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Friday, 27 November, 2020

To Be or Not To Be ... President

Date: 07 October, 2000

By: Chief

Imagehat is the question on the minds of many. Who is going to be the next President of the United States. Quite a few have narrowed the field down to one of two candidates. Al Gore or G. W. Bush. With that in mind, let us briefly look back over the past 12 years. The years when George Bush was president and the years Bill Klinton has been president.

One candidate, Bush is the son of a former president and the current governor of Texas. The other candidate, Gore is the son of a former member of Congress, a former member of Congress himself and the current vice president. Both candidates are basically career politicians. As such, can either be trusted? That is the first question and, to me, the most important. Further, it is a question which no one save the candidates themselves can honestly answer. It is a feeling, a gut feeling, which We the People shall decide on November 7th. It may be stated in a way which will send both Gore and Bush packing. We shall see what we shall see.

There are, however, some traits which no matter how hard each candidate tries they can not divorce themselves from. Look at Gore. Remember for the last 7 years it has been the 'Klinton/Gore' administration. A co-presidency or administration, if you will. An administration of corruption, lawlessness and continuous scandal. That is the legacy of the Klinton/Gore administration. Of late, Gore has been trying to divorce himself from Klinton. Yet previously he supported Klinton — in all things, in all ways. Why the switch? Why the 180 degree course change? BECAUSE HE WANTS THE PRESIDENCY! Remember this is the same man who said nothing about the Cuban kid. Who said nothing about Waco, Texas. Who said nothing about the unsuccessful impeachment of his boss. Who said nothing about the infamous parsing of the word 'is'. Who said nothing and forgot everything about Travel gate, China gate, this gate, that gate and quite a few other gates. Do we really want this same man to be the chief magistrate of the United States?

Bush is no better. Why would We the People want, as president, a man who wants restrictions placed upon our freedom of speech? Remember that one? During the primaries Bush stated, openly, to the press, that 'there should be restrictions placed on free speech'. Yet if elected, he must swear to 'preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States. . .'. Unhuh. Sure. You bet. Further, this is the same man, while attending his fathers inauguration, was not only drunk, he was high on cocaine! Again, admitted to by ol' Gdubya himself. Why didn't Gdubya do any prison time? Why wasn't he even arrested? Because he is the son of a president. Whatever happened to equal protection and application under law? I suppose some are more equal than others. Now HE WANTS THE PRESIDENCY! Don't forget the "read my lips, no new taxes" gig that daddy pulled. Do you recall the outcome? New taxes placed upon the backs of We the People. So, do we really want Gdubya to become president?

Some choices eh? A perjurer — Gore and a drug addict — Bush. Which one do you want to be our next president? How about this novel idea, none of the above. And why not? What logical reason do you have to support either of these two ... criminals? If you were an employer and had an opening within your company, would you hire either one? I submit you would look elsewhere. I know I would.

While it sounds absurd, it is nonetheless true. All governmental employees, elected, appointed or hired are just that — employees. Therefore, We the People are the employers. We the People have the final say. We the People do the hiring and firing. Whether at the local, state or federal levels. The two major political parties are acting merely as employment agencies. As an employer, I'm not at all satisfied with the quality of the candidates they are sending me. Hence, I intend on turning to other employment agencies. The third parties. See what kind of candidates they bring to the table.

I submit come election day, don't just vote Republican or Democrat because you always have. Put on your 'employer' hat before you step into the polling booth and vote as if you were hiring an employee. Which indeed you are.

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