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Friday, 04 December, 2020

When was the Last Time. . .

Date: 14 October, 2000

By: Chief

Imageou checked the gas pump at your favorite gas station or fillin' station, as the case maybe? If nothing else, you should have noticed two things, (1) the price of gasoline per gallon and (2) a label, if your fuel contains MTBEs.

Both of those items are, to a large degree, mandated by law. The price per gallon of fuel is, to say the least, outrageous! Over $2.00 per gallon for regular, depending on where you live — sheesh! That is, not just outrageous, it is rape. The second, a warning label along the lines of 'It is known to the state of (pick one) that MTBEs cause cancer'. Gee, isn't that just peachy!

Now, how much tax is placed upon every single gallon of fuel you buy? I, for one, don't have the exact amount. However, I do know this — it is a ridiculous amount. Far and away more than is needed for maintenance of the public highways. How did that tax get placed on that gallon of gas anyway? Congress and the legislatures of the several states ... that's how! There is no business owner, large or small, in his right mind who would voluntarily place a tax on his product. Further, I cannot think of any person in their right mind who would volunteer to pay 'extra' for the product. Ok, that leaves politicians, be they members of Congress or members of your state's legislature. With the price of fuel at current levels, We the People not only pay the tax on it, We the People end up paying higher prices for the products we purchase, which in turn leads to paying a higher tax on the products we purchase. A never ending and vicious circle to be sure.

And, believe it or not, there are citizens, most certainly 'non compos mentis' who are willing, come November 7th, to vote back into office the same bunch of corrupt morons who put this tax on We the People in the first place! Lunacy! Plain and simple. Hence, non compos mentis applies and applies quite well indeed.

Let us now turn to the MTBE fiasco. How, just how, did this 'additive' get added to the gasoline we must buy? What? You don't know? Why the environmentalists such as the Sierra Club, Earth First and other assorted "fringe elements" lobbied Congress and the legislatures. How much 'soft money' for campaign use or straight up blackmail was involved one will never know. What cannot in any way be disputed is the cold, hard fact that Congress passed legislation mandating the use of this killer additive which does two things — both of which are very deleterious to the health and well being of We the People. First MTBE causes cancer. Lovely thought isn't it? Second, MTBE poisons our fresh water supply. Is Congress killing us with kindness? It truly appears that way.

Congress has known about this abortion for years! What has the Congress of the United States done about it? To sum it up — nothing. AND YOU WANT TO VOTE THESE SAME JERKS BACK INTO OFFICE? I submit those of you who do may wish to reconsider.

Health and well being. Actually the correct phrase is ". . .general welfare of the United States." That particular phrase is contained within the opening of Article I, Section 8 of our Constitution. This same section is also known as the exclusive powers of the Congress. I fail miserably to see how poisoning our water supply enhances the general welfare of the country. I further fail to see how mandating a chemical additive which is scientifically known to cause cancer enhances the general welfare of our country. Lastly, as the great Chief Justice John Marshall wrote:

"The power to tax is the power to destroy."

I utterly fail to see, let alone understand, how taxing a product so necessary as fuel increases the general welfare of our country.

Do you really want to put or keep in office the politicians who brought to We the People higher taxes, poisoning of our water and a cancer causing agent embedded in our fuel? Do you really want those kind of people in positions of authority? Do you really want those same two political parties to have control of the Congress and the legislatures of the several states? Well ... do you?

Or, are you willing to take a risk? Perhaps a change for the better. What have We the People to lose? Well, let's see. If we stick with the status quo we shall have:

This, once again, leads to:

If, on the other hand, We the People 'just say no' to the status quo we risk:

This would yield:

The choice is ultimately each citizens to make this November 7th. I suggest we make our choices wisely.

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