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Tuesday, 24 November, 2020

The Two Faces of Politics

Date: 26 November, 2000

By: Chief

Imagen this corner... representing the Democrats .... Al Gore. In the opposite corner ... representing the Republicans .... Al Gore ... er ... his brother ... er ... his clone ... er ... his other brother George W. Bush'.

That sums up the campaign for president rather succinctly, I think. Moreover, the election showed it for what it was. Same ideas. Spoken similarly by brothers, under the skin. Make no mistake, the differences between Gore and Bush or Bush and Gore are, at best, infinitesimal. They both want the same thing, just building the highway to hell will take a little longer with one than with the other. Lo and behold, both political parties are now complaining! The Republicans more so than the Democrats, though, both are equally worthless.

On the bright side, there is one you know, it showed (1) the unadulterated crass manipulation of our electoral system by the Democrats, (2) the utter and complete cowardice of the Republicans, (3) the unabashed ignorance, or stupidity — take your pick, of the electorate and (4) a slight amount of humor, Alec Baldwin. Remember 'If Bush wins, I'm leaving the country'. Can you imagine the Baldwin house on election night ... pack the car, unpack the car, pack the car ... ad nauseam.

Yes, I said it! The Republicans are utter and complete cowards! Further, this same party of ball-less wonders lost this election before it even started. How, you might ask after muttering some very unkind things about me for calling the Republicans what they are, how did they lose before the fight even started?

The answer is simple enough. First you have to know what is a Democrat. A Democrat, by definition is a person or group of people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and demand the same benefits and privileges as those who do. A Democrat is a whiner, a 'victim', a 'sissy la la', a 'I know what's best for you'. The phrase "welfare Cadillac" says a lot about a Democrat. In short a Democrat is a socialist.

By stark contrast, the purported definition of a Republican is a stalwart defender of individual liberty, individual responsibility, smaller government, the Constitution and all things 'righteous'. However, as has been reported, discussed and viewed by millions of people, the actual definition of a Republican is — a Democrat dressed in drag. They can't even 'talk the talk' much less walk it.

Republicans will scream at the thought of being defined as a Democrat dressed in drag. Truth hurts! All one needs to do is look back over the past 6 years at what the Republicans haven't even attempted to stop. Ruby Ridge. Waco, Texas. Elian Gonzales. Sidetracking the impeachment of Klinton. Increased taxes. Increased gun control laws. Increased prices for fuel. Increased welfare costs. Increased Social Security costs. The list goes on and on and on ... and on. Any arguments? Like I said, truth hurts.

So what do the Republicans bring to the ring to fight the Democrats this presidential election year? A Democrat dressed in drag. And the vote totals proved it!

The Republicans did, during the primaries, have the perfect opportunity to really clean house. They had a candidate who not only 'talked the talk', but 'walked the walk'! A candidate who stood for something, something vastly different than Gore and his other brother Bush. A candidate who has a backbone, a spine, and balls of solid brass — Alan Keyes — a Republican, not a Democrat dressed in drag.

But, oh no! We can't have that. We Republicans are a kinder, gentler party. We feel your pain. We will keep all those unconstitutional programs, like welfare and social security, going. We know you can't be responsible for your own actions. We know you are a victim of circumstance. We will get guns outlawed eventually — we know you are too stupid to handle a gun.

When push came to shove those Republicans who supposedly believe in liberty, responsibility, the Constitution, etc., had the chance to actually 'walk the walk' — to put their money where their mouths are. Guess what? They could not do it! Both in the primaries and in the recent general election they caved, capitulated, threw in the towel — surrendered. They did not have the strength of their own convictions. So, the Republican party got exactly what they wanted. A Democrat dressed in drag. George W. Bush.

I think, in the final analysis, this is a fitting epitaph:

"Republicans do not have the strength of their own convictions."


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