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Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Things Going On

Date: 14 September, 2000

By: Chief

Imageoo many lives they've spent across the ocean. Too much money been spent up on the moon. Well, until they make it right ... I hope they never sleep at night ... They better make some changes ... And do it soon." (© 1973 by Duchess Music. (Lynyrd Skynyrd))

No truer statement could ever be said about our elected representatives. Be they in the legislatures of the several states or in the Congress. It surely appears the two major political parties have forgotten who they work for.

Election time is fast approaching. November 7th. We the People have the opportunity to exercise our non-violent revolution. We the People choose a new President. An entirely new House of Representatives. One third of the U.S. Senate. The only question remaining is, are We the People going to choose all those new members or are we going to continue to elect a new person .... but the same party? There is a huge difference.

Consider, if you will, what has become of liberty under the Democrats. More restrictive laws. Less liberty. Now consider what has become of liberty under the Republicans. More restrictive laws. Less liberty. Do you notice anything in common between the two parties? I submit the only difference is the name. Their objective is the same. More restrictive laws. Less liberty.

Courtesy of either the Democrats or Republicans and their restrictive laws on our liberty, an eleven year old boy on the west coast is dead! Killed by a shotgun blast to the back. Indeed, killed by a policeman's shotgun. The police are initially claiming the killing was accidental. Sounds rather familiar of the killing of Randy Weaver's son on Ruby Ridge in 1993 does it not? Accidental or not, because of restrictive laws, this kid is now — tagged on the toe dead. So much for his future.

Let us now consider which political party holds the majority in Congress. Is it the Democrats or is it the Republicans? Gee, they are so much alike it is difficult for me to remember. Hmmm, oh, I remember now, the Republicans. Though, from their actions, more honestly, their lack of actions, one could easily think the Democrats still hold the majority in Congress.

Really, consider it. What has the 'party of Lincoln', since they took over the Congress, accomplished to eliminate restrictive laws? What has the Republican party accomplished that increased our liberty? It can't be to very much as our prison population keeps getting larger as each day passes. Care to discuss taxes? No? I didn't think so. How about gun laws? Don't want to talk about them either? Ok. I've got one. The infamous Klinton land grabs. Klinton, by the way, has accomplished that based upon a law passed by Congress. Yet, the majority party in Congress has kept rather silent on that issue, haven't they?

So, if the Republican party, who controls the Congress, hasn't reduced restrictive laws on our liberty in SIX years, what makes you think they will do it if they grab the White House this year as well?

I, for one, am tired of both parties. Each has accomplished the very same thing — passed restrictive laws upon We the People. Have you heard either party discuss the Constitution? The supreme law of our land? Not likely. To be sure, not hardly. So, what are We the People to do? I believe we should exercise option one ... the ballot box. However, this time let us put a twist on the box. Let us not vote for any Democrat or Republican candidate. Let us instead vote for any third party candidate. The math will work itself out and there shall be a winner. All We the People must do is not vote Democrat or Republican.

What have We the People to lose? Our liberty? We are losing that piece by bit as each sun sets. The Democrats held sway in Congress for approximately 40 years. The Republicans, the last 6 years. What has been the end result? More laws. More prisoners. More death.

On election day, when you enter the polling booth, prior to casting your vote, consider what you value. Consider what you hold dear. Consider that dead eleven year old boy. Consider it could have been your son.

"They're gonna ruin us all, by and by. I'm telling you all beware ... I don't think they really care ... I think they just sit up there ... And just get high." (© 1973 by Duchess Music. (Lynyrd Skynyrd))

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