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Friday, 27 November, 2020

In fraud we trust

Date: 26 May, 2000

By: Chief

Images Christianity based upon fraud?

Our country, indeed the 'western' world is, by and large, based upon Christian beliefs. The oldest form of law that people tend to recognize, more or less, is the Bible. Yet it is this same book which, to say the least, has started more wars, violent uprisings, political upheaval and loss of liberty than any other single thing known to man. Further, there is a glaring discrepancy. Contained within the Old Testament is God, by his choice, naming the tribe of Israel as his chosen people. Indeed, he went so far as to lay down the basic rules the children of Israel are to abide by — the ten commandments. Moses collaborated by penning the Pentateuch. All of these rules were for the singular purpose of telling the Israelites how they must live in order to stay within God's favor.

When one, however, flips open the New Testament there comes quite a shock. A 'new' lord materializes quite literally out of thin air. Jesus Christ. His way of leading people; not the Israelites, by the way, but the Christians; is entirely different than God's methods. Forgiveness versus stoning. No 'eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth'. This savior, Christ, claims to be the son of God. Yet all of the teachings of God, with the exception of the ten commandments, are torn asunder. Why the difference in values? A reading of the Old Testament will certainly tell you that it was not easy to live an honorable life. One must submit — daily — to the rigors of the Pentateuch. If one did not, at worst, one's life expectancy would be considerably shortened and not too pleasantly at that. While in the New Testament it is equally clear that you can live a life not of honor, not of commitment, but of sin and still make it into heaven - if you renounce your sins and accept Christ, not God — Christ, as your savior.

There certainly appears to be a dichotomy between the Old and New Testaments. On the one hand, you have the word of God — the Old Testament and on the other, you have the word of Christ - the New Testament. The Old Testament is much harsher, no forgiveness of sin. You must live an honorable life — every single day. The New Testament, you can screw up basically all you want and still be forgiven, if, in the end, you accept Christ and his teachings. It is as though two separate groups of people, indeed, groups of thought, separated by several hundred years of history are tugging at your individual morality, tugging for your soul.

Therefore, if God did indeed choose the Israelites as his chosen people, and if Christ is indeed the son of God, why did Christ choose to ignore his father's 'chosen people'? Why did Christ basically renounce the writings of God and those he did not renounce, he instead placed his own spin on them? Could it be that Christians are incapable of living an honorable life under the Old Testament? Moreover, is the entire concept of Christianity based in fraud?

Now before anyone gets bent out of shape, I submit that those two questions:

It would, though, seem to me from a logical standpoint as well as a hereditary standpoint that Christ would have followed, if you will, in his father's footsteps. In other words, carrying on with the same views — with the same group. Yet, that is not at all what happened according to the Bible. Indeed, a new path of belief was sprung upon man kind. The belief of forgiveness, the belief of Christianity. It just appeared, again, out of thin air. Then as the 'new' religion why did it, over a period of now 2000 years, become the biggest, most powerful and without a doubt wealthiest religious cult in history? While it is true that there are many flavors of Christianity, all those flavors have a common denominator. The New Testament. And the New Testament revolves around Jesus Christ, not around God, but around a human being.

Does not the Old Testament, one of ten commandments no less, say something along the lines of 'thou shall place no God before me'. What, I ask, have the Christians done? Have they not put, at a bare minimum, Christ as an equal to God? You know, '[I]n the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit .... amen'. Or how about, '[I]n Jesus name we pray ... amen'. It would appear that the entire Christian religious leadership, since Christ, has violated one of the ten commandments. Additionally, this same leadership encourages its followers to do the same. Thus, is it not a fair assumption to state that Christianity teaches its adherents to violate the ten commandments? After all, you will be forgiven.

If the foregoing is true, then is it not also safe to state that Christianity is indeed based completely upon fraud? A fraud perpetrated 2000 years ago and continuing on, growing in strength, to this very day. Consider the Shroud of Turin. One of the Catholic religion's most treasured pieces of property. Purportedly it has the image of Christ embossed on it, though embedded may be a more accurate term. It is one of the lynch pins of Catholicism. However, when carbon 14 dating was applied the results were startling to say the least. The dating results list the age of the Shroud at around 1500 A.D. That would make it a mere 500 years old. Christ died approximately 2000 years ago. Yet the Catholic church swears and be damned the Shroud is the shroud placed over the body of Christ after his cruxifiction, nearly 2000 years ago. How does one explain the difference? I have no idea. I could see a disparity of 100 years, yes, no problem — but 1500 years ... no.

Consider the Spanish and Papal inquisitions. Thousands of innocent people brutally maimed and murdered. Why? Their beliefs ran contrary to that of the Vatican, ran contrary to that of the Pope. Do not forget the crusades. Based entirely on the premise of freeing Jerusalem from the grip of those heathens, the Muslims. Bear in mind, Muhammad was but a mere prophet, not the son of God according to Christianity. Let us not forget the Church of England. Why do you suppose the founders of our country were so steadfastly opposed to a 'church state'? They had read, heard about and to some degree lived through religious 'cleansing'. The eradication of the opposition. Through it all, only the Israelites have remained above the fray. God, through Moses, took the tribe upon release from the Egyptians through the desert for 40 years and delivered them to the promised land.

