, 2019

By: Chief

Imaget really isn't. Living life after a series of life altering changes is simply not at all simple. Especially if you were active. As I was. As I am once again trying to be.

A change in life

Yes, I have been through a series of life altering changes. None of which I have enjoyed — at all. Naturally the toughest was losing my wonderful wife Nina (Sweetie). God how I loved her and still, to this very second, love her. I always will love her. She was my all, my everything. And, believe it or not, I was her all, her everything. Indeed in the slightly over 20 years we were together we never, as in not once, had a:

It was absolute total and complete bliss. A wonderful way of life. Something I had never experienced before — or since. At least I can say that I did experience absolute love. Not many can say that truthfully. It is truly special.

Living without her is not easy. Not at all. In fact it is probably the hardest thing I have too do. And it is hard to do. Every day is to some degree or another a struggle just to get out of bed and get going. And it does not get any easier and time passes along.

Meds and more meds

Of course or should I say moving right along there has been numerous issues with my own health. One thing after another:

Christ, pertaining to my health I take so many different kinds of medications I feel like a walking pharmacy. But the very best medication I am taking is good old Mary Jane. That is right. Pot, Marijuana, Ganja. The good stuff. In fact I:

It is fantastic. Does it cure stuff? No. But you sure as hell feel better after taking it. And I'm not talking getting stoned either. Though that does not hurt my feelings one little bit. Pot really helps my arthritic knees just by rubbing it on over the are affected area of each knee. It really does make a huge difference. I can walk my 3 - 5 miles. Without it ... not a chance. Possibly 1 mile. Maybe, on a good day, 2 miles but no more. And in a great deal of pain the entire time. Not a great deal of fun let me assure you.

I know it may sound crazy but pot, as far as I am concerned, does far more good than any prescription, synthetic medication on the blasted market. I strongly suspect the entire reason pot is by and large banned is to keep large quantities of our money in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. In other words if pot were completely legal — drug companies would lose 50 - 70% of their unholy profits. And we all know their profits are just that ... unholy.

Face it, it does not take much to grow some nice weed.

Turning 65

Yeah, that's me. I am now "officially" old. Which is also really strange. I don't feel old. Yet people, complete strangers no less, come up too me and ask me if I need help:

All sorts of things like that. You've seen it yourself. Hell you may, probably have, even done it, trying to be nice to some old codger. Sure, sometimes it's nice. Other times it is utterly humiliating. Treating me as if I was worthless. I know that is not what is meant. But that is how it sometimes comes off.

No, it ain't easy becoming old.

The real crazy part about it is — everybody becomes old. Like it or not. What you are able to do this week, you wouldn't even try on a bet come next week. You just ache too much. Yeah, I ache too much. Way too much. Every damn day. It is just part of the process. A process which I suspect we bring on ourselves. Doing this. Doing that. After a fair amount of doing this and that your joints start telling you to back off. However, do you listen? Come on now be honest. Of course you don't. Why you are only 35. You've got at least another 30 plus years before you hit that magic or should I call it that tragic mark. Either way you, like most of us, don't listen to us — until it is far too late.

As the old saying goes:

Getting old isn't for sissies.

So, for all you young bucks ... put that in your pipe and smoke it.

The biggest thing you, I and everybody else who turns 65 has to look forward too is — death. Now isn't that just peachy keen? The one thing nobody ever wants to look forward to is the one thing we must all look forward too — death. What a lovely thought. So we all just close our eyes and go like hell doing what we always have done and then one day ... oops. We can't do that anymore. In fact we can't do much of anything anymore because we have spent to much of our time pretending to be running from death. When, in fact, we have been running straight towards death with our arms out ready to embrace the Grim Reaper. I must admit ... smart, we are not.


Hell yes, enjoy your life. Live it to the hilt. Just remember what can and possibly will happen down that merry brick road called old age.

Live it but don't break it mates.

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