The only wars fought were in defense of their homeland, their promised land. What is interesting is the Israelites apparently either had no reason or were not interested in attempting to 'convert' others to their belief. Indeed, there was no percentage in converting others to Judaism as, according to the Old Testament, one must be born to it. Naturalization, if you will, was definitely not an option.

That, in and to itself, may be the entire crux of the matter. Those people not born into Judaism, simply put, could not be one of God's chosen people. That being the case, or at the very least because they felt quite left out of the loop, the soon to be Christians had to invent a God. At a minimum they had to invent someone equal to God. And so Christ made his appearance. It is not as though this happened over night. There was several hundred years of time from when Moses delivered the Israelites to the land of milk and honey until the time of Christ's creation. Plenty of time to learn about the Old Testament, plenty of time to learn about Hammurabi's code. Plenty of time to plagiarize and come up a whole new way of doing business. As I'm sure most people are aware, the writings of the New Testament took place after Christ's death by a number of years. Stories do tend to become embellished and taken as ... gospel in the interim. Especially when there is, in some cases, several hundred years between date of occurrence and date of recording the event.

One of items most peculiar about the Christian faith is its bureaucracy. Those who want forgiveness must first find someone who has the delegated authority to forgive. Thus the church was born. Of note, it is interesting that the church is an idea taken from the Old Testament. Someone has to run the entire organization and the organization must be staffed, with believers of course. Additionally, the individual priests and ministers must be sent far and wide to teach those who are not aware of Christianity and make believers out of heathens. Further these priests and staffers must be paid. It all costs a bunch of money. Lastly, has anyone noticed how well Christianity is doing in poor third world countries? The citizenry is languishing, starving, yet they are so indoctrinated in the beliefs of Christianity that most, not all, but most of their individual salaries go to feed the church. I'm talking money each and every week. These people don't have enough left over to purchase decent food for themselves and their families, let alone buy clothing. But, by God, they believe! Additionally, most of these people have large families. Lot of kids. They have nothing else except sex to look forward to, and many Christian religious sects forbid birth control. Between large families, poor wages, with a substantial amount of those wages going to the church, slavery is created. Slavery to the church. Looking for a 'miracle'. Indeed going to church every week to pray for a miracle. Yet, for the poor, no miracle is seen, found or on the way.

Turning once again to the Catholic religion, when a Pope is chosen that former cardinal, complete with first and last name, sheds his identity completely. He is no longer Cardinal John Q. Smith. He just morphed into Pope pick a name. He is no longer 'human'. He is the direct spokesman for Christ. How does that happen? The cardinal walks into the Vatican dressed in red and walks out, in a very ornate get up as Pope pick a name. Further his power over the millions of Catholics, world wide, is supreme. What he says goes. There is no appeal.

Turning to this country, the Christian religions, though numerous, are nonetheless Christian. As such they have constitute a very large and powerful block of voters. They also constitute a very large block of campaign contributors. While our founders expressed a firm desire for freedom of religion, I am not so sure they had a desire for a religious cult to attempt to force their beliefs down our collective throats. And forcing they are. Look at the Christian Coalition, Mr. Pat Robertson presiding. He has called forth the 70 million Christians to (1) cough up money and (2) vote as a block. We have an upcoming general election this November and the Christian Coalition is attempting to influence the outcome of said election. If they are successful, and with 70 million plus Christians there is no reason to think they should not be somewhat successful, they will have an easier time pushing forth their legislative agenda. School prayer, vouchers, no abortions, etc. Like I said, trying to force their beliefs down our throats.

All of this based upon a fraud committed 2000 years ago. Remember, 'Thou shall place no God before me'. And yet that is exactly what has transpired. Those non-chosen people plagiarized the Old Testament to fit their own purpose. And a weak purpose it is. Christianity is a great crutch to lean on. You may have seen the bumper sticker, 'I'm not perfect, just forgiven'. In other words, an excuse. An excuse to do anything a person wants to do, right or wrong — though normally wrong, knowing full well that it is wrong, but in the end they will be forgiven for their indiscretions, their sins. Along the lines of 'it's ok to commit robbery 6 days a week, I'll go to church on Sunday, make a fat contribution, talk to the priest and I'll be forgiven. Then on Monday, I'll start all over again.'

Compare that to when Moses was up on Mount Sinai for those long days. When he returned, ten commandments in tow, he saw the people partying over a golden calf. Moses went ballistic. So did God. All those who were sinning were swallowed up by the earth. It was after that episode that God told Moses to lead his people hither, thither and yon for a period of 40 years. Enough time for the old generation to die out. Under Christianity, they would have been forgiven for their sin. Nowadays, it would have been absolutely understandable, a mid-life crisis, but nothing that can't be overcome by counseling. A prime and rather recent example of this sort of behavior is that of none other than President Clinton. Going to church, a televised event no less, and when no one was looking, having oral copulation performed on him by a person other than his wife, in the oval (oral) office! Is that not a violation of one of the ten commandments? The 'thou shalt not commit adultery' provision.

You see, in the final analysis, the lesson of the Old Testament was if you want to go to heaven you had better tow the mark each and every day of your life. Under the New Testament the lesson is do as you will, you'll be forgiven. You're not responsible for your actions, you're a victim. The Bible, according to Christ, says you're not responsible for your actions. With lessons like that, taught for 2000 years, it is no wonder we have the problems we do in this country.

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